Gold bullion, cash, or silver?

This excellent short video by Goldcorelimited shows the relationship over time of gold bullion and paper money and why gold has been able to retain its value over the long term. This video also demonstrates without saying so, that if you love gold, then you simply have to adore silver since the very same fundamental facts that support gold also support silver. The difference now is that we are entering a new paradigm in economic and financial history. Since silver is consumed, and gold isn’t, we must understand that gold and silver will have different roles in the new paradigm. The information and technological era have changed the game for silver. Gold, in my opinion, will continue to be the ultimate currency. However I believe silver is to play a totally different role as an industrial precious metal, surpassing gold in value. It is, in my opinion, simply to valuable to be used as money once the general public and governments awaken to the fact that this metal will be the first to disappear from the periodic table in less than 20 years. It is also my opinion that if you truly understand and love gold for its wealth preserving property, then the truly intelligent decision would be to buy silver now and swap it for gold when the ratio surpasses a 1:1 ratio. Right now for every 1 ounce of gold you buy, you could buy 50 ounces of silver. People should stop comparing gold to silver and start comparing silver to platinum. Silver has more uses than platinum and at some point the free market forces will place a higher value on silver. Believe the unbelieveable or not.

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