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We are now taking applications for people to join the Silver Shield Group.  Over the weekend, I opened it up to the waiting list and will be reviewing their applications over the next few days.  This will be an opportunity for those not on the waiting list to apply for the first time since July 1st.  I am taking this time to get to know who will be joining our group to hopefully act as a force multiplier to the strong team we already have.

The Silver Shield Group was started October 1st 2011 to start building the intellectual foundation and network to build a historically significant community in the next paradigm. This group also provides the support necessary for me to continue spreading the message while there is still time. At some point the ideas I spread will either be too late or too dangerous, at which point I will shut down public efforts and focus on private partnerships within this trusted circle.

For over a year we have covered the most forward thinking ideas on how to best build a societal operating system based on an opposite consciousness to the current Debt and Death paradigm. The combination of the consciously aware individuals, the capital, the intellectual foundation timing of action and the network of the Silver Shield Group, I believe will create generational wealth and become historically significant.

While most of the world is in denial and most of the awakened are spinning in the fear loop, we are moving forward.

The Silver Shield Group has covered many topics from inter-generational mentoring, Silver Backed Equity Banking, sustainable energy, holistic health, permaculture and aquaponics, expanding our consciousness, mental and physical preparation, successful archetypes and tactics, and many other forward thinking topics to take positive, productive action.

Everything has been archived and in mp3 form for members to use.

We closed the Silver Shield Group to the public July 1st, 2012. This was done for a few reasons…

1. We were about to get some major publicity (Coast2Coast interview and the Ron Paul Congressional Testimony) and we wanted to keep the group insulated from the attention.
2. There is tremendous value in knowing who your true friends are before you get popular.
3. If there was a collapse prior to the election, this would have provided a buffer from the Johnny-come-lately opportunists.

Now that there seems to be a calm, we are taking applications for the Silver Shield Group once again. This will be a limited window and may not be open for for another 6 months, if ever.

Please take time to keep your responses short and thoughtful. There is no right answer to many of the questions, just be as honest as you can without breaking operational security.

You can apply here

If you have any questions about the Silver Shield Group please take a look at the hundreds of testimonials for the Silver Shield Group.

4 comments to Apply To Join The Silver Shield Group

  • Roger James Wooge

    We the People could have easily read… “We the Sovereign”… Of, for and by the Sovereign… We live in a Sovereign Country, created by the Sovereign People of the Sovereign States… Our representatives tend to forget who they’re working for… Anyway, I just want to “gift” you guys with my idea for a new medallian… “We the Sovereign” on one side, and “Of, for and by the Sovereign” on the other… The total design will be up to you… I’m more of an idea guy than anything else… Have fun with it… Roger

  • Roger

    I received a Jury Duty Questionair a couple days ago… I noted on the back used for additional comments that I expected to be paid in Constitutional Money… It was for the U.S. District Court, so I can’t wait to see what happens… Roger

  • Chris Pritchard

    Hey Chris, is there any chance of getting in this group? I just saw one of your videos where you were going to close off the membership for a while, so I wanted to get in before that (if possible). I have been following along with you for about six months now, but haven’t applied.


    Chris Pritchard

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