Silver Shield Report #56- Embracing Abundance

imagesI have focused a great deal on the Trivium as a way to logically free yourself from the manipulations of the world.  I believe the Abundance Mentality is far more powerful than the Trivium.  Embracing the Abundance Mentality is something that has taken many years for me to grasp and implement and in many ways, runs counter to the Trivium.  In this Silver Shield Report I discuss my observations of this powerful force and how to embrace and release the Abundance Mentality in your life.


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Embracing the Abundance Mentality
Jesus parable about the birds.

My past with the scarcity

Theo Vasilli wedding advice

Seeing it in action with Josh

My leap of faith

The process of becoming abundant
1 toxic thoughts
2 toxic relationships
3 toxic assets
4 toxic paths

Rock bottom changes
Only after we lose everything can we be truly free to do anything.

We are unique as we can get out before the collapse with the right mindset.

What you focus on you give your power too.
Negative or positive.

Gratitude or fear
We have been geared towards things to do instead of being grateful for what we have.
Take a few minutes each day to write down what you are grateful for and do things as the time becomes acceptable to do them.

Key is living in the present
Stop emotionally worrying about things outside of your control and start focusing on things that are logically in your control.

THis really is about staying in the present.
White people problems

Regret is living in the past
Fear is living in the future

Once you gear yourself towards positivity you can then be hope ful for the future and cherish the past.

Also learning to accept things as they are and not fight the wave.

Preparation mindset.

Resonate Good Guys vs Conspiracy Bad Guys

We know the conspiracies of TPTB
Like the Catholic Church the current elite only identify and associate with those that share their psychopathic dominance view of the world.

Resonate Eric Sprott and Ron Paul.  I
n the natural a few years ago It would have never have happened and certainly not on the level I got to communicate with them.

Meeting with Ron Paul
Call with Eric Sprott

The reality is that while this is cool it is not part of the path as it will only be those that truly embrace the abundance mentality will offer the most amount of energy.

Handshake vs contracts

we can eventually have a society that only has two laws.
1.Do what you promise
2. Do no harm

37 comments to Silver Shield Report #56- Embracing Abundance

  • Andrew F. Harman

    I am really happy to hear your positive messages. As the news bombards us with negative and fear based stories and horrible events consume the majority of people’s thoughts and topicality, I truly believe each of us needs to be positive and make the world a better place. We don’t need to wait for the collapse — we can start now by leading by example. Keep up the great work, Chris. Peace.

  • trent mcquarrie

    Can’t wait for the SLAVE QUEEN.I live in Canada and know 20 people that want 1,even a chief Crown Prosecutor.

    • Mark

      I’m also in Canada and bought some of the Trivium coins. They just shipped but I was told by AOCS Mint in Texas that they are no longer shipping to Canada or Australia going forward. I called them and they confirmed this.

      That’s a bummer. I would continue to be a buyer.

      Chris can you pull some strings with them?


  • Ryan Dunn

    I renamed her Queen ElizaDEATH ll :) cant wait for the new sbss medallion! Merry Christmas fellow stackers!

  • imAGine

    Instead of bailing the banks out, we should have granted them an interest based loan!

  • christian Stewart

    Wow ! If we could all embrace the Abundance Mentality the world would be a fantastic place ! Comparing abundance vs scarcity mindset is like heaven v hell

    Oh yeah and love the new coin !

  • NZAllBlack

    That looks Sweeeeet M8!

  • Joshua Stewart

    That was an awesome SS Report, and for me personally the perfect time to hear it! I have really been making my best efforts to live the abundance mentality for the past 6 months, I bought out a toxic psychopath business partner and changed my mind set, sales have gone through the roof and everything just falls into place as of late, it has also improved my marriage like you would not belive!!!… it does turn off as soon as you get off track to I love how motivating this report was! Very excited about all the coins coming out I know where my xmas bonus is going :-) Hope you all have a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate :-)

  • Jonathan Frammingham

    Love the coins, look forward to ordering, Esp. Old’ Queeny. Haha. Very original! Look forward to listening tonight.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Thanks for the thoughtful SSR report.

    Regarding not needing laws in the absence of psychopaths: I really think that even the most wonderful and honorable people encounter problems that require legal thinking due to MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Legal thinking is required when an interaction is complicated enough that one side misunderstands the expectations of the other side. OK, so we dont need “laws” BUT it is very important to document as much as possible when promising something or making an agreement and help from a 3rd person is very helpful. I have found that problems are prevented by discussions of all possible aspects of a relationship to give both sides the opportunity to truly understand the other. In other words, a good lawyer (forget about “laws” per se) will get both sides to communicate and consider factors of their relationship that they normall overlook. For example, things vanish, parties die (their spouses or another assume their place, prices change….) This is why a good contract is so damn long, yet is more effective to bring harmony to a relationship- (and forget about “laws” in this context). I agree that we dont need lots of laws but we DO need communication and documentation of expectations and possibilities by a facilitator. Just holding hands and singing kumbaya at the beginning of a venture or friendship is not enough to handle the viscitudes and difficulties of a long term cooperative venture between free men. In the old days a greatly respected village old guy with no bias had an important role to handle disputes. We will always need a King Solomon and can not rely on good intentions. Maybe a DIFFERENT kind of legal application than we have now. As a lawyer I have helped partners to an agreement prevent misunderstandings by pointing out factors that they normally dont consider and get them to contemplate how to handle problems before they occur. I think that such person(with a legal mind) can provide great value even to a community that lacks psychopaths.

