A Brief Oath Keepers Thanksgiving Meditation

By Elias Alias, Oath Keepers Editor

It’s Thanksgiving. Our forefathers were thankful to live on a newly-discovered continent, and later they were thankful to live as freemen who had escaped the British Empire’s rule and control over their lives.

Today we are thankful for what yet remains of the traditions which have marked our country’s greatness over two Centuries. But many of us are harried somewhat as we have noticed that our great country is drifting toward collectivism and away from the individualism which forged and formed America as the greatest nation on earth, in all of earth’s human history. Now people in all fifty States are talking about secession. It’s driving the communists mad. While enjoying our holiday, let’s look into the idea of secession vs collectivism. It will do the Pilgrim proud to hold such contemplations on this very special day. It also would please the ghost of Henry David Thoreau, don’t you agree?

Secession is in the wind today, experiencing a surge after the November 06, 2012 elections. Many on the “right” are very fearful of the agenda of those on the “left”, and to those who are awake to, and aware of, the reality that both sides are equally dangerous to American freedom, the whole messy political left-right-paradigm slime-bath is offensive and disgusting. Damn the Republicans and Damn the Democrats both to Hell, I say, and so do all three  or four other Americans who’ve figured this out. ;)

The idea of secession drives communists, socialists, and collectivists in general madly wild and passionately fearful. If you don’t want to play their game of centralized control over society and culture, the average communist/collectivist sees you as a direct threat. He must control you via the state (government) or he sees you as a threat.

Most Americans showed clearly with the election that they want the collective way of life and they want a powerful central government to ensure that everyone, including those who do not wish to participate in their centralized government’s authoritarian power games, must ante up and place their bets just like all the good little statist boys and girls. Your refusal to play their game is perceived as a threat to them, and it makes them defensive. Being as how defensiveness always attacks, they jab out at you for not joining into their view of societal adhesion.

To prove that I’m not exaggerating, I’ll offer a novel idea which most Americans have never read, although it’s a part of our heritage as Americans. It was written circa 1884 by an American libertarian philosopher named Herbert Spencer, in his immortal essay entitled “The Right To Ignore The State“. I am predicting that the comments under this article shall be, uhm, er, “colorful” at the very least: Here is Spencer –

As a corollary to the proposition that all institutions must be subordinated to the law of equal freedom, we cannot choose but admit the right of the citizen to adopt a condition of voluntary outlawry. If every man has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man, then he is free to drop connection with the state — to relinquish its protection, and to refuse paying toward its support. It is self-evident that in so behaving he in no way trenches upon the liberty of others; for his position is a passive one; and whilst passive he cannot become an aggressor. It is equally self-evident that he cannot be compelled to continue one of a political corporation, without a breach of the moral law, seeing that citizenship involves payment of taxes; and the taking away of a man’s property against his will, is an infringement of his rights. Government being simply an agent employed in common by a number of individuals to secure to them certain advantages, the very nature of the connection implies that it is for each to say whether he will employ such an agent or not. If any one of them determines to ignore this mutual-safety confederation, nothing can be said except that he loses all claim to its good offices, and exposes himself to the danger of maltreatment — a thing he is quite at liberty to do if he likes. He cannot be coerced into political combination without a breach of the law of equal freedom; he can withdraw from it without committing any such breach; and he has therefore a right so to withdraw.

To assess one’s predisposition toward being either a statist or an individualist, one merely need read that passage over again about three or four times and think on its meaning. How one ultimately perceives the logic and philosophy contained in that brief mental exercise determines in a recognizable way one’s predisposition as a statist or as an individualist.

No collectivist can enjoy reading the writings of this nation’s Founders, or the writings of the 19th Century libertarians, while any individualist derives intense joy and hope in so reading. The Founders spoke of “unalienable rights” which come from Nature or Nature’s God, and they codified those rights as coming from, deriving from, a higher authority than any man-made government. Collectivists, especially collectivists of the communist and socialist bent, hate and fear that kind of consciousness. To the statist, the very idea of a soul seceding from the collective government is a threat and must be eliminated. Hence Homeland Security’s inherent psychological premise, and hence its hell-for-leather assault on patriotism and Constitutionalism and individualist dissent within our American society today.

