Silver Shield Report #54- Equitable Relationships Part 2

 There is an old saying, “if you really want to get to know somebody, go on vacation with them.”  For the most part people are good enough for small, light minded chit chat, but you never know who your real friends are until you have gone through hard times together.  I first experienced this in the Marines, where you are purposely pushed through hard times to forge a strong enough bond to say, “once a Marine, always a Marine.” My short experience with the guys at AOCS and all of the challenges we faced with the Debt and Death coin, forged a strong relationship too.

The Silver Shield Group has intellectual foundation, skills and assets, but we need to find better ways to resonate together.  In Silver Shield Report #50- The 5 Stages of Renewal I covered where we are going. In Silver Shield Report #51- 5 Successful Archetypes In The New Paradigm I cover the opportunities that should be successful in each stage.  In this second part I will go over some opportunities that lie ahead of us and small things we can do now to go a long way in the next Stage of the Awakening.

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Please fill out the Maverick Mastermind Survey before this Wednesday.  This should allow me time to sort through them and look for opportunities inside out group and look to connect individuals that I think would benefit off of working or talking together.

This Silver Shield Report is from the week after I got back from Dallas and the Silver Summit trying to see where we should be working towards in this Stage to prepare for the next Stage.  The big hurdles I see are counter party risk between us and the fact that silver and real assets we are all heavily invested in are undervalued.  I do think that there might be opportunities to

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24 comments to Silver Shield Report #54- Equitable Relationships Part 2

  • vincent formoso

    chris, how many silver shield members are still here? before you open it up again. just curious.

    • Silver Shield

      We are just under 600.
      We have had 400+ application but I have been extremely picky this time around. These questions have allowed me to filter to find those that are willing and able. Far to often they are willing and not able or able and not willing. The there are those that are willing and able but come looking for someone to save them or them to change us.
      This has led to a small group that I have invited as we form our “super hero” team.
      I think the only thing I am going to do different is to have a charitable donation before they fill out the survey to limit the amount of time killers I have to deal with. Far too many people answered this that are just hanging on and cannot possibly be a blessing on to others as they can barely take care of themselves.

      • Justin DeArmond

        dont discount too quickly those who are of less than modest means.. i live paycheck to paycheck as many of us do however i have skills that are far superior to some who have capital. i cannot speak for everyone only my own situation but when this collapse happens i know for a fact that i will be able to provide for my family, i can grow food medicine know how to build construct repair etc…my knowledge on these subjects are in rural kansas far away from major cities i do not see this as anywhere near impossible to impliment here with virtually no capital, how many rows of food can a pile of sliver plant…i understand that the silver/capital may allow me to aquire those seeds but what good are seeds if you dont know how to grow them..what good is a plie of lumber if you dont know how to build with it. i understand that this is the basis of an economy/society however it is the skills and not nessecarially the capital that is important (all situations being different of course) I also do realise the oppritunities that can exist after collapse using my skillset ie food production/distribution construction etc. i am just hanging on but have managed to prepare for my families future and have the skills and knowledge to back that up..i just dont want you to discount us working poor due to insufficent funds. hell ive even got some metals but as far as the ability to raise substantial capital that is far out of my reach at present. i do understand your general point though, i wouldnt want freeloaders or people unwilling to work or to benefit of others hardwork in my community either. just becareful not to alienate those of us who are very hardworking, willing and able to provide not just ideas but some of the physical labor and techincal knowledge and experience in the new paradigm. My wish is to be a benefit to all mankind after this collapse and if given the right set of circumstances and/or people/capital, the future looks very bright indeed. the oppritunities abound for food, medicine (cannabis), new ways of construction i.e. hemp homes, new gardening techinques i.e. permaculture the possiblities are endless only thing limiting them is our imaginations.

        • Silver Shield

          In fact I think some of the most adamant supporters are small stackers.

          It was just one of the things I was looking at. First and foremost I looked at the amount of time they spent answering the questions. One word answers across the board show lack of real interest.

          I also looked at where they said they were in their awakening. A lot of Anger Bargaining and Depression people who would not benefit from this type of info.

          Then I looked at who they listen to the most. Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Ann Barnhardt, David Wilcox etc are probably not the best fit for our group. I know, I know, listen to all… but…

          I also looked at how they would deal with the problems in the world if they had the choice and who they felt was responsible…

          And what they are looking to do…

          A lot of factors and hopefully a bunch of good people without opening the barn doors.

          • Justin DeArmond

            people actually listen to Ann Barnhardt??? ha! ive only heard of her just recently and tried to watch a video lecture shes put out…the first few minutes made some sense but then she goes off into these tangents and rants about muslims nuclear weapons wars etc…didnt seem like shes got her head screwed on quite right. the economic stuff i follow but then it descents into religious ferver and war mongering. didnt seem like anything that the new paradigm needs. btw chris just wanted to add that you are doing a kick ass job and the change in consiousness you have helped people realise is an amazing accomplishment, im not sure i could have done it without the little nudges that your vidoes have given me. im very excited about the new paridigm and how to be a blessing onto my family and all of humanity. oh yeah and the new coin looks awesome i cannot wait to get some!

