Another interesting variation to a physical metals bar; Valcambi CombiBars.

Stunning Valcambi Gold CombiBars Can Be Snapped Apart, Might Be Future Of Money.
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We have seen the future of money, and it just might be the Valcambi 24K gold CombiBars. Unlike other gold bars, this one can be easily broken into 1g chunks to be used as payment in a crisis. There are already wealthy individuals in Switzerland, Austria and Germany lining up to buy them. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

Valcambi is basically a unit of U.S. mining giant Newmont and is building a sales network in India, with plans to launch the CombiBar on the U.S. market next year. On the other hand, the refinery is mainly focusing on palladium and platinum bars.


They make these in Au, Ag, Pt, Pd. Here is their silver version:

CombiBar™ customization

CombiBar™ is the newest and most innovative minted bar issued by Valcambi. It is available in gold, platinum and palladium of 50 grams weight (50 units of 1 gram each) with Valcambi’s brand and design. Silver CombiBar™ are 100 grams weight (100 units of 1 gram each or 10 units of 10 grams each).

On request CombiBar™ can be customized according to Client’s obverse and reverse design wishes, provided that the presence of compulsory marks is ensured and the design respects the rules of the Swiss customs in regards to the Value Added Tax (VAT).
We develop and provide our Clients with customised individual certificates and packaging solutions.

Valcambi’s headquarters and refining operations are located at Balerna in south-eastern Switzerland. We are 15 minutes drive from Lugano to the north, and half an hour from Milan in Italy to the south. The closest international airport is Milan Malpensa, a 30 minutes drive from the plant across the border from Italy into Switzerland.

Our precious metals refinery is one of the largest dedicated facilities in the world and is situated on a 3.3 hectare site. 

Using state-of-the-art technology the entire operation incorporates the most stringent security monitoring and quality control systems. Annual combined refining capacity of gold, silver and platinum group metals at Valcambi is approximately 2’000 metric tons.

Valcambi delivers a complete range of services, from refining to the manufacture of cast and minted bars, assaying, the development of specialist semi-finished products for the watch industry, as well as design and manufacture of coins, medals, blanks and complex alloys.

Valcambi’s Clients include some of the largest mining companies in the world, premium luxury watch manufacturers, the largest international banks, Governments and Central Banks.

Valcambi is an independent company, employing 230 people at its plant and offices. An important contributor to our ongoing success is the stability of our workforce. Many of our employees have worked for the company for over 15 years. Given our location many of our employees speak not only Italian but English, French and German.

Founders and philosophy

The founders of Valcambi were a group of private Swiss investors who have had an interest in the precious metals business for over 50 years. European Gold Refineries (EGR) today owns one hundred percent of Valcambi. EGR is itself owned by Newmont Mining (60.6%) and private investors (39.4%) who include many of our founding investors.Throughout its 51 year history Valcambi has focused solely on the business of precious metals refining. The success and the reputation of the company are built on our philosophy of remaining committed to our employees, to our Clients and to the industry that we service.

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