The First Casualty of War

For those of you that do not know Stefan Molyneux, please check him out. He is one of the best thinkers is the freedom movement. His work is some of the best and most eloquent out there and he deserves much more attention. He was one of the main inspirations of me to create the Sons of Liberty Academy. And I have the utmost respect for him and his work. Please check him out at

3 comments to The First Casualty of War

  • Jon

    Very moving.
    Fathers stop waving the flag and keep your children from joining the military.
    Mothers demand that your husbands listen to your warnings.
    Children of God, stand up n demand the endless wars for profit stop!
    We have been warned, we can change the world
    God gave us free will………

  • Scout

    I recently discovered Stefan and agree with you. He is an amazing intellect and deserves our attention. If more folks would listen to Stefan, our world would change much faster (and for the better)…we would be inspired to collectively act against tyranny and for liberty. Hear the rallying cry here:

  • Professor X

    He is very intelligent indeed. Hes a confessed anarchist, & I even heard him once say that even Ron Paul was too much government. All that aside though, he has a very clear & consice understanding of reality. He put together a vid that I personally think sums it all up quickly. I reccomend it being posted ….

    The Story of Your Enslavement:

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