Bob Chapman Tyranny, Silver And Your 401K

I get a shout out from SGTBull07 in the first call. Pretty cool.

Bob Chapman says the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange is going to sell silver in two to three months, right about the July CRIMEX delivery contract.


Get out of your 401k and IRA if you can’t get out borrow against it.

The Banksters own the Government and the entire United States.

9 comments to Bob Chapman Tyranny, Silver And Your 401K

  • mrT

    I have to borrow against again.
    The company mathes 5% so I continue to pay in, but I don’t know for how long.
    Should I stop now and throw away that free money or wait ?

  • shortnotgold

    This is only my opinion. If you keep on paying into your IRA or 401k don’t be surprised if, even with the match, that your account could be less, much less, than what you or your company paid when you decide to withdraw. I had a 401k and it did not make me any money, so I took it out and bought silver. I’m 59 1/2 so there was no penalty. My company matches 100% but even so, I wasn’t seeing a profit like silver.

  • Silver Shield

    Mr T
    The music is still playing so everything is fine. The music will stop and there will be NO do overs. The worst part is that you were warned and potentially did nothing. It is almost better being a sheeple and just have it stolen not knowing any better.

  • Scout

    SS: Thanks for posting this interview! I am forwarding it, linked to this page, to all my contacts. If it helps awaken one of them, I’ve done my job (with your and SGT’s and Bob Chapman’s able assistance). You are on a roll! Keep sounding the alarm as more and more are starting to listen. As Bob Chapman said here, we are going to bury the banksters! It is just a matter of guts and time. Buy physical, folks, and help win the war on tyranny!

  • jono

    While your out and about stacking silver please pass the word to free the political prisoner Bernard Von Nothaus creator of the Liberty Dollar!

  • Paul

    Is it safe to maintain a prescious metal IRA?

  • Paul

    What would you expect to happen in the event of a complete US currency collapse in regards to the following?
    1) If I owned Walmart stock for example, would the shares i own become worthless or would the company re-issue stock to me in another currency upon restructure?
    2) Same goes for any outstanding debt (i.e. credit card, mortgage). If USD default, would that eliminate the debt?? If so, maybe time to max out credit cards and buy SILVER and/or gold??

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