Silver Shield Report # 57 Releasing Abundance

nikola-tesla-and-his-wardenclyffe-tower-and-laboratory41The last Silver Shield Report I discussed how to actively embrace the Abundance Mentality and the real world effects it will have on your life.  This Report is about releasing that Abundant Energy  on an individual, institutional and societal level.  This is the type of information that only people that have come to the Acceptance Stage of their Awakening can truly appreciate, but I believe this will be the most important issue after humanity burns the house down in the Anger Phase.  I know that once this information is fully accepted into your life, you will see dramatic results.

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SSG Limited Addition Coins are delayed to order until the end of this week as we are still waiting for a bunch of Proof Blanks for the Trivium Proof.  I do have some Slave Queen in had and they are awesome!  We are good to go with 2013 BU Slave Queen on the 1st.  I will be having a full silver update on YouTube tomorrow with Rob from AOCS Mint.


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Show Notes:

We have powers and she. We understand our powers we are taught to work on our weaknesses.

This makes us focus on the negatives.


Trivium frees us by observing our powers.

4 Action Modes of people. What do you do with information? What is the impulse?
QuickStart- Fountainhead of ideas, dreams, visions.  Spark for innovation.  Great at the start but need a team behind to get something done.
Implementor- Takes the vision and makes it a reality.  Systems or structures.
Follow Thru- Managing the systems or structures.
Fact Finders- The doers that find stuff out and get it done.

Divide and conquer used to follow those that recognize their powers. Cbetralized power.

We focus on our holes and that we must fill the hole our selves get in a negative spiral.

Indoctrination uses our powers under scarcity to serve others

We are indoc with competition and not cooperating

When you get married if you are looking for others to fill you hole it is a competition of getting the most out of the other. People play games of withholding g love or compassion in order to manipulate others to get what they want.

If this goes on too long it poisons the relationship.  This is toxic.

The only way to enter into a relationship is when you recognize your strengths and weakeness and you give without thought 100 of your strength not expecting anything in return.  This activates in other to give more to you and others this is abundance.
Mentality of scaricity tells us by focusing on lack we never activate our abundance. My website is something that drains my energies and hampers me from giving my abundance. Finding others that become energized is the answer not me filling my gaps.

Adam smith tapped into the abundance mentality with the division of labor. By people only focusing on our talents and becoming proficient at a task we become highly abundant.

The elite used this knowledge and siphoned off our abundance into a centralized structure to harvest that power. Centralized structure s inevitably attract and empower those that have no abundance and are mere predators seeking to garner more for themselves. They are seeking to fill their holes by more of others without providing value or abundance back.

Ford Carnegie were industrialists that did try to give back and were ultimatly beaten by the Rothschild and Rockefellers  to rig the system in their favor. They worked their way of consolidating other scarcity competition business  and industries by rewarding those that played their game and crushing the value abundance people.

They did this through debts and market manipulations. And when people are confronted with competition they only see debt and competition as away of beating them but that is the flaw as soon as you enter their game they win.

Nikolai Tesla gave away patents to George Westinghouse to help all of humanity. Teslas original deal was to recueve a dollar for every horsepower he developed. They were successful until JP manipulated the stock market to destroy the value of the stock and impaired him I raising money. Tesla saw this abundance mentality and gave away his royalties to Westinghouse to free. This changed the profitability of the company and saved the business. It was t until JP threatend to sue knowing that he had more money and capital and courts and politics that the they lost.

The scarcity mentality is reaching its apex and will collapse in on itself from the toxic spiral. There will be an anger phase as those predators that benefitted off this spend more and more energy trying to maintain the status quo of a increasing complex system that has a diminishing return. This is because the abundance if those value producers is lessened. The cancer of scarcity of material gains and competition destroy the motivation of others to give their abundance away.

Wars are used to destroy abundance that if that abundant energy was used to build resonating and sustainable communities would free people for. Scarcity.

