Eric Sprott Debunks StormCloudsGathering Silver Manipulation Debunked

Aaron Hawkins of StormCloudsGathering makes another weak attempt at attacking silver investors.

Besides the fact that silver is in a 12 year bull market and the single best performing asset over the past 4 years of Obama, Aaron cannot seem to wrap his logical mind around the role silver will play in a currency collapse.

So instead of doing a BrotherJohnF critique of our misguided Aaron, I thought I would put Billionaire Eric Sprott to work for me.

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5 comments to Eric Sprott Debunks StormCloudsGathering Silver Manipulation Debunked

  • Joe

    Why are we even interested in what this guy has to say?

  • David Richardson

    He comes across as someone who is intelligent. He serves the purpose of making others who see things more like Chris [and Eric Sprott, John Embry, Brother John F., James Turk, Ted Butler, Bill Murphy, etc.] think about the real facts and future probabilities.

    I am a political independent moderate. An old friend, very intelligent, has been drinking the far, far left Kool-Aid. I can’t talk with him any longer without him turning the conversation into bashing the republican party or blaming a past republican president. What he can’t wrap his mind around is how completely BOTH parties are bought and paid for. A sharp political critic could cite just as many instances of transgressions, bad decisions, and corruptions by Dems as Repubs I’m sure.

    Someone with a counter position, if one can avoid an emotional reaction, serves a purpose of making one think about their position and modify it if warranted.

    If Aaron has savings/investments only in dollars and dollar-denominated investments he will learn from inflation the smart savings are in tangible assets [silver, long-storage food, copper, lumber, diesel, anything that one has the space to store that has a long shelf life]. If he doesn’t like silver maybe he will like molybdenum. If he can’t see the inflation writing on the wall then he is ignorant or isn’t very perceptive.

  • I pondered whether he was a shill after his first diatribe against silver purchasers but now I reckon the guy is just dumb. Perhaps, due to his following on his YT channel, he’s become to perceive himself as some all-knowing guru – y’know, the type of person that perceives himself to be an expert all topic matters. He’s articulate and there is limited truth in that industrial demand will collapse after the fiats. But I’m not sure what he believes will be used as currency afterwards? Gold, silver, and bronze have served as currency since time/events have been written down.

    He’s either a self-delusional wanna-be sage, just plain dumb, or a shill. One things for sure he’s certainly incorrect about silver.

  • James Tetreault

    Hey, Aaron Hawkins, the 19th century’s calling. It wants its statistics back.

    Photography and the production of silverware are huge components of industrial use of silver?! Really?

    And another gaping hole in his argument is his “Well, gee, if the economy crashes, nuthin bein’ done with silver will take place” argument (no, not an actual quote). But did he ever consider that if the dollar collapses and the cost of fuel goes way way up that people will be much *more* interested in having solar power for their homes? Numbers are hard to find but one article from a Maine newspaper said that 71% of homes in Maine still have oil heat!

    Mr. Hawkins doesn’t even acknowledge that, when oil doubles in dollar price and then goes still higher, many of these people, in Maine and any other cold winter state, will be looking for an alternative. And the average solar panel has about 2/3 of an ounce of silver in it.

    But, really, silverware! Come on.

  • David Richardson

    Here is another missile to shoot down his position:

    But this article doesn’t go into the sheer magnitude of currency on the sidelines from just 10 to 20 billionaires deciding to buy the physical, and what that would do to price.

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