          • trailhiker

            If you are referencing the mastermind survey, I gave a few short answers to items only because my thoughts run so far and wide it may have crashed the server had I wrote many to completion,and also I am always cautious of where my information is spread, not that I believe you are in that boat after meeting you Chris, but it is a habit that is hard to break. In relation to short stackers or some with no PM, I have finally convinced many in my circle of the outlying future, some have been able to buy lots others none but they do carry very valuable skills to build with from many angles.

            The Trivium is an excellent tool to help, this group has a great positive vibe!!

  • vincent formoso

    So theres people that are in this group that dont buy any silver?

  • vincent formoso

    you said we should go on vacation together. why not plan a cruise so we can all meet up and get to know each other.

  • Trafix

    I think a cruise would be a blast! Didn’t Joseph Farrah do that with World Net Daily and had a tea party theme? I would love to meet the group in person.

  • vincent formoso

    how about both disney world and disney cruise. the disney ships are the nicest. and port canaveral has a disney shuttle only one hour away

  • vincent formoso

    i live in deltona only 40 min from disney and 1 hour from port canaveral. lol. I can be your central florida tour guide.

    • Sebastian Castelli

      Hey Vincent,

      I’m in Jacksonville, Have you met up with any other Floridians? I’m trying to reach out to any people around here.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    when is a good time to visit Disney? I was planning to take my kids there too in late December……..

    • Silver Shield

      I am thinking February because the weather starts getting better there and is just miserable here.

  • Nathan Hartman

    Hello fellow silver shield members.

    I am one of the new guys, just got in last weekend. Thank you for accepting me.

    My question is: who in this group is from Europe too? I’d like to get in touch with positive SSR people from Europe / Netherlands. (To plan an European Meeting?)

    Futhermore a suggestion for Chris:
    – I’d sign up (obvious) but did not realize there is a fee involved in this membership. I live from month to month-paycheck so 35 dollars is not nothing (its an Oz!) Luckely I have a creditcard, so I could pay for it and I think its worth it.
    Why bring it up then? > In Europe the “creditcard” is not a normal as it is in the USA. Most of us have a debit-card. One of my friends signed up aswell. He doenst have a creditcard. So you invest time in reading his application and if you let him in, he can’t pay for it, since he has no card and will discard the membership.

    To make a longer story short: how about giving a headsup on the fee before people fill in the applicationform? Saves you time and time of the ones filling it in.

    Have a blessed day.

  • Eric Hartmann

    I love the Silver shield vacation idea for those who’ve prepped and stacked enough to afford this sort of luxury :)

    As for selecting new members, I think you need a better selection process than a questionnaire. On the path to discovering truth, many start with Alex Jones. I listened to his show several times a week for two years until I stumbled upon the Greatest Truth Never Told series. Your work helped lift me out of the depression stage. It takes a while to absorb and process everything that’s out there. I’ve transitioned, but it took lots of time.

    I understand that it’s late in the game and people new to the truth movement don’t have the luxury of time anymore. You already created The Greatest Truth Never Told and The Sons of Liberty Academy to speed up the awakening. Why not use the Academy as your recruitment tool? I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to give anyone who wishes to enrol a free user name and password to login and watch the videos. Upon completion, there could be a test and those that pass or “graduate” could be offered the opportunity to apply for Silver Shield Group membership.

    Just my thoughts….

  • James Tetreault

    Interesting stuff guys. The silver backed credit union or private club/bank concept is fascinating. I hope that moves forward toward realization as soon as possible. I was enthusiastic about the Lakota Bank but that seems even better.

  • Sebastian Castelli

    Just got back from Disney with the fam today! Let me know if you’ll be meeting up there since I live just over 2 hours away (Jacksonville). We had a great time, but all the while, I couldn’t help but start thinking about what will come of it post-collapse. I was good though, didn’t bring it up once to my wife or her family. Think I’m starting to fall into acceptance and out of bargaining.

  • Bill Potting

    I thought it was funny that you had that huge Star Wars collection that you’ve collected for years and without hesitation you decided to sell it all. The reason I think that is funny is because I’ve had a pretty huge collection of old hardcore/punk records (7 inches, LP’s, demo cassettes) and just a big collection of shirts and hoodies. I’ve had this collection since the late 90’s and never wanted to get rid of it no matter what the wife has said but early this week I pulled all of my records, shirts and paraphernalia out of boxes in the garage and started posting them on ebay to put the money towards my prepping plans.

  • Soleil Taylor

    Sent survey. Been out of loop getting set in place
    Please email your receipt of it
    Many promising developments
    2013 will be the best year ye!

  • Jeremy Goemaat

    Chris, I missed the survey request initially – do you still want members to fill it out or skip it now? Coins are all looking great. Thanks!

  • brbdoll1

    I love the idea of a private finance club, most definitely. Thanks for your brainstorming and sharing. Fabulous, also while I’ve been gone for several weeks I did fill out the lengthy survey and attempted to put much thought into the answers. I hope it helps contribute, I see such creativity and genius in this group and am grateful to be a part. Wondering if any in the group can see leveraging silver to do fix and flips? btw Ann Barnhardt does go off on tangents true but interesting thoughts sometimes, like you say “…aware but not a follower”, enjoy her strong faith but not war mongering on any level.

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