Tungsten Solutions to Tyranny.

If you’ve spent more than 32 seconds on this blog, you should be thoroughly aware that the U.S.S.A. is a corporatist dictatorship that’s growing every nanosecond. By nature, we’ve all been conditioned during some stage of life to trust that the paradigm could fix itself  (electing people to fix the government).

Hows that working for us?

A natural alternative is to turn to popular leaders & activists within the ‘freedom movement.’ While many of these folks are well-intentioned, there’s little that can be done or has ever been accomplished through these groups.

Example: few of us could disagree with the mission statement of Campaign for Liberty. Yet, it’s done nothing to stop the parasitic rats of Congress, or that slithering commander in chief.

Simply put, looking for politicians and ‘freedom leaders’ to regain our rights and dignity is nothing more than a Tungsten Solution: it appears for what it’s not, nor could ever do.


God bless and live free.


~ J.D. Hodges


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