Max Keiser on Iranian TV Talking About Spain’s Protests.

Max starts at 5:30 in the first video.

“Mad” Max strikes again!

“There needs to be a regime change because the government has complied with the banks to rape to rape their country.”

“Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a perfect poster child for the IMF and the whole banking establishment. They are ALL rapists.”

“Why doesn’t the government represent the people?  The government is put in place by the banks.”

“This is Neo Fascism. We have seen this movie before.”

“The people are finally realizing that these austerity measures were being imposed upon them to bailout the bankers.”

“It is highly profitable to create concentration camps.”

“You must effect a regime change or go to prison or you enjoy being raped by Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his kind.”

“Don’t put your fellow citizen through an IMF rape.”


2 comments to Max Keiser on Iranian TV Talking About Spain’s Protests.

  • Scout

    Do you think Max would agree to head up the IMF, now that there is an opening, and straighten out these bankster bastards? GO MAX!

  • Charlie Patterson

    Who picked that shill to be a spokesman for the Spanish people?

    According to this person, every individual in any of these protests; regardless of who, where or when has no common connection as to the reasons for their dissatisfaction for the regime in question.

    He has very personal reasons (which he does not mention) and thinks that everyone has personal reasons that are unconnected and only like to bitch as a rule because everyone else is doing it.

    AAAAAAARRRRRGHHHH!!! Better screening next time…. please!!!!! :)

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