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  • GoldSaver

    Fracking brilliant! This is so in the language of those we should reach. Passing this along to my offspring.

  • Perry

    Your best yet. Right on the money. Positive. Productive. Potentially transformative. Thanks.

  • Nobody

    Please. Fight for Me.

    I know You are out there.

    I know You are reading this.

    I can feel You.

    I call to You.

    It is very Dark now.

    I Am very Tired now.

    I know Their Weakness.

    I have It in My pocket.

    It is very Silver now.

    I just dont know if I can keep going now.

    I want to be Somebody worth fighting for.

    It is crazy, right?

    I Am sorry if I’m not what You want, but…

    Please. Fight for Me.

    I Am Your Kid.

    by Nobody

    • SwimBuddy

      I think I get it.

      You are writing about the Constitution and Liberty. You posted here because to seceed is the best way to fight for the Constitution and Liberty. It is from the perspective of the Constitution. Also, after a few cold ones it was almost as if Silver Shield was the voice of the Constitution or even Liberty itself… Very Clever for a Nobody.

      I dont think you are a Nobody. I would fight for you and alongside you anywhere. So will my brothers and our friends.

      This next fight has to be non violent though.

  • Farmer

    Great message. Clear, simple, and powerful.

  • PdBallerina

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Chris. I count your work in my blessings this year…

  • Thesagemind

    Well said. Happy thanksgiving Chris
    To you and family
    B and S

  • Great video my friend … but could I add one more thing.

    Silver is FOR SURE absolutely THE investment to make for all the reasons you have long said it is.

    But … the MAIN problem with money is not what it is or is not backed with, but the usury that is applied to it in the form of interest …

    … AND … the FACT that it is “We The People” who literally create the money NOT the banks.

    And, the money that WE create, and THEY only falsely claim to own, certainly is not created “out of thin air” as so many claim. It is manifested by OUR OWN “Promissory Obligations” to each other.

    ALL banking literally “steals” what rightly ONLY belongs to “We The People” i.e. our absolute right to issue promissory Obligations to each other, WITHOUT a banking institution inserting themsleves into the process, simply for the ir own massive monetary benefit.

    PLEASE PLEASE people, go to and find out what every Administration since the Ford one of the 1970’s has IGNORED !!

    And there is a massive reason why they have done that. It is because it returns power to We The People.

    Please watch this first …

    … and then look up anything that Mike Montagne has produced.

    It IS part of completing the work that the Founding Fathers didn’t have time to complete. It is THAT important.

    It is NOT an alternative to silver, far from it, and I collect silver regularly, but is is a PERMANENT and mathematically perfect solution to the economy and it eliminates inflation and deflation, completely.

    It also ends ALL foreclosures OVERNIGHT if it is implemented and revives the economy by making it real again.

    Will the greedy banks suffer. Damn right they will. But … CRITICALLY … ot will prevent them from holding us hostage with their lie that they are “Too Big To Fail”! They’re NOT … and they WILL, and they will take all of their falsified casino debt with them inot the black hole of their own making.

    All mortgages will cost only $88.33 per $100,000 under this system and most mortgages will ALREADY be paid for IN FULL !!

    And I repeat … ALL 10,000 per day foreclosures would STOP … immediately … if this system were adopted tomorrow. It is only banker greed that keep us all in debt slavery.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE … This is the answer we have been waiting for!

  • We’ll see how long THIS comment stays up!

    I recently sent the following question to Chris Duane (in response to his “check out” email he sent to me) and still have not received an answer. Here is the question I sent him:

    “Mr. Chris Duane,

    I have an honest question for you. IF you are so against ‘collective’ organizations, as you say you are (and I have no reason or desire to think otherwise), then my question to you, would be: Why have you put forth so much effort to put together the ‘Sons of Liberty Academy’, which is an organization, that you created, that ‘members’ could ‘join’.

    That seems to go against your stated antipathy toward joining ‘collective’ organizations, doesn’t it? (I personally don’t belong to ANY “collective” organizations, whatsoever. Not even the ‘Sons of Liberty Academy’, that you created, for people to join.)”

    • Silver Shield

      All of my work has been designed for individuals to become the head of their own leaderless resistance.
      The Academy is for individuals to get high level training for free.
      This Academy does not have Privates or Generals or any organization.
      The “join” is for people to get on my email list to stay in touch with my ideas.

      I encourage people to question everything including me.
      I preach Listen to all and follow none.
      I teach the Trivium to free individuals from collective manipulation.
      I indentify toxic people and what to do with them.
      I educate people on economics, history, psychology, etc
      I also tell people the truths that I found and if they resonate with that then my mission is accomplished.

      If not, I am sure you will be back after many failed paths.

  • YEP, you sure are “educating” people. RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! You just took down my link to probably the two most important videos of the 20th Century, on the JFK Assassination! YOU are a joke.

    • Silver Shield

      My site automatically moderates spam like links to infowars.

    • GoldSaver

      Anon, this site is not your property. Chris, who foots the bill for the site, is entitled, by private property rules, to post or not post anything. If your link is so critically important you have three choices, e-mail Chris and explain why it should be posted, create a blog post about this subject or create your own site and attract traffic. You do not get to scream in someone’s living room and then claim censorship when they ask you to be quiet.

    • SwimBuddy


      Let go of all that Toxicity.

      Try this. Use your Big Boy Grown Up voice and re read out loud what was written here.

      Also, you could actually go through all the modules in the academy and come back a new man/woman/it…

      Just a… Joke.

  • Al

    I walked away when Bernanke started sweating on Aug of 07. DONE! I ceseded and it’s a very powerful feeling. :)
    This message makes sense and FINALLY it’s starting to become popular.

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