For the strong in spirit, for the individualist, I’ll offer this little brief film on personal secession from the futility of the “maddening crowd”. Enjoy, and — Happy Thanksgiving!

23 comments to A Brief Oath Keepers Thanksgiving Meditation

  • I think what is meant by “the left” is pretty clear, as is its danger. But there are numerous meanings for “the right” and if “the right” takes on an American meaning of those who appreciate that our rights and liberties are a gift of God for responsible living as free moral agents within the social contract, then it is a hideous thing to curse it. That is authentic America (while it is not libertarian revisionism, which would purport liberty supreme in isolation, unattached to accountability under Sovereign God).

    • Jack Russell

      I agree, Arlen,

      “The Founders spoke of “unalienable rights” which come from Nature or Nature’s God…”

      No, Elias Alias, actually, the founders identified the creator and placed His work at the pinnacle of the authority to stand on principle. The ability to recognize and know the God who created us and defined left, right, and wrong or to choose to ignore Him or even to refute Him is not the same as being ‘right’. The pursuit of happiness is a worthy avocation, but there is a source of happiness that passes all understanding. And struggling and fighting and pursuing ends defined by the limitations of the human mind and the emotional motive will never lead to any form of internal peace or freedom. The real freedom is found in the payment that Jesus, the Christ offers to relinquish each individual’s debt of wrong and bring each individual into a perfect, complete and irreproachable relationship with the living God, who can have no association with any fallen man through any other means.

      To live ones life chasing a selfish individualism is a misappropriation of the gift of this life. This life is given to us for one purpose: To honor and glorify the living God and to lead others to a saving relationship with him through the acceptance of the payment for the sin that mars each individual by the ONLY acceptable payment that exists: the perfect blood sacrifice of his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

      • speedspirit

        All good their Jack until the belief of

        “the perfect blood sacrifice of his only begotten son, Jesus Christ”

        Jesus Christ dieing on the cross was not a blood sacrifice but a demonstation of the upmost degree that we are to give up being seperate from the All which is God.
        Jesus can be your savior only if you are willing to let go of your false sense of individuality, the false sense of identity based on the illusion that you are separated from God. Jesus can be your Lord and Savior only if you are willing to let the human ego die.

        Do not follow the path taken by Peter and spend the rest of this lifetime using the serpentine logic to justify why you can perfect the ego. Instead, follow the path taken by Paul who said, “I die daily.” He meant that every day a part of his human self died.

        Be willing to admit that your human self, your human sense of individuality, must die before you can discover your true individuality in Christ. Admit that the sense of individuality based on separation is a lie. Do not spend the rest of your life in an attempt to justify the sense of individuality and the belief that the false path of building upon that individuality can take you back to God.

        This is what Peter did. This is what the soul of Peter has been doing for 2,000 years. This is what the Christian churches who followed the way taken by Peter have been doing for 2,000 years.

    • GoldSaver

      No, no, no, there is no such thing as a social contract beyond the day to day interactions between free men and the recognition of the nature of men. A social contract is a fictitious device that is used by the state to tie you into obedience of the will of the “people”. Your social obligations are limited to recognizing others private property, including their bodies and minds and because their bodies, minds and products thereof are private property, that aggression against other free men in society, being a rejection of private property, is self destructive. When an individual uses aggression against another, he is rejecting that persons self ownership and in doing so is rejecting his own and accepting violence as the only standard.
      The acceptance of private property and the logical extension of refraining from aggression derived from it is not a contract. It can not be inasmuch it is a passive state. You can not sign a contract in the negative. I can not demand that you abide to a negative contract. Obedience in itself its a positive action. I can not demand a plant “grow towards the light” it is in its nature to already do so. Similarly I can not say, my respect of your private property is based on a social contract, it is in the nature of my existence and yours to respect private property and a denial of my own existence to violate it. That is why it can only be enforced by aggression. I can force a plant to grow against its nature away from the light, by binding it and twisting it. It will continue to try to grow towards the light or it will eventually die. I can say, give me your private property or I will kidnap you and lock you in a small cage with other violent men, without your agreement based on coercion or programing, I am not going to receive your production.

