Silver Shield Report #53- Equitable Relationships in the Next Paradigm Part 1

I think this might be a good time to start thinking about the Maverick Master Mind.

Most typical Masterminds I have been involved in were a round table of individuals that resonated ideas and positive energy with each other. These have always been geared towards profits or a specific area and I am not sure this is necessarily a great format for us. (It might be…)

The other idea is that this could be a group of individuals looking for investing into the next paradigm. My experience with the guys at Open Currency has been a tremendously successful one. The only other experience in my life where I really resonated with a group of individuals to accomplish missions this much was my experience with the Marines.

I would like to build other relationships like this with others in our Silver Shield Group.

The idea of building equitable relationships towards ideas that should flourish in the next paradigm is the foundation of what we are here for. Without a sound economic relationship any community we build will fail. There might be opportunities for individuals to start building or partnering on businesses or skills that could be extremely profitable and necessary for funding greater projects.

My example with Open Currency has in a few months taken a very small private mint and brought about a huge success and multiplied the business and opportunities. This could easily be the basis for something much larger in banking or commodities, especially when the rest of the world falls apart.

Even my relatively new relationship with Air Stream Jets is also interesting. If you remember a few years back when that huge volcano covered Europe in ashes, shutting commercial air traffic, Air Stream provided very valuable logistics for private individuals that could not wait for the collective answer. We are looking for ways to position this company for when a much larger dollar collapse disturbance shuts down the collective.

I feel that there might be greater to match people and opportunities. Please note, that this not just to work with me, but others that may have the skills, opportunity or capital you need. I hope that I can help start a lot of great relationships.

“If you really want to get to know somebody, plan a party with them.”

Most importantly, I feel that when people start working together towards productive means, it will firm the trust inside the group.  The coming collapse is not real a financial one as much as it is going to be a conscious collapse in trust.  Counter-party risk will be the biggest theme in the Anger Phase of Humanity.  The more we can mitigate that now the better off all of us will be.

This survey is for my eyes only and not really an application as much as a way to see if I can find opportunities inside our group. With an eventual eye for all in the group and the greater community to benefit off of as these individuals plant the seeds.

Please be honest, but not too honest. I don’t need to know specifics of what you have, as much as the willingness to start doing something.

I will post Part 2 next week, my discussion with Marvin, as the thought process of what brought this idea to to fore front.



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