Charles Savoie- Anglo American Empire + Silver Suppression

Charles discusses:

(1) The Pilgrim Society and how they rig the gold + silver markets.

(2) How the Elite have been manipulating markets for centuries.

(3) How Britian caused the Great Depression through the metals market.

2 comments to Charles Savoie- Anglo American Empire + Silver Suppression

  • British trading concerns operating in the Far East began to resent all the silver flowing from West to East to pay for trade goods, so the Brits invented the Chinese Opium trade, run out of bases in British India, in the 18th century, Google “Silver Users And Opium.” The Brits got many thousands of tons of silver BACK, leading to the Opium Wars, starting near the same time President Jackson refused to renew the charter of the US Bank. Recall that the War of 1812 was due to our “failure” to renew the charter of the first US Bank, which we “foolishly” let expire in 1811! The Brits had a choice—invade China to keep the opium trade going, or invade the US to restore the Bank. They had not resources to attack both nations; they selected China as it was the more profitable, AND because they FEARED Andrew Jackson, who destroyed their attack in 1815! Now comes recent times, Pilgrims Society members like Defense Secretary Weinberger (in his case, 11+ MOZ) deleted silver from the strategic reserve, originally 165MOZ, now long since gone; to hold prices low, and to create excuse to nationalize silver a second time “because we have no stockpile for military defense, you see!” With Pilgrims member Volcker Obama’s top economic adviser, and he being the one who took nearly 60MOZ silver from the Hunts, this is a set-up that could become a nightmare. One thing only may prevent it—if the organization can get enough public attention, instead of maintaining an incredibly low profile in spite of featuring the 700 most influential people in the USA as members! Drag ’em into the LIGHT!

  • Eugene Williams

    Dear Charles:
    I am not a silver investor or have the money to.
    But I saw a reference to your name and copied it down while on another website.
    I am glad I did. I remember years ago seeing the name of the Pilgrim society but not much else about it.
    I am glad for your information about them. I realize now how one learns things that at the time seem to be just an interest or knowledge. For example, I read various Bibles over 40 years ago, and today when I hear so much about Islam, I wish I could remember what I read to evaluate what I hear others claim about it.
    I am 77 years old and feel that so much seem to be vague or seems to be on the tip of my tongue , but I can’t remember what I want to say.
    I am going to try to copy your information about the Pilgrims and spread the knowledge.
    Thank you,
    Good Luck.
    Eugene Williams

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