SSR East Coast Solar Power and Ham Radio Meeting

This Silver Shield Group Meeting is for the technical and communications people in the group.   Marvin Motsenbocker will be bringing in two of his Japanese Engineers in for this meeting to provide some incredible high level discussion.

—— Provisional Agenda ——

12/14 Fri. PM Meet in Fredericksburg, Va. 17 Wallace Farms Lane 22406

Informal get together, dinner etc. (lodging provided/Mots and J King)
(Mots and J King will provide parking/transportation from/to DC)

12/15 Sat. AM 1629 K Street NW Wash. DC 20006 (parking garage in basement)

9AM-10AM review basic electricity, problems with solar
10-12 Noon solar electricity, battery charging, inverters
theory and practice, compare equipment
how to save money, low cost shortcuts

Lunch (in conference room or nearby)
1-2 PM Demonstration of 4 specific solar systems

by 4 members
DIY for those who order in advance

3-4 PM what is amateur radio?
DIY strategy for short distance (<150 miles)

VHF licensing and equipment
4-5 PM DIY strategy for long distance (>150 miles)

HF licensing and equipment

5-6 PM Discussion and specific conclusions for
intra SSR group communications

12/15 Sat. PM Fredericksburg VA. Dinner and entertainment
(free lodging available Mots and King)

At least 6 experienced electronics and amateur radio members will
share their knowledge

We will look at specific solar panels/chargers/inverters and discuss how to
buy and use at lowest cost

We will make initial decisions on how the SSR group can communicate

without relying on the grid or internet.

Please join us! email Marvin Motsenbocker

HOMEWORK: prior to attending: each person must learn ohms law

4 comments to SSR East Coast Solar Power and Ham Radio Meeting

  • Paul Krzewinski

    What a tremendous opportunity for us to learn and share with each other. I’m really looking forward to this weekend!

    Paul WA2ZE

  • Mark

    Oh wow! Oh my days. I would never need to eat again :-) :-)I have been trying to devise a solar system of my own too. I can see it is going to be a great place to be. I hope the event can be recorded. Enjoy.

  • Sebastian Castelli

    Will this event be video recorded for our review if we cannot attend?

  • James Tetreault

    Ahaha! Ohm’s law. That’s the ONLY thing I remember from the one EE course I took in college.

    I can’t wait for this.

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