    A related interesting issue is that the community will exist within a larger government organization that will try to enforce its own laws/rules onto the smaller community. We will need someone who understands the rules/laws/machinations of the larger (state/nation) to protect the community. Legally trained minds will be needed post collapse in my opinion.

  • george giannopoulos

    very enjoyable report , cant wait for the new coin

  • vincent formoso

    I like what marvin said

  • george giannopoulos

    the new queen coin. Are we able to get it from the 26th or is it just being announces ?

  • Robert Gest IV

    Will the coins be made available on the 26th? I’m ready to add to the stack!!!

  • Don K

    Cannot wait to get my hands on the Slave Queen medallion. Too bad there’s a limit. I am sure several people around me would *love* to have it.

  • Thegallowsjudge

    This was a great SSR on the abundance mentality. Boy do I need it. I need to listen a couple of more times to get it to sink in this thick head. Looking forward to the new coins. Judge Secola

  • Heidi W

    Will I be able to order the evil queen coin today or later?

  • Sarah

    I would like to buy 3 evil queen coins and 3 New Year’s coins. When and how to buy them?

  • purplemom

    This was an awesome report! The reason I pay for the privilege of being a member is that I saw that your blog isn’t all gloom and doom. You present a thoughtful plan, an alternative to just basking in our unhappiness in being slaves to the banksters. After reading all the conspiracy NWO stuff for so long, I was just sick of it. Enough was enough. Then I happened to see the SOL Academy, and was so thankful it was free that I dove right in. All the info.was so well put together and so understandable. My judgment told me the Academy was a wonderful gift you were giving away for nothing, so it was then I knew you cared so much that people would wake up to what’s going on. I knew you were the type of man I wanted to align myself with philosophically. That’s why DTOM is my first stop on the internet highway every day. Next is SGT Report because I know Sean puts a lot of himself into his site as well. I appreciate all you do. As an aside question, who is the man in the picture beside this ssr? I keep thinking I should be able to figure it out!

  • Will Lehr

    Nicola Tesla in the pic, I believe- Chris?? purplemom I am with you 100%!

  • Steve_Canuck

    Hello fellow Silver Shield Report Members.

    I am one of the new members (from Canada) from mid-December, and this is the first new report since joining. Also, still trying to catch up on past reports from #1.

    I read a few of the comments in #54 about selecting & choosing new members and I can say that I spent a lot of time making sure my answers were complete, in-depth & honest. If Chris spent as much time selecting as he does with all his other work then I know that being on this side I’ll be able to contribute & participate.

    Glad to be on board,

  • purplemom

    Thank you Will! Of course, that’s a completely appropriate photo for this report.

  • Jahfree

    Where can we purchase our 3 slave queens?! :) thanks Chris!!

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Gerald Celeste describes the theme if not the activities of the SSR in great historical context: see the following video from 23 minutes 30 seconds to 25 minutes. especially 24:28 to 25:00. more specifically ://


  • Przemyslaw Rudzki

    @purplemom +1
    I just love the queen medallion 😉

  • Johnny

    Anyone know if everything is OK with Chris? I haven’t seen anything posted by him in a few days and nothing is being posted about the sale of the new medallions that were to go on sale on the 26th. Anyone heard anything, I hope all is well, please advise.

    • Will Lehr

      All is well. Looks like the ssg special release are delayed along w/ the rest of production delays at the mint. Chris is good- just working on a lot of stuff- tons on his plate now. We all owe him a big gracias re these special release coins. They are going to be huge!

  • You’re completely correct: Usury and its children – fractional reserve etc – are a key component to our ‘dog eat dog’ world. A ban on usury occurs quite frequently throughout history, hopefully we’re due one soon.

    Keeping my fingers crossed you’ll ship to England, bud.

    PS You ‘know’ some of us, we’ve been here for a while now.

    • Jonathan Frammingham

      hey Gareth, I had a few Debt and Death coins shipped here in England, so there should be no problem. I’m expecting a bunch of Trivium next year too!

      • If you click on the trivium coin it takes you to the ‘coins of the cause’ website where it states an apology that coins will only be shipped within the US. There are two other affiliate dealers but they are in Canada and Australia, bud.

  • FlyingCloud

    A great report, thanks Chris! it illustrates a wonderful way to live, to adapt to upcoming new situations and to handle hard decisions.

    Simple, funny and very true is your definition of contracts in the end of the report.

    The fact that you gave out the fruit of your hard work, the important Sons Of Liberty Academy for free was an earlier example of your Abundance mentality.

  • Jonathan Frammingham

    Really enjoyed the report. Mindset is hugely important in every aspect of life.

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