SGTBull07 Interviews Silver Shield

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  • ewkeane

    what is desired is a stable market.
    since 2001, silver has been advancing. look at the historic chart if you dont believe me, and to get a really good look, adjust for inflation.
    But what about those drags over time? that is to say, so called ‘market consolidations’, or times when prices dont seem to raise or lower, but are constant average over long periods of time?
    prices once moved a couple of bucks over time, and in 2001 and 2002, barely seemed to move at all, at least untill 2003.
    1992 was the end of the great silver bubble, believed to be caused by Bunker Hunt and a few rich men who tried to move a greater share of the physical silver stock into their own hands. It is said to be Hunts reaction to the closing of the gold window, and dollar inflation. What happened to that great hoard of silver? Englehart may be the answer to at least part of that question. See playboy article from that era.
    September of 2001, dollar peaks at 130 and has been in decline since. Silver has not been below 4.43FRN since December 2 2002
    What is this wave of metal that topped in 1979-1980, to settle in 1992 in a year where the average market price of silver was below 4FRN?
    In the years of 91, 92, and 1993, the lows were in the 4FRN range, averaging.
    Where do we go from here?
    take the average guess, I suppose.(but which one? bull market? Bear Market?)
    since i cant loose over time by following fudimentals (like checking current physical markets [local coin shops, ebay and other trade sites]). The commercial listings that show NY real time are paper markets that are months behind on contract selling. How far extending can these contracts go? 3mo beyond maturity? more? Could the fed be upset with the idea of their credit being held in historic value holding commoditys? Who is trying to kid who? Silver is beating this current wave of inflation. The tells that unkle scam is broke and will officially turn out his pockets in 2015 if things dont change are not too hard to find.
    silver can hold alot of value. 2.5 grams can easily hold 2.55FRN value. It could hold 100. I think people would respect the value, and not be careless or lazy about it. It also means that the wealth of a lifetime could be scooped up with one swoope by a careful 2nd story burgler. But the same is true with the paper markets where crimes have shaken even royalty (see south sea bubble).
    even if the value of my hoard dosent make me rich, i will still have lost nothing. Mark me, I will trade for cash if i am strapped and in an emergency and need to buy a commercial item (like car parts, or underpriced amunition or good vegetable seeds). I expect the value of my hoard to keep ahead of inflation as it has since 1932 (.25cents)and the end of the 1879 bear market. I am buying to 36 and will bide my time after the average market rises above 36, then cool my heels to see where it goes from there. Results may vary.
    Thanks again for this forum.

  • Heward

    I have been waiting for you and SGT to do a video together. As I expected, awesome.

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