Thank You Blythe! Biggest Day in Silver Sales!

11 comments to Thank You Blythe! Biggest Day in Silver Sales!

  • MPB

    Thank you Chris and AOCS Mint…..Looking forward to my Trivum round proof that shipped friday. And Thank you Blythe. I did my best to take advantage of your “thoughtful” latest efforts and stack justa little more.



    • Pete

      Chris, you mention the cutoff date for the Trivium coin guaranteed Christmas delivery was moved forward a week. What was the cutoff date?

  • Brian Lewy

    Thank you for the Christmas present Blythe! WOOHOO!

  • Mark Fleagle

    Chris I love the idea of owning and stacking silver, I like your coins but there missing one thing, a date.

    Why not date your coins?

    Have a great Christmas,

    Mark R Fleagle.

  • Gareth

    It won’t just be the $US that dies, it’ll be all the other fiats along with it. I watch the $US more than £sterling as the latter’s fate is determined by the former.

    Merry Christmas, all. Peace and prosperity for 2013 :-)

    PS You certainly ‘get shit done’, Chris, unlike most of us that just talk/write. G’luck.

  • Silbershark110

    In Silver We Trust!
    I Buy more phyzz!

  • Bill

    Thank You, love my silver coins. Your message is one of great value, and we can change the world one ounce at a time.

  • Sidewinder

    Just tried to order some of the Trivum’s but when I got to the payment section it won’t take pay pal or CC. ??? Not familiar with the methods you’re using now so I guess this may be causing loss in sales. What happened? The SBSS purchase went smooth, now this.

  • Jeddes

    What has happened to you Chris? You have turned into a total “sellout.” Four months ago, you told everyone that you were going to stop doing interviews in order to prepare for the great financial collapse. Now you’re selling coins and making all of these appearances. You’re only in it for the money. I thought you hated fiat currency. Yet you’re selling silver in exchange for fiat currency. What stage are you in Chris? Looks like you’ve reverted back to the stage of denial. Eventually, AOCS will be shut down. You told all of your loayal followers to “walk away from the system.” I don’t see you walking away. What a joke!

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