Updated: Silver Shield Group Trivium Launch

Today is the Trivium Launch for members of the Silver Shield Group with a 30% off of Premium special deal for the weekend.  The Trivium will be the positive coin for Christmas everyone will be looking for and with a Brilliant Uncirculated and a true Proof version of this coin.  Everyone else will go live tomorrow when the new Trivium die comes in.

We are taking open applications for the Silver Shield Group through next Sunday.  The Silver Shield Group is creating the intellectual foundation and the network for the next paradigm.  Every week there is a new Silver Shield Report that focuses on positive solutions and they are all archived for new members.  As a special bonus, there are special discounts on the new Silver Bullet Silver Shield Medallion Series and soon limited editions.  Apply today.

Silver Shield Members can login here.

Before you purchase this coin, PLEASE take the time to fill out the Maverick Mastermind survey.   I am disappointed by the lack of response in the survey.  You don’t have to answer all of the questions, but I think there could be opportunities in our community that are untapped.  I don’t know what will come of this but this is something I think will be valuable to all of us in the near future. I will be continue to go through them this weekend.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YMCBV99

Also I will be sending out the first of the DVD’s and Lithographs today.

<You need to Login/Sign Up to use the Coupon Code and to make and order on the shopping cart>

The Silver Shield Group Member Discount Code is: SBSSMEMBER



15 comments to Updated: Silver Shield Group Trivium Launch

  • Robert Gest IV

    Sounds awesome but where might the link be to purchase the medallion?

  • Silver Bullet

    Ordered the coins, will fill out maverick mastermind next

  • joe cawthorn

    Just placed my order. Perfect timing, it was time for my monthly silver order. I ordered a few proofs also. I’m really excited about this coin.

  • Steve

    Make sure you’re logged into your account prior to applying the discount code. Otherwise it doesn’t work.

  • Eric Hartmann

    Can we pay by evil credit card? I’m planning to max out my card and get some travel points in the process. If not I have to wait untill Wednesday or Thursday to come up with the funds for my large purchase :)

  • Serge LeBlanc

    I’m trying to place an order but it says the coupon code isn’t valid even though I’m logged in. Anyone else have any issues?

    • Yowie

      The coupon code worked for me at the time (but I think it’s expired by now which might be your problem?). In my case it was saying that none of the USPS International shipping options are valid (I am in Australia). Anyone else have that problem?

      • Yowie

        Works now – the USPS options have changed though – guess AOCS fixed things up at their end. Pity to miss out on the discount because of that glitch, but it’s only 5% or so, so no big deal.

  • Johnny

    Yes, I too cannot apply cupon code, even though I am signed in. What a bummer, :(

    Chris, can we get someone to look into this even though it is the weekend? I fear time will run out on the discount and I will not get the benefit. Please help!!!

  • Mark Khusid

    Just ordered some coins! You need to login to get the coupon code to work.

  • vincent formoso

    they only gave 1$ discount per proof coin. 30% of 14.99 is 4.49. did anyone else experience this?

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