Permaculture – An Interview with David Holmgren

This is the first in what I hope will be more than one post on permaculture to prompt discussion as to how its principles and practices might be applied within the context of the great societal changes to come.  By way of a first submission, I recently came across the following interview with David Holmgren, a co-originator of the permaculture concept.  I believe his views are likely to connect with many visitors to this site.  Enjoy.

Video 1:

– What is permaculture?
– How was the concept of permaculture created?

Video 2:

– What are the permaculture ethics?

Video 3:

– What are the permaculture ethics? (continued)
– Can permaculture principles be used to overcome the Earth’s ecological crisis?



About Yowie

Yowie (not his real name) lives in Australia where he manages development of IT systems.  He has long felt deep down that something is not quite right in the world but could never see a way forward.  Yowie owes a great debt of gratitude to sites like and for pointing the way, and has just completed a Permaculture Design Certificate.

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