      I deeply respect another mans rights to his beliefs, but permit me a question. Lets say I changed your statement:
      “To live ones life chasing a selfish individualism is a misappropriation of the gift of life. This life is given for one purpose: To honor and glorify the living God and to lead others to a saving relationship with him through the acceptance of the payment for the sin that mars each individual by the ONLY acceptable payment that exists: the perfect blood sacrifice of his only begotten son, Jesus Christ”

      This life is given for one purpose: To honor and glorify our nation and respect our planet and to lead others into prosperity and wellness thru our sacrifice and the acceptance that we are a global community and share a common salvation by the only form of payment that exists, to become your brothers keepers and give more of yourself for the good of others and to obey the rule of law given to use by our nations leaders.

      Where is the real difference? Yes, you can dedicate your life in honoring your religious beliefs and I will applaud you for them, even though I do not share them, but, the moment that you lead others into service of your beliefs are you not as those who demand obedience and sacrifice for the State? Is the State no more than a false god following the tenants of religious dogma for its own purposes?

  • “our rights and liberties are a gift of God for responsible living as free moral agents within the social contract,then it is a hideous thing to curse it”

    That one statement is worthy as a founders quote for the entire current liberty movement.
    Thank You

    • Quint Eastwood

      Specifically “our rights and liberties are a gift of God for responsible living as free moral agents within the social contract,then it is a hideous thing to curse it”
      I’m not a free moral “agent” I’m a human being.That’s a NWO statement.To de-humanize the individual and classify them as “agents”

      As far as the video goes.It’s just one big NWO mind fuck,physcho babble piece of crap.
      It preaches only care about “me” not your fellow man.The only way we are going to take this Country back is by group organized action.Not a bunch of individuals wandering around with their thumbs up their asses.
      There is strength in numbers.If Our Founders followed the ideas in this video we would be ruled by a King today.
      The movie Braveheart is one I liken to what we are facing today.A Tyrannical Government.This scene is the essence of what We The People must to to abolish this Tyrannical Government.


      United we stand,divided we fall.
      Websters dictionary defines the words “Abolish” and “Overthrow” as meaning the same.Thomas Jefferson uses the word “Abolish” in the Declaration of Independence when He declares that it is the right and duty for the people to Abolish a Tyrannical government.
      The Benghazi incident was one of the most treasonous and cowardly act perpetrated by our Communist Government.To sit and watch as our soldiers and Ambassador desperately called for help as they valiantly defended themselves against being outnumbered is sickening.
      As a member of Oathkeepers,I posted a comment right after this story broke.The title was Stand By Me and it was an emotional from the heart post of what I was feeling.I used the word “Overthrow” when talking about what needs to be done to this government.Jefferson used the word “Abolish” which means the same thing.Many members on OK has used His quote many times and it is even the call sign of some members.
      So it’s allright to use the word “Abolish” but not “Overthrow” Is this a Political Correctness thing or have we as a People become so fearful of this Government that we are afraid to utter the word “Overthrow”
      It’s been stated on OK that the site is being monitored and the DHS is watching.Well is that any reason to be afraid to speak from the heart like our Founders did?Is our Freedom and Liberties not worth the sacrifice,that our Founders exihibited?Or do we just quote our Founders in words and not deeds?
      Stewart Rhodes is doing an excellent job with OK,but I know there are members employed by the DHS,FBI etc that always put the hammer down when members try an get organized.It’s happened too many times for it to be a coincidence.
      And I was banned from OK for 2 years exercising because I used the word “overthrow” instead of “Abolish”
      Not even a chance to explain my position.
      Regards Patriots,


      • Silver Shield

        This is not a NWO psychobabble, it is just your cognitive dissonance kicking in as it runs counter to what you have been doing with your efforts.

        There is strength in numbers. Every individual that empowers themselves to be independent from the system is one more not enabling those that leverage our active or passive participation in the Debt and Death paradigm.

        Every collective effort must have a heirarchy, propaganda and will be ultimately infiltrated, subverted and destroyed.

        Leaderless resistance rallied around common values cannot be defeated.

        Two different tactics to resist. Yours has been tried and always fails. Mine will work for every individual that tries it.

