When The World Has A 500 Internal Server Error

I just wanted everyone to know that I have been going back and forth for 5 days trying to keep this site up and running.  I don’t think anything has truly been resolved yet, but it is up for now.  I am working on getting a better solution lined up, but it has slowed my work like the Silver Shield Report and YouTube videos.  Once this is resolved I will get back up to speed again.  I apologize to the members and subscribers.

In the past I would have freaked out about sites that I have spent so much time and energy coming down, but I very much at peace with it.  The reality is, that one day everything, everyone has worked for will be wiped clean like my blog has repeatedly over the past few days. 

I have said that the dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history.  Humanity will go through the 5 Stages of Awakening, being violently snapped out of Denial and right into the Anger Stage.  At this point it will be both too late for anyone to take the kind of pro-active action I have been talking about and it will be far too dangerous to speak the truth.  It will be at that time it will be most prudent close up shop and work with the strong relationships we have been developing in our lives.  The illusions of wealth and importance will wiped clean and a new reality will set in.  For some it will be a horror show as the thin veil of civility is erased as the scarcity mentality brings out the worst in humanity. For others, a deeper, more meaningful, more abundant way of life awaits them as their chains are broken and new values rewarded.

Until that day, I hope that everyone is preparing like today is the last day the system is working.  You are either prepared the best you can today or fooling yourself.  One day you will wake up like I did and see that like a thief in the night we will all have a 500 Internal Server Error and it will not be some blog.  It will be your, bank account, stock portfolio, health insurance, job, food, fuel, police protection, everything…  It will be at that point humanity will see the value of real tangible assets and not some electrons on the internet.

The most important thing you will need is a clear, logical head.  In the Marines we were drilled with “improvise, adapt, and overcome.”  Whenever it happens, it will be those that adapt the quickest to the new reality that will at the very least survive, but I believe there will be tremendous opportunities for those in the position to notice.  I believe the Trivium of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric are keys to this survival mindset of freedom.  I would much rather have people with NO physical preps but with the right mindset in the face of chaos than any group physically prepared and just plain lost their minds.  Fortunately enough for those ready this blog, this is not an either or scenario.  We will have the right mindset and physical preps.  I hope all of the work that I have done in the Sons of Liberty Academy and here on the blog and YouTube have helped many on this path.

The second most important thing will be your network.  Unless you are John Rambo you need to have a good group of friends and family.  I highly recommend that you look at those in your life now and see what kind of person they really are.  Will they help you out when you are down.  Are they friends with you for who you are or what you are?  I believe it is vitally important to identify toxic people in your life and not only get rid of them so that you can live life without their drama, but your life may depend on it in a collapse scenario.  By cutting out the psychopaths in your life now while the lights are still on will make it that much more difficult for them to enter your life when things are desperate.

The next most important things will be food, fuel, preps, tools, and guns.  Just like Hurricane Sandy when this dollar storm hits your most basic needs will become the ONLY thing that matters.  Simply having a buffer of food and fuel might help you keep your head on straight so that you can stay focused.  I highly recommend that people build a buffer of food as far out as they feasibly can.  Simply having a pantry is a good start, but you need to get storable food.  I recommend at least million calories to start with and this may not even be enough for families and others that you may end up being responsible for.

The final and last thing you should be doing is buying silver.  Don’t think that you are just going to be able to buy your way after the collapse by being all silver, you need to have your own preps in line first.  Silver will have tremendous value in a global fiat currency collapse as a means of exchanging value for value.  No matter how prepped you are, you are going to need something that you either need or did not plan for and you may not be able to exchange your good for other goods.  This is where real money has always filled the gap in barter networks and eventually global trade.  Even enemies nations can exchange gold and silver with a level of trust that no other asset has.  The true purpose of buying silver is not so much the Anger Phase as much as transferring wealth into the next paradigm.  I believe that we will be able to create fully backed commodity banking and be able to fund the next generation of solutions humanity will need in a new value structure.

(The 2012 Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trivium medallion has sold over 30,000 ounces in less than three weeks.  While the Proof Trivium is sold out and the 2012 BU Trivium will only be available for 11 more days.  I have just finalized plans for over 30 new silver offerings over the next year, this will make Coins for the Cause something to watch out for in 2013.  In the meantime take advantage of this recent silver raid because nothing is going to stop the monetary tsunami that the world’s central banks are brewing.)

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  • Gareth

    My mind is prepared, time will tell if I’ve enough commodities to make it.


    • johan

      I can relate, we should still have enough time, though, procrastination is your next enemy after becoming awake and aware…

  • Max

    30 in a year? Seriously? Woah. Slow down! Was hoping to buy a tube of each coin, but at that pace I’ll have to rethink. Maybe stick with basic bullion. One coin a month seems like the fastest that would be reasonable. 30 in a year works out to a purchase every 12 days! Regardless of the shipping costs, it would be a hassle to keep up with that schedule, and would require most of us to stick to small quantities.

