Bullhorning Shoppers Lined Up For Thanksgiving Sales 2012

Bullhorning Shoppers Lined Up For Thanksgiving Sales 2012


3 comments to Bullhorning Shoppers Lined Up For Thanksgiving Sales 2012

  • James Tetreault

    I can’t say I wouldn’t feel the impulse to do the same thing, but there’s an element of condescension in mocking these people that’s unappealing. I feel more sorry for them than angry at them. The guy with the bullhorn seems to have reversed that.

  • Lisa Quackenbush

    James, I agree.. we need more empathy… we were all at one time there. They are so freaking mis-led.

    A friend of mine and I were discussing this the other day, we were trying to come up with a message that would resonate with all- we don’t think there IS one message.

    We did agree that if we can show both the red team and the blue team the short falls of their teams they MAY open their eyes to the fact that neither team has the best interests of the average JOE in their sights.

    Anger at those still deceived accomplishes nothing, we make enemies of our allies. It’s so unfortunate….

  • Ben

    I am not a fan of Mark Dice. Since when does mockery and condescension win over converts and people to the truths that he espouses? I would say…ummm…never. Most of his videos are like this in nature. I saw one where he was on the street trying to sell a 1 ounce gold coin for $20.00. All he did was “show” how ignorant people are of the monetary system.

    That’s great Mark…what are you doing to educate people? Or do you just like to see how morally superior and intellectually sound you are to everyone in your videos? Mockery of a person’s intellect and ridcule of one’s plight has never won the day or convinced a person that they need to reexamine their own ideas about how the world works.

    In short. He is a jackass.

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