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26 comments to Silver Market, Ebay, Coin and DVD Update

  • Mike

    Id like to see only one new round per month max! With silver prices this high its hard to keep up. Would’ve been different when a roll of silver was only around two to three hundred dollars. And trying to keep up with the holiday season… Either way, keep up the hard work! I like what you all are doing!

    • Morgan

      Yes I agree with Mike, most of us stacker’s have a very limited budget and if you release to many coins to fast you are going to miss out of a lot of sales.
      Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

    • Silver Shield

      Yeah that is probably not going to happen with this fountainhead coming up with new ideas…
      The 30 or so I have already planned are probably going to make it every 2 weeks or so once we get going.
      Some will be short term, some will always be available.

      I loved the car business when a new car came out but hated that it took years for remakes. With silver there can always be something new and unique to catch the eye and continue the pressure on the physical market.

  • Jason

    $100 for that !!! Just nuts….rather have 3 rounds than one of those.
    1 oz = 1 oz …why pay so much ??? Fools.

  • Chris,
    I agree with Mike’s request to space out the releases with some gaps when nothing is for sale. Allowing the market some time to absorb each release in some volume will better spread the message and even if the volume reaches a few hundered thousand of the third ‘blockbuster’ medallion; that will remain an incredibly ‘limited release’ in the fullness of time…
    I do plan to order the DVDs and your limited release litho; as I am confident the procedes will find their way into your many worthy endeavours!
    Best wishes and good luck; just keep the quality UP.

    • Silver Shield

      Considering the US mint does a million eagles a week, I hardly think there is a need to let the market absorb. This is a race for the last remaining silver and I plan on keeping up the pressure while there is supply around. After that other opportunities will present themselves.

      • Good point; and I have wished you would see a million ounce demand as well.

        If you’ve got the production wrinkles smoothed out and keep up the quality, no doubt your series will pick up momentum. The messages echo all that you’ve brought via the SOLA, SBSS, etc… and it is going to be fun to add to the stack, so long as premiums don’t get too high!

  • Quicksilver

    The problem with this prediction is the previous fractal patterns suggest that it will be 2 years from the last $50 peak to the next peak, so although I have held Silver and Gold Bullion for several years and will mostly hold, and bought some SBSS medallions on the last day (hopefully they’ll arrive soon). I’ve read too much Bullion hype over the years, so will believe this predicted surge when I see it.

    The new coins sound interesting.

    I’d much prefer the option of Bittorrented video collections to CD or DVD media, for free media; you will notice that many Free and Open Source sites which distribute large files offer the option of downloading via Bittorrent. Optical media can become unreadable due to heat stress and corrosion (I’ve seen too many corrupt backup and media CDs and DVDs, even in a central heated house), and the physical space required was ridiculous, so I will never burn CDs and DVDs, if I can avoid it; rather all my media gets backed up to a home built Midi PC FreeNAS box, including all my CDs and DVDs; this is very reliable and is securely accessible by many of my devices.

  • PdBallerina

    I like the idea of always having at least one coin for sale, since anytime I have available dollars and there is a market dip, I’m going to acquire silver. These stars will not necessarily align perfectly with a release cycle that has breaks in it.

    • Silver Shield

      Believe it or not I have at least 30 unique ideas over the next year and we hope to be a full line shop from 1/10th ounce up to 10 oz silver very soon.

      I believe that these coins will help spread the message even more effectively than my hundreds of videos over time.

  • bob

    To be 100% sure without damage to your silver coin or bar, I use a propane torch. This type of heat will melt the thin coating of silver on fakes. However, leave a REAL silver piece unharmed. You heat these up until the coin turns a dull orange color, then allow to cool in the air. Undamaged. Hold the flame back about 5 to 6 inches to heat it up evenly. I’ve found many good looking coins to be fakes. Try it. You’ll also see how much better a dirty silver coin looks after heating it this way————————————–

  • Janet

    Glad to see the DVD’s! and on the list for the next medallion…In Proof. it looks gorgeous!

  • David Richardson

    “Considering the US mint does a million eagles a week, I hardly think there is a need to let the market absorb. This is a race for the last remaining silver and I plan on keeping up the pressure while there is supply around. After that other opportunities will present themselves”.

    I agree wholeheartedly.

    What was amazing is that people were paying these $50+ prices on eBay before orders through AOCS were closed out on 11/6. When silver hits its’ “peak” measured in dollars, most one ounce silver coins or medallions, whether specialty mint products like the 2011 reverse proof Eagle [that in PF 70 grade I sold three of for way more than any of these sold for], or a generic .999 ounce bar/round will cost about the same number of dollars.

    • Silver Shield

      I am not a fan of numismatics or even semi-numismatics like what these are turning out to be. The good doctor is right in the end if you can sell 1 coin for 2, do it. This is about stacking silver.

      We will continue to offer bullion pricing and NOT go down the road of the Perth Mint.

  • David Richardson

    “One guy sold 21 of his 22 and got 55 ounces of eagles in return. Not a bad flip”.

    Chris posted this above. This shows he doesn’t have an ego in people holding this medallion. People if you can sell one form of silver and reinvest to stack a larger quantity do it! I had a 1932 D quarter taken from circulation many years ago. I sold it for $73 on eBay. As long as that $73 [minus eBay fees] goes for an absolute necessity, donated to a charity, or for stacking silver a greater good is served. Numismatic silver, with rare exceptions, will not be that different from the generic same weight one day. Coin collecting is a fine hobby if you enjoy it. Just know the silver numismatics are something one can lose out on.

    • Silver Shield

      I do think that these first coins will be worth relatively more in the near future as we roll out more impactful coins and really make a name, but 1 in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

      I am holding on to mine at least until we get a few coins out there and we actually have a brand name and a cool story that people will want a piece of.

  • David Richardson


    The authorizing legislation for the American Silver Eagle bullion program stipulated that the silver used to mint the coins be acquired from the Defense National Stockpile with the intent to deplete the stockpile’s silver holdings slowly over several years. By 2002, it became apparent that the stockpile would be depleted and that further legislation would be required for the program to continue. On June 6, 2002, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) introduced bill S. 2594, “Support of American Eagle Silver Bullion Program Act,” “to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase silver on the open market when the silver stockpile is depleted.” The bill was passed by the Senate on June 21 and by the House on June 27 and signed into law (Pub.L. 107-201, 116 Stat. 736) by President Bush on July 23, 2002.[19]


  • Chris

    What’s going on with your remaining 5.5k death and debt coins? Hurry and release them while we still have money to buy.

  • disneydollars

    1. Can you start the presale of the 2nd coin early before we cross the Mac D.
    2. Can you make a special silver coin that is actually shaped like a silver bullet and inscribed? Maybe a limited edition?

  • PdBallerina

    I would like to second @disneydollars’ motion #1, above…

  • andrew gorringe

    im a silver stacker from the uk missed the time line for the death and debt medallion can any one sell me 2 ?

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