Jesse Jackson at his best – the spinning never stops

Thursday night Chicago seen its 500th homicide for 2012, its highest total since 2008 and up from 435 last year according to the Associated Press. Out of these homicides 87.5% are via the gun which i find curious because Chicago, Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

After all this is a place where you can own a handgun (1) but it has to be in your home. It has to be broken down when transported (forget the right to carry) yet even after the modification of its laws in 2010 via the Supreme Court the murder rate is on the rise. Before 2010 it was illegal to own a handgun period in Chicago and the murder rates were through the roof. We are seeing the murder rates back at that level despite the fact that bill in 2010 was aimed at encouraging self defense allowing the right to own a firearm in your home, how so?

Simply put, the bad guys don’t live in your home. They are out on the street or in the alleys, where its illegal to carry a weapon. Imagine that, a criminal not minding his local authorities and respecting its laws… why the good citizen does, unarmed.

Yesterday morning,  “Reverend” Jessie Jackson was on CNN discussing the murder rate in Chicago, his hometown. Now normally, when he opens his mouth, hes on the offensive, spitting out venom, bigotry and lies but here the Rev was on the defensive as he tried to make sense of hate crime rates in areas with strict gun laws. When he was asked why Chicago, despite her tough laws, still have exorbitantly high murder rates his first response:


“I think about Newtown, for example, they have three or four gun ranges. There are no gun ranges in Chicago


Now, he also addressed socioeconomic reasons, and while those are contributing factors for the high murder rates, it doesn’t change the fact that gun laws restricting law abiding citizens to carry them only create more gun deaths. When asked again the same question regarding the gun laws on the books that don’t work, Jackson replied:


 “The guns are not coming from Chicago


Well pull me up a chair, good Rev. So you are actually acknowledging that even despite strict laws severely restricting gun ownership and forbidding the right to carry; weapons are flowing into Chicago beyond the city limits resulting in spiked homicide rates? But i thought they were illegal, how can this happen? Where have we seen this before? Sounds a lot like the Federal governments “war” on drugs, doesn’t it? As I asked yesterday, how is that working out?

Prohibition doesn’t work because it does nothing to address why people need or want things others feel is too dangerous or destructive to own. Its simply one person (in a form of a bureaucracy) telling another person they know better than they do. It not only infringes on freedom of choice, prohibition also dissolves the natural existing relationship between supply and demand by simply chocking off supply. Again, nothing is done about the demand. This is how people like Al Capone became legends.

Now, if I could just take a minute to clear up one tidbit of misinformation courtesy of “Revered” Jackson. I did a quick search and found at least three gun ranges in the Chicago area. Remember, when Chicago City Council voted on the new ordinance back in 2010 after they were neutered by the Supreme Court, one of the requirements before owning a firearm is:


One hour on the range and four hours of training in the classroom


Maybe, someone would be kind enough to point out to Reverend Jackson the location of these firing ranges. But, he doesn’t need it. Why would he? He has bodyguards. Funny isn’t it? The people with the most gun protection always find a problem with self defense. Kind of like the irony of the Pope Mobile. Where’s the faith Reverend?

7 comments to Jesse Jackson at his best – the spinning never stops

  • Al

    A gun does not shoot itself, but the person behind the gun. The mindset of the person at that particular moment to pull or not to pull the trigger is very critical. When guns are easily accessible to people, it heightens their sense of self preservation, dignity and protection just like someone surrounded by bodyguards, who could, if needed, pull a gun.
    The idea though that civilized humans should carry guns even in public places like schools, makes me feel that we aren’t at all civilized, but merely pretending to be. Just because we have made technological advances does really not change our true biological make up. We are mammals with survival instincts. Some of us have poor, irrational,and distorted mental conditioning, which is very troubling.
    Guns have their place, but should not be made easily accessible to people.

    • James Tetreault

      One can only guess at just what you mean by “easily accessible”, Al. Maybe you chose ambiguity rather than stating your view and having to defend it. I don’t know.

      But I think you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about when you talk about purchasing a gun. It’s not as though they’re in freaking vending machines waiting for you to put in quarters and press the right letter and number combination. It’s not as though you can just walk into a store and do it. Hell, here in Massachusetts the state government is INTENTIONALLY unclear about whether or not some handguns and rifles can be purchased. I’ve spoken to multiple gun store owners and an attorney on the subject and no one is sure about some of the provisions of the law here in this state and the state government postitively refuses to clarify it.

      Purchasing a gun is hardly something easily done. EVERY action regulated by government is easier than the act of purchasing a gun. It’s massively easier to vote than to purchase a gun. In one Florida voting district, turnout this year was 141% of the number of registered voters. And nothing was done about it. The government tacitly approves of vote fraud through its refusal to take obvious steps to minimize it. The state explicitly disapproves of you buying a gun with which to defend yourself.

      You don’t have to present any identification to vote.
      To purchase a gun, you do.
      You don’t have to pay to vote.
      To purchase a gun you do, for the permit and then for the gun itself.
      You don’t have to have any sort of background check to vote.
      I had to go and speak to a police officer in the Massachusetts then have a background check done. After waiting a ridiculous two months to get my permit, which could have been issued in two days, I was photographed and finger printed.

      There is no recognized constitutional right for which one has to jump through so many hoops as to purchase a gun. So please, tell us all what is “easily accessible”.

    • Fletchlives

      Youre correct a gun does not shoot itself. Neither does a bottle of Jack or a can of beer make itself drunk. The human being in control or in possession is responsible. I agree with a lot of what you said and yes, we cannot run or cover up our biological make up and at the forefront is survival. Real close to that is the protection of young, being mammals that also sets us apart. If we cannot be there to protect our young, someone should be there to bridge the gap from when we drop them off and pick them up. And they should at least be on even ground with someone who would want to pose danger to the young.

      A police man in a school would go a long way of bridging that gap in my opinion. There is many schools that already have this protection and i would assume their isnt many shooting taking place at these schools. Guns illegal or not are not ever going to be taken out of the hands that want to do harm. Making guns available to law abiding citizens is the only way to protect ourselves in my opinion. Youre right, we aren’t at all civilized. There is a small, very small minority that are animals. We either succumb to fear at those small, very small’s minority’s mercy, on their terms and in their discretion… or we even the odds, become prepared and refuse to be dictated by a very small, minute percentage of people. The choice is easy for me.

      • James Tetreault

        I got a very very long email from a guy in Utah who used to train people as part of their getting concealed carry licenses. And he said he used to offer the training for free for teachers and other school personnel. Take away the “gun free zone” signs and let any teachers or adminstrators who want to get one have free training for a concealed carry license. Will it be a sure fire fix? Nope. But nothing else will, either. It’s essentially a zero cost way to significantly address the situation.

  • James Tetreault

    Oh, and I think it would not just heighten but positively overload one’s sense of self preservation if one had to live in a crime ridden section of a city without the ability to protect oneself.

  • Cunning Linguist

    James T. “It’s massively easier to vote than to purchase a gun. In one Florida voting district, turnout this year was 141% of the number of registered voters. And nothing was done about it. The government tacitly approves of vote fraud through its refusal to take obvious steps to minimize it.”
    I happen to live in that district here in Florida. I like to think that the pre-election “get out and Vote” talk just had a really good response that’s all. lol
    Our elections supervisor had to take a few days off after the election (for health issues) Sound familiar Killary???
    They SUPPOSEDLY recounted the votes AND FOUND NOTHING WRONG… SURPRISED, I”m not.

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