Now we’re reach a point where the value players recognize use the active or passive participation of the debt and death paradigm that is scarcity and competition.  The SBSS recognizes the abundance to turn the cycle the other way. Deleveraging our abundance out of their ever complex scaricity values to return our abundance on those ideas and people we want to be a blessing.

The answer to Adam smith and centralization is to recognize the fact that division of labor or abundance is real and very powerful. We just need a fertile field to use it. Decentralize voluntary cooperation  and Sharing of profits and loss amogst participants is the answer.

Equity investing versus debt opposite consciousness

Our resonating community will be historically significant if we can follow this and never veer off track into scarcity.

Our effort in the mint is an example of this. First by you supporting me with the abundance and value for value relationship it is spinning the vortex outwardly. I have been blesse this past year because of what I believe was my leap of faith in giving away my life’s work with the academy. These past two weeks I have actually been blessed so much it has scared me realizing that I need not hoard this energy but to pass it on to others to start abundance spinning in others.

The charity was just a small example if individual abundance. My effort statting ghe mint with my investment of simver message design and marketing is and instituional abundance.  we are providing value  What we do later will be societal abundance that I believe will help humanity understand abundance through the success of our societal operating system.

Coins for the cause will be an abundance generator that will provide value to those that invest with us but enable this message through others to help spread this message.

The message will provide a shift in consciousness she. All illusions are wiped.

48 comments to Silver Shield Report # 57 Releasing Abundance

  • Steve Canuck

    Hey Chris, on your update with Rob from AOCS can you touch on the new note on the ordering site.

    “I’m sorry to inform you that we no longer ship outside of the continental U.S. Please visit our authorized Canadian or Australian approved dealers. Australian approved dealer:!/~/search/keywords=trivium&offset=0&sort=relevance Canadian approved dealer:

    How is this going to work for SSR Members and the member only minted coins ? SSR order discounts ? It would be great if there was a solution or exception for ordering the limited coins.

    Listening to full report now.


  • Scott May

    I often wonder which comes first, the abundant mentality or the abundance itself which allows one to have an abundant mentality. Take Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for example, when you are worried about your next meal or paying the mortgage, its hard to have faith to take risks or to worry about the banking system or saving in silver. Obviously, the banking and political class want people so busy paying taxes and interest so they have no time to do things that will make them independent from the system.

    Chris, if you were not doing so well financially while running your parent’s car dealers, would you have had the time and energy to do all of the research that allowed you to awaken? Obviously, you were willing to give that all up, but if you were a mechanic at the dealer with 2 kids and worrying about a mortgage while making $50K, would you have had time and money to do all of the reading you did?

    As a general note on the topic of abundance, I have noticed that people who do what they love will automatically give freely of themselves and put it the work it takes to be successful. More importantly, they are happily achieving (enjoying the journey), instead of achieving to be happy.

    • Silver Shield

      BRAVO! What a great question!

      I would have to say the Abundance mentality must come first as I know people who “have it all” and live and fear and I know many more people that have very little but live a full and abundant life.

      As far as Maslow, let’s be real the Average American could lose half of everything and still live far better than most of the civilized world, much less the 2/3rds that live off of $2 a day.

      We Americans waste so much time and energy chasing after BS weather it is TV, corporate careers, or consumer gadgets. If they active took a look at what they are actively or passively supporting in their lives with Debt and Death and focusing their time and energy on things that are truly valuable fulfilling your basic needs is a snap for most Americans.

      If Americans did not worry about the latest Facebook post, car, clothes, TV, Vacation, school degree and buying it all with DEBT as opposed to stacking real wealth and building real relationships they would be better off.

      If you are struggling with debt it probably means that you are living beyond your means and are into the Debt and Death Paradigm pretty deep. If you are in a hole stop digging. Dump the debt and take the hit. Or delay the debt until the currency crisis and stack real assets. Currency crises benefit those in debt and have real assets not those that have no debt or real assets.

      I don’t know if you know anything about the car business, but I used to work 60 to 80 hours a week depending on the time of the month. I did most of my research and built the entire Academy late at night and early in the morning.
      I do not watch TV.
      I do not go to the movies that often.
      I do not waste time.

