Silver Shield Report #55- Sovereignty And Peace

It is been quite a while since we have had a call with Ken O’Keefe and he has some really encouraging information to share this week.  Ken shares inside information about a growing Hawaii Sovereignty Movement and the incredible history of how the US stole from this independent nation.  This story of people walking away, feeds into this massive decentralization of power that will occur when the dominance of the dollar fades. I find it so interesting that all of these ideas and energies are pushing towards this end and how far ahead of the curve we all are. This fascinating conversation is well worth your time as Ken takes us through the colonization and indoctrination of Hawaii, Palestine, Lakota and ultimately us.

1:04:34 “Everything went wrong when we started talking.”

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11 comments to Silver Shield Report #55- Sovereignty And Peace

  • trent mcquarrie


  • Damian Orihuela

    All that great work you did in the original Academy (10 modules) I wonder why you never made that available on DVD for a fair price. A set of those would be and invaluable (hard copy) record of a genius work that can be passed down and or given as gifts. Hell with some minor editing it could be made into a scholastic requirement; great for home-shooling at the very least!!!!

    • Silver Shield

      Minor editing on a 48 hour program is a huge task and it has taken me months to get half way done.

      I also fear that the response to the SBSS has not been that great I would hate to go bigger on this massive project only to have it do worse because it will be significantly more expensive to produce.

      I will keep plugging away and see where we are when I get done.

  • Robert Gest IV

    I second Damian’s comment!

  • Sebastian Castelli

    “These guys are off the deep end”- Not at all guys. This is exactly how more of us need to be thinking and communicating. If more can tune into this type of discussion and thinking, humans might have a chance to last and progress on this big rock called earth…

  • Heidi W

    Another Great Report!!

  • Jahfree Emerick

    Great interview!! This was this first taste of being part of the silver shield group… Perfect! Excited to explore more! Thanks Chris

  • Cal

    I liked this interview. I would appreciate more info on spiritual awakeness, and things along that line. I feel the collapse is very understood and is inevitable and I would rather learn about how we can do great things with our conscience.I have heard a comparison of the coming of “Christ” compared to the coming of ” Christ Conscienceness”.
    Explore your spiritual self, explore Spirit Science on Youtube. Opened my eyes that there is so much more at work out there.
    Chris maybe you collaborate with the guy who makes the videos for Spirit Science. The dude is like you and very articulate and has done his homework and focuses on what we can do!
    Peace Group!

  • Soleil Taylor

    This is a really great interview…. and I totally resonate with you both…

    ironically we acquired on 12/12/12 and found a perfect place

    lots of great new friends like minded have filled our days and encouraged us in so many ways… so many are eager to help one another and build the earthships

    we started hands on courses and theory and will build both earthship and aqua ponics on our land in next few months.

    we even worked to build a prototype for the domes…

    forming an intentional community in Texas and building sustainable homes and acquaponic

    mind blowing experience….

    Love your new coin….

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