Kyle Bass: “This Ends In War; The Government’s Never Going To Tell You That It’s Going To Happen.”


In a follow up presentation to the AmeriCatalyst Group, Hayman Capital fund manager Kyle Bass shares thoughts on a number of key issues facing the world over the next few years. Among those that stood out, was the inevitability of a major war, escalation of food riots, and why the government’s job is to maintain confidence over truth.

Excerpts are show here below: (click on time marker to hear excerpt)

5:00 – “This Ends In War”

“We sit today at the world’s largest peacetime accumulation of debt in world history…you know how this ends right? This ends through war…
I don’t know who’s going to fight who, but I’m fairly certain in the next few years you will see wars erupt, and not just small ones…”

19:00 – “More Social Unrest”

“You’re going to see more social unrest. You saw HUGE riots in Greece, and you’re seeing HUGE riots in other parts of the world over food (and lack of food) and those are actually derivatives of the financial problems that we’re seeing. We’re exporting inflation to some other nations. Going forward it’s going to be a problem.”

24:00“They’re Not Going To Tell You”

“They’re not going to tell you [that a collapse is coming]. You’re going to have to see it for yourself. [During the Tequila crisis], the Mexican government affirmed they would not default, that they would not devalue, almost daily. The day after they said “we wont devalue,” they devalued by 60%. The government’s never going to tell you that it’s going to happen.

“Greece’s Yunker said recently, ‘When it becomes serious—you have to lie’. These guys are never going to tell you the truth, because they can’t tell you the truth. Their job is to promote confidence, not to tell you the truth.”

31:00“Dinner With The Bank of Japan”

We recently had dinner with the deputy governor of the bank of japan, he just finished a speech denouncing money printing, or quantitative easing. We said ‘Wait a minute, when you expand your balance sheet to buy bonds, we call that money printing, what do you call it?’ He conferred with his advisers, came back and said, ‘When the market tells us it’s money printing, it’ll be money printing. When the rates go up and not down when we buy bonds, THEN it’s monetizing the deficit.”

54:00“Where Do We Stand On Gold?”

“We just look at Gold as another currency that you can’t print…Limitless credit creation is probably a bad idea.”

Very revealing indeed. To see these comments coming from one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers is quiet an eye-opener. Thoughts?



13 comments to Kyle Bass: “This Ends In War; The Government’s Never Going To Tell You That It’s Going To Happen.”

  • Knowtoomuch

    Damn Kyle …

    For telling it as it is …

  • Ben Dover

    I’ve been dealing with Government for over 32 years and can tell you for certain there is no problem until the big boys come out and say there is no problem. By then it will be almost too late, get your money into hard assets fast.

  • James Tetreault

    Yup, Ben, there’s often no surer confirmation of something than a government denial.

  • James Tetreault

    Oh, and it wasn’t “Greece’s Yunker” it was Luxembourg’s former prime minister and one time head of the ECB Jean-Claude Junker.

  • Rainmaker

    Gotta love a guy who buys a pallet of nickels just for fun. I love Kyle Bass, except that he is younger, smarter and better looking than me. More successful too, but so what. He’s got a high profile.

    It is kinda interesting though. Even he insinuates we ain’t been at war lately. Except for the last 100 years or so, with the few exceptions of some quiet times in between. I guess he just means on American soil.

    Who was it that said “we get the government we deserve?”. I just hate being part of the “we”.

    • intothevoid

      from wikiquote:

      Joseph de Maistre

      “Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.”

      “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” [1][2]

      Letter 76, on the topic of Russia’s new constitutional laws (27 August 1811); published in Lettres et Opuscules. The English translation has several variations, including “Every country has the government it deserves” and “In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.” The quote is popularly misattributed to better-known commentators such as Alexis de Tocqueville and Abraham Lincoln.

      Famous Sayings and their Authors, Edward Latham, 1906, Google Books
      Bartlett’s Roget’s Thesaurus, 2003, Google Books

      and i’m right there with ya’ on not wanting to be included with the “we” part too 😀

  • Fletchlives

    I love Kyle Bass. One of the few good guy in the financial industry. He at least has the balls to speak the truth in an environment that feeds off deception and confidence in this deception. Great post here. I posted something similar back in March with Kyle Bass on here:

  • Brian Lewy

    I watched this speech and thought this guy should be elected. Telling the painful truth that the zombies do not want to hear.

  • More liberty

    A couple years ago my wife and I withdrew the majority of our cash from the bank. We’ve been buying things that actually will retain their value and have actual value. From solar generators to weapons…

  • AuditDir_Jay

    This is an exceptional video in many ways … everyone should view it.

  • H. D. Hawkins

    Kyle set me on the road to poor mans cheap copper/nickel. I buy a 100 dollar box of nickels each week. I use the nickel melt value as an index (please note: I have no intention of doing a melt-that would be folly and illegal). While I am waiting for gold and silver to do its long awaited thing, I accumulate copper pennies and U.S. nickels- both are the only real coin/currency left in circulation on the globe. As an additive, I believe nickel is in fairly short supply in many countries including China.

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  • […] Kyle Bass: “This Ends in War; The Government’s Never Going to Tell You That It’s Going to Happ… […]

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