      I look at some people in my life and wonder how they waste so much time on unimportant stuff and yet still complain about life.

      There is no excuse to be uninformed anymore. It does not take long all it takes is the willingness to focus on it. If people just watched the Academy over 2 weeks 90% of the battle would be done. For get 4 year degrees and $150,000 debts for a worthless degree.

      The plan is still the same…
      Get rid of toxic thoughts.
      Get rid of toxic relationships.
      Get rid of toxic assets.
      Get rid of toxic paths in life.

      I don’t think a mechanic has to give up his job if he loves what he does. It provides value to others and fixing things is fun.

      My mindset, family, friends, assets, business, industry, and state were all toxic in my opinion and no matter how much you have invested in it, I believe you must leave to save your life.

      I have walked my path the best that I can and hope to give others guidance along the way.

      Excellent comment.

  • Yowie

    AOCS has a note on its order site that it no longer ships outside Continental US. For members outside the US (I am in Australia), how will you be making the limited edition medallions available to non-US residents?

  • Scott May

    That’s a great point Chris, nearly everyone in America has the time and money. The real question is how you spend your time and money. How many people with a mortgage and thousands in credit card debt spent today going to an NFL game that cost them $75 a ticket and another $50 in beer? So I guess the real answer is that having a certain amount of money will not give you enough of a prosperity consciousness to enjoy life. No excuses.

    I have a friend who built a small family business into a very successful company in the span of about 15 years. He has leveraged both his and his parent’s money on an increasing scale every year and posted record growth every year. Mind you, this is one of my few friends that I consider “awake”, who understands the system, he’s a huge libertarian—he got me into Ayn Rand and Rothbard five years ago. He had the opportunity to sell his business and split $50 million with his parents and instead chose to leverage more and buy his parents out! For him, its become rich enough to buy a jet or go broke trying. My point to him is that if you keep leveraging up, you might get filthy rich, but it only takes one or two bad years and you are broke. Let alone if there is a dollar collapse—you are not going to outsmart the system in that case. I’m not sure he is happy in life, but I think he thinks if he can only get a little bit more it will fulfill some need.

  • pianoman

    Well, I live in a part of the country that if you had a $50K job you’d be pretty well off. Abundance mentality or “name it a claim it” has been in TV evangelist territory for a long time. Yes, ‘some’ for us could stand to loose 2/3rds of our investments and income, indeed, we may well, but others are living hand to mouth. The amount of people in my 14 county region has gone up exponentially that are not even food secure. I think that’s one of the first of Maslow’s triangle. In this area, they are talking $8 milk soon to support farmers etc, but not getting into gov support issues. Just want to call attention to the fact that not everyone makes 5 digits and in a retail center, they are very lucky to make $30k or less. The gap between the haves and have nots is very wide and only widens. To have more is a blessing with which to bless, to have less is a need, but yet you will see some of the poorest people as the most generous!

    My point is that sometimes you are dealt what you are dealt. It is not necessarily a “choice” you have had (an idea so very prevelant in the midwest), but I agree that those with a positive outlook and watching for ways to help others are much more the richer wheather they are poor or wealthy.

  • SilverSwede

    My first comment,

    Buying a house and getting into debt led me eventually to you Chris. I wanted to find some kind of hedge to the house loan.
    That is why I wanted to get into physical silver and learn more about it. But now when getting trough almost all your work so far it is some much more than a hedge for me. I am trying to influence my people around me and awake them. I got my brother and a close friend to buy silver. Thanks for the awakening.

    I have three children and want to buy them one medallion each for every medallion coming out.
    My problem is that I live in Sweden and I do not know how to ship them. I got hold of three debt and death medallions but now the shipping is changed. Looks like I am going to miss out on the Trivium medallion.
    Hope for a better solution on the shipping.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Jos

      Hi SilverSwede. You can get it on It belongs to I am from Spain and I have bought with them several times. They work really fien. Some weeks ago they began to parter or so with AOCS team so they have Triviums as well…

      • Dino

        Thanks for the info, finally someone that ships to Europe. But from what at i see, they are located in US. If it’s not a secret how much you paid for shipping, VAT and customs?

