Did you go to college?

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  • James Tetreault

    Way too many kids go to college. For many of them it serves no real utility and the only reason they went to college was for the vocational utility of it. I could have done my job when I was 12 years old. College was just a necessary resume chip. And I’m an engineer.

    I sometimes think the college industry would collapse if no company had a human resources department and if bosses simply interviewed candidates for a job and tried to determine if they’re sharp enough for the position and have the requisite combination of aptitude and experience. What does the degree really mean?

    • Irving14941

      College is, unfortunately, a necessary “hoop” that you need to jump through to get certain jobs. You definitely don’t need one to be smart or be successful in life.

      I spent a little over 6yrs of my life in college and learned nothing about how the world really works or how to build and develop the necessary skills (both tangible and intangible) to live a fulfilling life in this world.

      I have much resentment still buried in me with regards to college. If I could, I’d sit all my teachers and faculty in one room and address in a speech of me spitting truth and treating them like deceitful and treacherous people.

      But I digress, they were probably just as naive as I was. Regardless, I no longer wish to be the victim. I dropped out with a 3.88 cumulative GPA out of a 4.0 scale and 6 credits left to graduate (roughly over one class). I was a good establishment academic, or slave. I was going to be a corporate stooge. Just another number, another drone.

      I will never come back to graduate. I’d rather be dead.

  • PdBallerina

    I live in a college town where my husband owns a restaurant/bar… I know a lot of young people that have finished college but afterwards chose to underachieve.

    The ones that want to go on and have careers, start businesses, travel the world etc, do. The ones that want to stay and work a job that they are way over qualified for also do just that…some go through a transition period and eventually move onward and upward.

    I suspect a majority of the young people in these interviews will move on in time, as long as they don’t listen to those that tell them that there are no opportunities — “All get what they want; they do not always like it.” -Aslan

    (I hope this does not sound cold…it is not intended to be…I <3 them all)

    • Irving14941

      I appreciate you taking the time to be sensitive to the matter, so no offense taken at all. Thank you. I’m pretty sure only a female would be as “socially adept” to the circumstances as you are. Sorry guys. Females just tend to be more empathetic.

      But in furthering the discussion, you are right. People are at certain points in their life because of the decisions they make with the resources they’ve got in their immediate disposal. How you use your resources, whether shitty or amazing, is up to you.

      Great example would be a guitarist with basic guitar equipment and a positive mindset towards improving everyday Vs. the guitarist with a negative mindset and great guitar gear.

      My resentment, though, is with the brainwashing that “you need to get a good college education, or else your life will be ruined, FOREVER, and you’ll never succeed in life and be a bum, forever and ever until the end of time.”

      That’s my personal grudge against college. To paraphrase the wise investment guru, Mark Faber, “wonderful to study liberal arts and history, wonderful to study archeology, psychology, philosophy, and travel the world to learn overseas, but make sure that when you graduate your skills will still be useful in the long-run. Do not go to college just for the sake of it.”

      If I could, I would have never gone to college. If I knew what I knew now, I would have home-schooled, myself, and read up on websites like this one and http://www.maxkeiser.com, http://www.zerohedge.com, http://www.silverdoctors.com, http://www.mercola.com, and http://www.naturalnews.com day-in and day-out. I would have gone through all the videos that the “Kane academy” has to offer.

      And, of course, there’s always the “Sons of Liberty academy,” can’t forget about that life-changing of landmark documentary. All-in-all, underneath all the personal growth that I’ve done in my life, I still feel cheated of my time, money, and energy from going to college. I feel like something has been taken away from that I will never be able to regain back.

      But this is a loss-leader way of thinking. No use thinking such negative thoughts. I’m grateful to be at the level of awakening that I’m at and be in contact with such great men as my role models now.

      • PdBallerina

        Ummm, I think it’s legit for you to feel deceived. I’m guessing I have been deceived of a lot more things for a lot more years than you have, and yes it hurts, and yes I feel robbed…

        But I do hope that I have learned some valuable things from it… I saw a George Carlin poster on Facebook once that said “Teach your children to question everything” … yep we can do that…we know the pain and the waste that comes from not doing it…

  • Thegallowsjudge

    As we all learned in the Sons of Liberty Academy, the major institutions in our society are run by corporate psychopaths. This includes most college executive suites. Again, when big business and big govt unite, we suffer. In the middle of the 2000s, the feds lifted the caps on college loans. This caused most colleges to go from 20,000ish to 40,000ish in two years. this is deeply immoral, putting these heavy debt chains on a whole generation. i remember when boston college (a catholic ivy IMHO) tuition was 40ish and then everyone elses’s jumped to 40ish and many eliminated academic schlorships at the same time. Academia is no differemt than any other big business – psychopaths run them. Whatever your state school is charging is probably cost plus some small profit. Why are private colleges twice or three times that amount? Bush lifted the caps and Obama federalized the lending in the US DOEd. These kids are viewed as ATM machines by colleges today – come and sign the note and we process it electronically and like magic, the money appears in our account from the feds. We need the trades badly. if college is needed, Community college is the best, with state colleges second. While my 3 older kids went to private college prior to the big jump, my younger 3 kids all went to state school. I see no difference. I tell kids today today to ask their marxist professors why they they work for institutions that act like big oil.

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