        If everyone sweeps their front porch, the world will be clean.

        • Quint Eastwood

          “There is strength in numbers. Every individual that empowers themselves to be independent from the system is one more not enabling those that leverage our active or passive participation in the Debt and Death paradigm.”

          Okay,try not paying your taxes “individually” let me know how that works out for you.Only when you get a mass effort of millions of people not paying your taxes will that effort succeed,and that effort needs leadership.
          You say there is strength in numbers and I agree.Unless you have those numbers organized and under some kind of direction or leadership the resitence will fail.
          It can take a 100 years to wait until we have enough individual resisters to make a difference.Especially with the kind of sheep that graze on this land called America.
          And we don’t have much time left.This Communist Government is at the stage where a mass resistence(not paying taxes,disobeying their Unconstitutional gun laws…etc) needs to happen.Especially since the re-election of Obama.

          The Political system is gone.They don’t listen and hear are words.Maybe they will hear and listen to our actions.

          ” Every collective effort must have a heirarchy, propaganda and will be ultimately infiltrated, subverted and destroyed. ”

          You can have a collective effort,without heirarchy.Look at the 100’s of thousands of protesters who marched in Spain.And they have no guns.They just came out and marched and were beaten by their gestapo.
          We in America have guns and don’t march.Why is that? I’ll tell you.Because 97% of Americans are fat,lazy and as long as they are not the ones effected then all is good.As long as they get their free stuff from big brother,AAH! what’s a little freedom and liberty lost.
          Some Americans don’t think anything can be done.
          That’s why organized resistence is the only way.It can bring Americans sitting on the fence into the resistence when they see other Americans participating.It gives them hope and courage.As the resitence grows,so grows the participation.

          • Silver Shield

            The three main things I think are an absolute non starter for me is…
            1. No tax resistance- render unto Caesar… The IRS took Al Capone down and will have no problem with the local joe. You can reduce your income by needing less, less debt, barter more and that will work. Also what about the capital you already have? Take your wealth out of the paper markets. If your stock or dividends go up you owe. If you stack things that you use and their value goes up, you win.

            2. Collective resistance- one only needs to look at a short history of cointelpro to see how easy it is to infiltrate, subvert and destroy even the best intentioned group. Leaderless resistance is individuals rallied around an idea like the Silver Bullet Silver Shield, taking the best individual action they see fit. The total effort has a dramatic effect on the whole but cannot really be stopped.

            3. Violent resistance- the police state would LoVE to nail a couple of “patriotic” yahoos. Do you think the only 24 year old Muslims can be fooled by the FBI? I would refer you to the massive social change on non violent non compliant resistance of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and MLk. There will be enough violence for the government to deal with when the dollar collapses and the zombies riot. Their power will be totally destroyed when the dollar collapses and you just need to prepare for that day by passively withdrawing you effort from one paradigm to another.

            As for marching…

            “Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes.” Alexander Haig.
            All marches, protests and riots are one collective upset that they don’t get their cake and a brutalizing class holding on to their cake. Naw I will just take my cake and save it for a better day.

            If you want to have hope, become independent of the system and you will not care what happens to it.

            I am sure you will find plenty of groups to join and put your energies to, but I am sure one day you will look back at this and wonder why you did not listen.

            • Quint Eastwood

              What is the fasination with reducing your income…lol.The IRS took Al Capone down and will have no problem with the local joe”

              Do you fear the IRS?They are a Criminal illegal entity of this government.Just as the TSA,FED.When the people fear the government,you have Tyranny.When the Government fears the people you have Liberty.Very simple concept.

              I totally believe in what MLK did.But you can’t even get 10 people to peacefully March in this Country.They have too much free stuff to get involved.

  • sheepdog

    Right on and god bless all freemen and freemen wannabes.

  • Grant

    Excellent article! I’ve tried to figure out how to follow you, to read more of your writings, but I don’t do facebook or twitter,(privacy concerns) so how do I do that? You are a VERY good writer. I am going to repost your article on my favorite hobby: Yahoo Answers. The link I mean, not ripping you off. Your writing is such high quality, it needs to go viral, get shared around.
    Thank you for being the voice of reason in the seeming wilderness of a Commie takeover of USA.