      • SilverSwede

        Hola Jos,
        Muchas Gracias!

        Now I can buy the SS silver again.

        • Jos

          Dino, SilverSwede,
          (70-80 rounds as a example)$90-100 ship to Spain and according to spanish law: 21% VAT plus around 20-30 € in customs fees. First, I contacted: Tyler Wall
          Vice President, and SD Bullion ( I used to contact him, give a quantity of this or that kind of rounds, day and time (e.g.: 11:00 NY time) to lock the price and then they usuaslly ask you your credit card to charge you a fee that will give you back when they verify the wire of the 100% of the money of the invoice they send you. But now you have another option (I still have not try it), you can buy on line on and lock your price in the same moment you do the purchase.
          De nada… Keep stacking!

  • Robert Sinicropi

    Chris that was a great group talk like always but I feel like you, that things are really speeding up. Not just for the orchestrated global economic meltdown and ww3 but for our consciousness as humanity. By having you and everyone in the community continually networking and coming up with game planning/spreading the word our future community after the collapse is having the desired effect of us as individuals to think in the next paradigm and after listing to this past discussion has inspired me to work on something for humanity in the next paradigm.Through our group we will be totally free very soon when the dust settles this next 4th turning.

  • Jonathan Frammingham

    Great report, big cities and certain industries are a honey pot for certain mindsets. A lot to think about.
    I’m a bit worried about the shipping changes mentioned in the comments. I’d rather be stacking SS coins than Austrian Philharmonics or another generic coin.

    • Dino

      I see Philharmonics as the most liquid money here in Europe as they are vastly popular and recognizable.

      Than I highly value Canadian 99.99 coins as they may have the best technological use in the future.

      But this skeleton series is a must have for me. It is ideal because I can’t stand evil queen so skeleton suits her fine, and on the other side is a positive reminder. They will not be as highly liquid in the chaos stages because ppl will test it more but after 2020 they will be like Mona Lisa.

      • Silver Shield

        These are definitely not for the Anger Stage.
        They are good for Denial where you can sell them Double Spot on eBay and buy two ounces.
        And in the bargaining stage where the historical significance will be truly valued.

        I would buy Constitutional silver for the Anger Phase.

  • Interesting take on the education system. If my understanding is correct, in the US you receive an average score for all your topics instead of individual certificates for specific subjects, right? Not that our system is any good, of course, but we don’t merge someone’s score from say History with Chemistry – they are given subject specific grades. But we do have ‘uniforms’, so everyone is wearing the exact same clothes.

    Hoping you ship those queen coins across the pond, bud – they’d sell like hotcakes :-)

    Peace and all the best for 2013

    • Scott May

      We get a grade in every subject, but then we assign a numerical value to each grade, then we average the numerical values. An “A” = 4, a “B” = 3, a C = 2, a D = 1, and an F =0. Typically colleges or grad schools look at the overall grad point average.

  • James Tetreault

    Chris, your discussion of how typical schooling doesn’t suit very many kids points almost directly to how educational systems along the lines of what your previous interviewee Raisa and Montessori schools succeed. They care what interests students. They let students follow their curiosity. Typical schools are indifferent to what interests or intellectual fixations kids have.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I am looking forward to the mastermind meeting is there more info on this? If so I would love to learn more and I will deff. be attending.

