The Slavery Equation

Whenever I speak with a new person about the problems that face our society I always get the same response, “Well that is just conspiracy theory.” I have spent the past several weeks thinking about the most logical and simplest way to explain the problem. However after much thought I came up with a very simple logical answer to our enslavement, in the form of a mathematical equation, I call this “The Slavery Formula”

So think of the one thing that our government relies on more than anything with the exception of people.

The answer is currency, or in this case, their fiat currency.

Next think of the place where all of the money is printed.

The Federal Reserve

Who owns the Federal Reserve, because it is certainly not the government?

The two names that come to the top of my head are the Rockefeller, and Rothschild Families.

So now that we have our data let’s put this into an equation.

Currency controls our government+ currency is printed at the federal reserve+ the federal reserve is owned at least in part by families that are open internationalists=Those internationalists control the money and therefore the government

Now of course this is not the entire issue. However this is a good way to explain your argument to the doubter.

So I hope that this simple equation will help you spread the word of freedom, remember that the greatest weapon against the Criminal Elite is to expose them.

Where once there was Consumerism and Debt, through fire we become free.

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6 comments to The Slavery Equation

  • Ben

    “Few of us can easily surrender our belief that society must somehow make sense. The thought that the state has lost its mind and is punishing so many innocent people is intolerable. And so the evidence has to be internally denied.”

    ~ Arthur Miller

  • Mudduckk

    Good life is a function of three products; happiness, joyousness, and freedom.

    Good Life = Happy * Joy * Free

    Where 0 < happy < 1
    Where 0 < Joy < 1
    Where Free = either 0 or 1.

    Hence Good Life is a binary function based solely upon your status; are you free. or are you a slave. No half step.

    When you are free, happiness and joy come along with the scenery. When you are a slave, all happiness and joy are but a myth. A myth, because life your life itself is a myth when you are a slave.

    When you are a slave, your life is not your own.

    • grossyi

      In George Orwell’s classic 1984 the question is posed happiness or freedom. As predicted most people choose happiness. The lose of freedom is slavery. Happiness in slavery is ignorance. Hence America’s happy idiot population.

  • john doe

    The question becomes how you define ‘free’… if you believe that happiness and joy are simply a matter of perspective and that you alone are responsible for ‘being joyful always’… then we can take those two categories out of the equation.

    Now defining freedom… you are clearly free to do what ever you want in a given moment… who you really are (your soul) is always free if you can connect with it. So all that limits your ‘freedom’ is the threat of pain / jail of your body and ultimately the death of your body. But your soul does not die.

    So ultimately, all slavery is ‘fear of pain and death’ and if you remove that fear you become free. Certain choices may lead to an early death, but that just means an early return to your natural freedom in spirit.

    I think the ‘slave mentality’ is like the ‘victim’ mentality which attracts abusers / enslavers. If you think you are a slave, then you are a slave… if you know you are not a slave (because you have no fear of death), then you are not a slave. This does not mean living in ‘denial’ like many people who ‘falsely believe they are free’… but being fully aware of the control grid and yet choosing to live free regardless.

  • Gareth

    Hey, at least the folk around you perceive the fed as a private entity. Many this side of the pond believe the BofE is part of the govt, and controlled by the govt. The myth is that it was ‘nationalised’ after WW2, but I suppose by definition ‘they’ are admitting it was in private hands before then.

    Bank of England Nominees – set up in the 70’s – own 3% of the shares and the nominees are legally exempt from disclosure laws. Roths and the Windsors? Probably.

    G’luck tryin to explain it all.

  • I apologize for my ong absenence. However I would like to state that the word freedom can be defined by many people in many diffrent ways, since it is a matter of perception. Basically you are free based on your perception of freedom. To people today living in happy ignorance freedom is just that,freedom from the truth. However I define freedom vastly diffrently. I define it as the ability to control your thoughts, actions, and “destiny”. Also emcompassed in this would be the rights and freedoms granted to us in the Declaration of Independance and the Bill of Rights. I understand this may not be your definition, but in my humble mind that is what entails freedom.

    I hope this helped clarify my post.

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