    But The United States will survive this as we have so many other disasters.
    Personally I think we should sell California back to Mexico while it’s still worth something 😉

    Semper FI!

  • Quint Eastwood

    We need more Americans to be outlaws and refuse our consent to be governed by this Tyrannical Government.Only then will we have true Liberty and Freedom.

    To all our Ancesters from our Founders to the present who have died to makes us Free.

    God Bless Yoe!


    • Ben

      “We need more Americans to be outlaws and refuse our consent to be governed …”


      You gonna be the first one to rack that slide and fire the first shots Mr. Eastwood?

      What did the Founders mean when they approved this language that is found in the Declaration of Independence?

      “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      It is there right and their duty? But HOW do they refuse consent to be governed. The founders were excllent at identifying the problem…but what was their solution? And who are these “New Guards for future security”?

      So how does one REALLY refuse the consent to be governed? Through the means by which every other individual or group has tried to force despotic governments out of commission in the past 500 years? A force of arms? The track record for that is not so good. Our own founding was successful…but just barely. History is littered with armed revolutiosn that did not end well.

      Besides, this “tyrannical government” you speak of has bigger shit then you or I do….and more firepower.

      Perhaps there is another method? I can resist in a completely different way?

      And what is this other way? This new way of thinking? Well, it has been espoused on this site about a gazillion times. If you don’t know it by now, I suggest you read more of these pages.

      Hold fast, prepare and be vigilant.

      • Quint Eastwood

        Am I going to fire the first shot?
        There is the fallacy I hear from most people.First of all Big Brother has already fired that first shot.If you don’t think the NDAA and declaring America a Battlefield is not a shot fired by our Dictator and all the EO’s he has instituted,along with Congresses complicate alliance with Big Brother is not an attack on our Liberties and Freedom I don’t know what you think the forst shot entails.It doesn’t have to be from the end of a firearm.

      • GoldSaver

        Ben, Quint, there is no need, or future, in firing any shots. Violence is what the state understands and is an expert at. They hold all the cards in aggression. So try non-aggression. Reduce your income to below taxable levels. Move to a small community where you can grow your own food. Borrow nothing from bankers. Buy only second hand from private sellers. Close your bank accounts. Drop from the grid. “…and in that moment I looked for the state and it was nowhere to be found”

        • Quint Eastwood

          “Reduce your income to below taxable levels” So your going to reduce your income to below taxable levels.I hope your kidding.If I’m making 80,000/year
          I should purposely reduce my income to where I don’t pay taxes.HMMM! Seems to me that’s like bending over spreading my cheeks…NAA! I’d rather be Free and in a grave then to do that.
          Sorry I will not run from tyranny.That’s what you are indorsing.GEEZ..Wouldn’t it be better to restore the Republic the way it was back in the day.

        • Ben

          Did you even read my reply? Did you read the end of it?

  • Quint Eastwood

    Edit of previous post….”God Bless You”

    • speedspirit


      I think your missing the point. The Powers That Be are very much in control and very closed minded. Their system is a closed system that means they do not make any considerations for change. By the second Law of Dynamics that simply states a closed system will destroy itself. We live in an ever expanding Universe. Seeking to completly control the ecomomics and evolution of the entire World by debt is not sustainable. But to try and put an end to this dualistic way of life by opposing is NOT going to work because your playing THEN in their game. When their world ends because the Laws of the Universe cannot be defied your making 80k per year will also end. By finding a way of life that resonates with your more inner quest of life you can find genuine satisfaction and trade what you are with others for your other needs. What is out there that you truely need that needs to be purchased with so many dollars that cannot be purchased with Silver?
      Our forefathers fought on a level playing field. Gun vs gun. We are disadvantaged to play that game. We are much more powerful if each of us understands the complete history of the world. Meaning the Mysteries of our world. How were the pyramids really built, why is the carbon dating of the oldest civilization 8,500 years older then what the text books tell us. Why do so many religions have a simular beginning and fundamental lesson. Whats the reason why the rulers of the world have a connection on their family tree? The individual that seeks these answers and finds the truth is very dangerous to the Elite. The individual has the power. The power to change the world. Their world. Not someone else’s.

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