  • intothevoid

    ‘The scarcity mentality is reaching its apex and will collapse in on itself from the toxic spiral. There will be an anger phase as those predators that benefited off this spend more and more energy trying to maintain the status quo of an increasing complex system that has a diminishing return. This is because the abundance of those value producers is lessened. The cancer of scarcity of material gains and competition destroy the motivation of others to give their abundance away.’

    this point is extremely true and validates some of my experiences in how they try to maintain the system and as to how motivation is destroyed. it gave me a flashback to the last 10-12 months of employment at my last job, over a year ago, prior to tendering my resignation. at that point in time, as i was in the process of deciding to leave for numerous reasons, i had made the choice to only concern myself with my own personal responsibilities and only complete the amount of work that was required.

    throughout my last year, i restricted the abundance mentality, as chris refers to, from those that were benefiting from it and it became an issue. there was a concentrated effort and a few ‘black couch sessions‘ made by those above me to find out why i no longer wanted to freely give of myself and participate in extra curricular programs/classes offered by the company, why i had a lack of motivation to volunteer for more overtime, and why i chose not to do the ‘above and beyond‘ amount of work that i accomplished on a regular basis.

    it was everything from ‘is everything alright‘, ‘are you having problems at home‘, to ‘we have to find out what’s wrong and get you back on board‘. it was as if they were making it out to be that i was the one with problems, that my current mindset was wrong, and that i needed to make a more concerted effort to be a part of their program. they completely ignored the core issues that many hourly employees had with the current work ethics and values, just so that they could restore their perception of normalcy and the department’s management could maintain a good standing with the big dicks in terms of department control.

    in reality, i was done fighting the cognitive dissonance, their hypocrisy, and done trying to change myself to be accepted into ‘their‘ system. i was done watching sociopathic individuals get rewarded and promoted, while other good-natured individuals were neglected and left in the dust. i chose to no longer play their game by leaving that position.

    even though i was held in regards as to being one of their best employees, supposed ‘weaknesses and faults‘ and the ‘means to improve‘ tactics were brought to the table. talk of ‘promotions and accolades‘ and ‘strengthening your job-bid potential’ were used to manipulate me, and others, into getting back on track with the program, so that they could continue to benefit from our abundance mentality. some got suckered back in and some didn’t, but as long as you stayed, ‘they‘ won.

    you either ended up doing what they wanted you to do, becoming doped up on fixes of false hope and optimism, jumping back on the tread mill chasing the carrot on a stick, and continued making superficial improvements; or you chose not to ‘go along to get along‘, and were left so discouraged and apathetic that you no longer posed a threat to the system or their coveted positions of power.

    either way, it was bullshit. you either lost yourself in the process of ‘improvements‘ and ‘brainwashing‘, or you were left with feelings of cognitive dissonance that never enabled you to proactively move forward as an individual and allowed you to harbor more negative emotions and resentment.

    in both regards they, at the very least, still got the required amount of work from individuals as long as you depended on getting a paycheck. if you chose to not be their idea of the model ‘team player‘, they made it a habit to point out your ‘deficiencies‘ and ‘cancerous attitude and behaviors‘ which led to being ostracized, to a small degree, by others employees. this was used as a means to manipulate you into focusing on ‘improving yourself‘ as a result of the peer pressure.

    they would offer behavior modification or ‘team building exercises/classes‘ all in the name of wanting to help you in your quest for ‘improvement‘. they would continually promote their idea of team building and self-sacrifice for the bigger picture, all of which was designed for the company’s sake.

    while i enjoyed doing my job, looking back… its a shame about the wasted time and opportunities i’m responsible for in allowing the influence of others to convince me into thinking i was inadequate or not good enough, and for not focusing on the positive aspects of my life. i should have chose to invest more in myself and things that resonated with me, and improved those areas in my life i was already proficient at.

    a great report chris, it definitely brings up some good points.

  • Robert Gest IV

    Woohoo! Just placed my order for the Slave Queen! Wish I could’ve ordered more than 3 but hey,it’s a start! Happy New Year to everyone and all!

    • Silver Shield

      The one one the site is a 2013 is BU and you can order as much as you like.
      The special edition will be a 2012 bu/proof limited to 2,012 and members only.
      The is also a 2012/2013 New Years Proof limited to 2,013 and members only.
      I hope to make them available this week but we have to get the 2012 Trivium Proof done right first.

  • thorp13

    Is there a discount code for members for the queen medallions?

    • Nathan Hartman

      The coupon code “SBSSMEMBER” still works. It will get you $1,- discount for each coin you buy.