  • PdBallerina

    You are a great encouragement. Thanks!

  • Silverseeker123

    Chris, I hope you will rest easy on the day our exploded credit based debt system ends. The greatest sadness (and danger) may be in losing daily contact with the folks and resources we have all enjoyed via the intact internet. I thank you for the effort to keep this and your other sites accessable! Few of us have a completely reliable physical network of like minds folks close by, and most are surrounded or will be surrounded by loads of freaking out mindless lunatics when TSHTF. Securing off-line information resources and testing your assumptions now regarding your inner circle is great advice.

  • MPB

    Thank you again Chris, for all you have done and freely given to humanity.



  • Scott

    Thanks again Chris I have truly missed your videos. I am forever grateful for your altruistic contribution to waking people up and providing free information. I am still alone except for Internet everybody I know is still in the denial stage and will not tolerate my awareness. I have to keep my mouth shut :(

  • Sonicboum

    Me to Scott, I’m all alone. I must always keep my mouth shut or I’ll be badly criticize and yell at…
    But in another way, we are not alone. I have you, you have me.. If you want… Plus a lot more people like Chris and the other on this blog… We should really come up with an idea to get ourselves to get in contact with each other… Maybe we could all have a CB and use a specific frequency for the SOLA members so we could talk and exchange 24h and better help us each other… What do you think?? Anyone with an idea on this or something better please post a comment.

    • Wil

      Hey Sonic and Scott – same here. Just when I think she’s getting it, my two oldest kids, in late 20’s, come over as body guards and here we go again. In spite of that, I stack silver, but as far as food goes, even if I buy it, she uses it and doesn’t replace. but we’re not eating pay check to pay check like we were before.
      I have a neighbor as well who does a little ham radio, maybe that’s a way to go. I was also thinking that in the past, colleges used to use microwave feeds for distance classes. I don’t know anything about that, but I wonder if someone out there does?
      God bless us all for supporting each other.
      Max – I think it’s a good idea to stay sane and slow the pace, although I understand why Chris is doing it. I’d like to get more as well, but won’t be able to. Unfortunately taxes so I can rent my house for another year is first. More silver out of the system is always good but there needs to be folks to purchase. I agree that it may not be folks like us who can buy.
      Good posts everyone! Keep the faith :-)

      • Shane

        “but as far as food goes, even if I buy it, she uses it and doesn’t replace.”

        Sorry to hear this. What if you could stash food in some location in the home or near the home seperate from the other food stores? Then that could keep your preps intact until you really need it.

    • Hey Sonicbaum (and Wil): regarding off-line communications: Some of us just had a weekend meeting for radio and will set up our first two amateur radio stations later this winter. Paul will set forth a few frequencies and times (look for this in late Jan. or maybe Feb). Anyone who wants to listen in needs a SSB compatible short wave radio and can send comments (preferably jokes with news) for airplay (recommended radio: Tecsun 600 or 660).send me an email: mmotsenbocker@yahoo.com Marvin

  • Joe Sef

    Yeah man. Not seeing your vids is a bummer. I was hoping to get some of the trivium medallions, but I’m being forced to hold off for what I hope is going to be another month. In any case, a blog is better than nothing man. Keep us posted. Peace!

  • Henry Hollenberg

    I noticed after the election that other md’s in the doctors dining room are becoming more receptive to my “analysis” of current events. I feel a big change in the resonance of those around me. Be interesting to see what the Xmas gatherings are like.

    Also, a ham radio frequency to listen in on perhaps? My neighbor is a big ham radio guy.

  • Cindy Morningstar

    Hi Chris,

    Should I be converting some of my gold assets to silver?

  • Monnie

    I’ve been getting up to speed re the coming collapse for years now, and feel sad much of the time. I cannot imagine how the clueless folks will react when their entire worldview is crushed in one day. Yes, I worry about how the people I have been warning will react toward me. I also wonder how long it will take to establish some basis of a new commercial network so food and other essentials can be obtained; in other words, how long we can expect to live “Mad Max” style.

  • Rob

    In the past year I can not count how many times I stopped and think how FUCKED we are, probably almost every single day I can’t believe the shit as not hot the fan, I can’t imagine it lasting another year or 2

  • Ant

    Chris, my site has been hacked in the past and it was disturbing; I know this might not be your problem. There are things that can be done to enhance security and up-time. I think it would be a good idea to have an alternative server location, that is with a different ISP. You will not need a different domain name just use an alternative ip address that you privately post to the subscribers. It is also a very good idea to use Linux for its enhanced security. If you ever need someone to talk to about this topic I would be happy to help.

    In regards to the second most important item is my network. Well actually this is my number one problem. I assume that the number one item in your list is already covered by most of its members. I was honestly hoping that this group would become my network I just don’t know how to best make these connections. I doubt that I am the only one having this problem.

