Max Keiser Great Silver Interview

2 comments to Max Keiser Great Silver Interview

  • Justin DeArmond

    only a few minutes into this video and heard something that everyone should pay attention to..the portfolios of major finance institutions and corporations percentage of gold/silver investment is only around one percent! if they increase their balance sheets even a fraction of a percent then the markets would swing wildly as gold/silver would go through the imagine if say during some sort of fincancial collapse (that would never happen right?)that the balance sheets went from 1% to say 5 or 10 or more, what that would do to the world economy? talk about crashing. anyway just something that i saw so far that really caught my attention.

    • marz

      Exactly, that is why Jason Hommel, Bix Weir, etc. have been showing the math and saying for years that it is a race against time. We should have a portion of this video reposted from say 14:17, where the 1% is mentioned.

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