    • Silver Shield

      I am going to get a new code made for this coin.
      We should have a new code for members so they don’t get abused.
      Membership should have its privledges.

  • Tigh Mumgaard

    Thanks for the update on discount code and release of SSR members exclusive medallions. I do have a question. Will you be sending out an email to all members with the code and when the exclusive medallions are ready to order or what is your plan for notification of this info? I as I am sure other group members don’t always get to listen to the reports right away, but I want to make sure I get 3 of each of the SSR member medallions as well as getting an order placed for the 2013 Slave Queen medallions with the member discount as soon as possible. So a email would be great way to let everyone know right away when you put this info out. Thanks Chris.

  • trent mcquarrie

    just wondering about the SSR member discount in the great white north.thanx

    • Steve Canuck

      I sent an email message to “Canadian approved dealer:” about the SSSB medallions going forward. I’ll post any info that they send about ordering if/when they respond.

      • Steve Canuck

        From SilverGoldBull email,

        “We are expecting these in stock around the middle of January. Once they’re available, they will be listed on the website, and ordering will proceed as usual!”

        • Steve Canuck

          And a quick follow up reply from SilverGoldBull email,

          “We don’t allow pre-orders on product that is not confirmed shipped and on it’s way to us. There’s just too much that can go sour. We don’t yet have the exact number as yet that we will be receiving for sale, and the pricing has not yet been worked out. As soon as this has all been arranged, it will be posted on our website.”

          • Eric Hartmann

            Will Canadian SBSS members still get a discount?

            • Mark

              Did you get any feedback on your question about Canadian member discounts?

              • Silver Shield

                Memebers can get discount and shipping from the mint. The only thing that has really change is the shipping. No more cheap shipping that takes weeks or does not show. You got to pay for FedEx.

  • Tigh Mumgaard

    Hi Chris. Any word on SSR Member new discount code yet? Thanks.

  • christian Stewart

    So if your a member outside the USA that wants the member discount , shirts or prints you can still ring and order from the aocs mint ?

    Just really want to know what is the best and cheapest way for a member outside the US to get these awesome coins , The Aussie dealer is charging $58+ for the proofs !

    • Silver Shield

      Members can order directly from the mint but they are no longer using cheap unreliable shipping but you can use the discount.

  • christian Stewart

    So do you plan to sell all the future coins for 3 months at a time ? with new coins every 2 weeks ?

    If so you will have up to 6 different coin designs available to purchase by March ?

    Wont this kill the premium people are paying on ebay etc ? ( more supply equals less demand )

    I think alot of the demand is from people knowing these coins sell for a premium straight away , if thats gone you may lose some sales

    I thought keeping the coin designs more limited it would build the demand further and further therefore selling more and more coins ?

    lol i really just wanted to make a quick profit to buy more silver !

    • Silver Shield

      We have Freedom Girl ready to go but until all Trivium are shipped I am not going to add to the backlog.
      The we have our huge blogger partner coin
      And then a very creative “re-strike” of the maple leaf.

      All in the next few weeks.

      This won’t dampen demand on ebay I believe it will accelerate demand as more people catch in to what we are doing.
      I think Debt and Death coins will also start to become scarce as people start to see that too.

      Also I want to keep the mint churning with new product.
      The eBay market is secondary.

  • christian Stewart

    Yeah i really hope the messages on these coins and just that there so freakn cool will wake more people up ! and get more silver stackers buying too .

    How to wake more Australians up ? You need like a Ned Kelly coin or some aussie folk hero , Apparently Ned Kelly’s Skull is missing , maybe it could be found on a sbss coin !

    damn i hope i dont run out of fiat to buy all these coins

  • Adam Jurewich

    Hey Chris,
    I’ve read the posts regarding the member discount but if ordered online it seems to be for 2013 medallions only, not 2012 members only medallions.

    Is there a way to place an order for the [three per member] 2012’s?

    Just watched your vids with Rob and kudos to the hard work you and his team are putting towards a great product!

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