    One more question, do you have any plans on how our group can continue to communicate once the net becomes censored or goes black?

  • Scott

    Should I look into some kind of camper for my truck or buy a RV when it comes time to leave? People laugh when I try to explain what silver and gold really stand for even when they see what is going on. How blind can some people be? I think we will find some good ways to barter. Stock up on he things that people will need. I understand gun sales are reaching some all time highs. Still blind?

  • Moira

    I’ve though about a camper as well. There are some very good deals on craigslist, at least in my area.

    We have a 3yr old and I’m expecting again in May so we can’t just hop in the car and leave if things go south. I hope to stay in my home as long as possible. We just finished installing a wood stove and we have many cords of wood for heat, a nice garden, close to the water etc.

    Our neighborhood is in the suburbs but we are close to several major cities so if there is a mass exodus of people we would be overrun here. A camper would be nice because I could pre-stock it and be able to grab the kids and go if I needed to do so in a hurry without having to leave behind most of my preps.

    I think we are going to have a few weeks to a few days heads up. For those of us actually paying attention, there will be signs.

    Silver is getting pounded again this morning, great buying opportunity if you can afford to get some.

    • Dave


      For what it’s worth, I think that a camping trailer would be the best way to go. I’ve had a camper before and have lived in a medium sized house trailer before (when I was in college at UC Irvine – there was very cool trailer park there called Irvine Meadows West, but that’s a different story). I currently have a 29′ RV that I picked up for $5500 on Ebay last year. It had leaked but had only 40k miles on it and everything worked… I fixed the leaks – using professional materials – but was appalled by how “cheaply” they really are built. (The camping trailers are probably about as bad.) But to get to my point, The advantages I see to a trailer over an RV are:
      1. initial purchase cost is cheaper for the same space.
      1.5 insurance and registration fees are cheaper on an ongoing basis
      2. less mechanical upkeep (basically the axles, brakes, and running lights – as opposed to the rest of and RV.)
      3. “ditchable” or hideable without losing your mobility. I.e., you can just back it in somewhere and disguise it and still retain your truck or tow vehicle for mobility. This also has some gasoline/diesel consumption advantage implications.
      4. Note, #3 above is an advantage conveyed by a slide in camper, of course. But I never liked having to deal with camper jacks and all… And it takes more time to put it in/ take it off than hooking up a trailer. Also, anything with a class 3 hitch will be handle a trailer (class 2 for a very light trailer.) This gives you some versatility in the long run as to vehicles…

      Final point, I am inclined at this point to sell the RV because I don’t really need it right now. If I do decide I need an “RV,” per se, as opposed to a trailer, I think I’d buy a small refitted bus, or refit one myself. The RVs really are somewhat flimsily built. I like the idea of a bus because they are sheet metal and thus can be repaired or modified with technologies that work with sheet metal (e.g., more sheet metal, mig welding, rivets, self tapping sheet metal screws, and torch-down rubber in a pinch…)

  • Tom

    Something I rarely hear mentioned. Another easy commodity that will become an extremely valuable asset, is ammunition. A lot of people have weapons, but as time goes on, those with to little, or others in higher crime areas will run out. Lead could easily become the hottest trading asset of all. Buy it while you can. Buy it while it’s still reasonable. 10 boxes of .22’s = 5000 rounds, about $160 at Walmart. When ammo is scare, what will each of those rounds buy you when the SHTF?

    • Dave

      12 gauge rounds would also be a good way to go. .22LR is fine, but there are a lot of different option for higher powered rifles. For bartering it might make sense to stock up on the shotgun rounds since shotguns are a good way to go for close in self-defense.

      (Note that I am talking strictly about bartering here. One should already have some sort of high powered bolt action rifle and the ammo to go with it. If money is an issue get a Mosin Nagant and mail order the ammo to go with it… I prefer .30-06 myself, but I also have Lee-Enfields, and 8mm mausers. Bottom line is that any of these will work, as will some/most of the purpose built civilian medium/large game hunting rifles.)

  • Christopher Smith

    Hi Chris – Looks like you might be using GoDaddy as your web hosting solution. I’ve used them for years on several websites that we host for our business. Past 3 months we have been receiving 500 internal server errors frustratingly often. At some point I’m going to have to move to another web host provider [pain in the butt]. Currently looking at http://www.1and1.com and a few others.

  • Tomas

    i love seeing/reading post like these feels like family in here 😉

  • well like its been said before its all only worth the paper its printed on! Ibelieve thats from lindsay williams

  • greetiings once again I’m w/ those that feel alone out here w/ all this info w/out an outlet or others of similar mindsets i really need to hook up w/ sensible informed prepps that have a clue on what’s comin down the pipe !

  • Gerard Miller

    Are you having problems on your web site to order coins??? I’ve been trying all morning to purchase a coin and have had issues from being able to log on, to it accepting my banking info to puchase the coin where everything just stops working. What’s going on????

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