“I Am Aware and Prepared” Sons of Liberty Academy Bumper Stickers

In a continuous effort to raise money for the site and the Academy, I have created new Academy Bumper Stickers. These “I am aware and prepared” 11″x3″ vinyl bumper stickers are a great way to support our efforts to wake people up. Every $10 donation to this promotion will receive one of these great new bumper stickers. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. This is only for Domestic US purchases. I would have to figure out what shipping is for outside the US contact me at SS(at)SonsOfLibertyAcademy(dot)com.

9 comments to “I Am Aware and Prepared” Sons of Liberty Academy Bumper Stickers

  • HungryGhost

    Nice bumper sticker. I wonder if it’s a good idea to advertise that you hold precious metals however?

    • Silver Shield

      I think it would mean that you also have the means to defend yourself.

      So Don’t Tread On Me.

      Realistically the only people who will get it are people who are aware and you need to know who gets it before this all goes down.

      The sheeple will wonder, then immediately forget what they saw as they guzzle down another aspartame coke wondering when American Idol starts.

  • Bradley

    I think the purpose is to help wake up a few people by showing them the
    website link. Most will dismiss as a curiosity but if it can grab a few
    questioning minds…it has served it’s purpose. Plus it is a cool bumper sticker with attitude. I ordered 4 and will put one up at work on my wall board. Most my coworkers will think I am kookoo but hey, they already think that. Who really are the Kookoo’s though. I let my opinion out on the Death of the Dollar yet most just keep on keeping on with saving in Fiat.

  • Silver Shield

    It saves you a lot of explaining to people. Instead of trying to convince them the dollar is dying and that they need to wake up, you can just say go to these sites and judge for yourself.

    You have done your job and if they don’t listen, no skin off your back.

    Thanks Bradley I will get them out to you as soon as they hit.

  • TexasPatriot

    I want 2 stickers but I want to pay with paypal. How do I do that?
    Also, I can see both sides of Silver Shield’s and HungryGhost comments about the bumper sticker’s title.
    How about “Be aware and be prepared!” for a bumper sticker title? What do ya’ll think?

  • Silver Shield

    Just put in the notes of pay pal saying that is what you want or just me after.

  • Plutarch1964

    yep thats a great sticker almost like a no tresspassing sigh or maybe a posted sign :no hunting allowed!!

  • Michael

    Hi guys…. I am new to this site but have been involved in preparedness and survival from around 1971 or so. I decided to comment but first wanted to encourage ‘others’ to invest in physically held silver and gold. It has real value, can be acquired in affordable increments, and is portable. The current price of silver is relatively low in comparison to its recent $49+ level, and I am confident that we will see it progress significantly higher…which is to say that I encourage folks to buy some- for themselves. Food supplies are important too: when you buy foods today…your locking in their price and you will soon realize that food inflation is real. Start by buying foods that you already eat! Fill your pantry, and more. I want to also encourage folks to ‘get out of debt’ and step out- of ‘the great commercial’ which encourages leveraging and buying on credit…trading your tomorrows for things that you purchase today, that you usually did not need in the first place is seldom best.(How many ‘things’ surround you now that you have determined were stupid buys, and you still must get them paid for with monthly payments? You can change all of that and free yourself from ill advised or bad habits.) Living a preparedness lifestyle is fun, it is healthy, and it rewards you in many ways. When you lay yourself down for a sleep…you can know that you did something for those you care about. In conclusion: ‘Become aware’ and ‘take control of Your Life’.
    Silver Shield…Your bumper sticker…I think that it is excellent. Best Regards to all. Michael

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