Brits Warn US- Don’t Give Up Your Guns

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  • AuditDir_Jay

    Chris, the warning is clear. We need to stand firm here.

  • b

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  • owen st.hilaire

    This should be required viewing by every person in the united states and canada, canada especialy. People beg polititions every day to take more of thier rights away in the false hope that it will protect them. The elitest power mongers feed the fear to facilitate the creation of defenceless masses afraid to leave thier homes or stand up for thier rights. And the average citizen, too lazey to educate himself, alows the T.V. to think for him. As a canadian fire arms owner i can tell you we have come very close to a ban in this country already and the fight is niether over nor its out come in any way sure. Dig in your heels U.S.A. for if you lose a little we shall surely lose a lot.

  • Alan

    I feel sorry for you brits, but you screwed up when you gave the tyrants your guns. Americans are going to fight these dogs, no matter how bloody it gets. Those bolshevik criminals are not going to get American patriots guns unless they win a war and take them that way. Come get the guns you bolshevik jew devils.

  • Teresa

    This is unbalanced, biased crap. Have you ever been to the UK, Duane? I DOUBT IT.

    We don’t keep guns for self-defence.

    And the majority of people in Britain are against fox hunting. It’s a bloody, cruel, barbaric practice. People have had their family pets ripped to shreds by fox hounds. Who’s speaking for them?

    • David Richardson

      Have you really listened to your fellow UK residents in this audio/video? I doubt it.

      If “we don’t keep guns for self-defence” it is because of laws against law-abiding citizens’ rights to do so. Plenty of UK residents would like to be able to legally own a handgun–and be able to use it–if their life or their family’s life is threatened by a violent psychopath or sociopath.

      Any individual can choose not to keep a gun or guns for self defense. They better hope someone will come to the rescue for them at the proper time.

      Personally I think it is crazy not to be armed to protect one’s family against the rising number of criminals with guns in the UK and in most countries in the world.

      • Teresa

        Guns are a feckin epidemic in the States. Have any of you ever watched Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine? Sure, he’s got a bias, but the film is a real eye-opener, and he succeeds in making the NRA look so stupid.

        I don’t know where Americans get their idea that a family without an arsenal of guns are somehow ‘sitting ducks’. It’s ridiculous. A family without an arsenal of guns is considered NORMAL here in the UK. To suggest that Brits (other than a minority lunatic fringe) are pining over their right to bear arms is just ludicrous. That’s the problem with Americans. You project your fear and paranoia onto the rest of the world. It just isn’t so.

        I have lived in a big city and in the British countryside. I can walk at night through any UK city, town, village or farm and feel confident that nobody is looking at me down the barrel of a gun. Here in rural Britain, we don’t point guns at trespassers, we simply ask them if they are lost and offer them a nice cup of tea.

        • Gareth

          “I can walk at night through any UK city, town, village or farm and feel confident that nobody is looking at me down the barrel of a gun.”

          This is perhaps the truth, but do you really feel safe, Teresa in inner cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London etc. If you do feel ‘safe’ I’m afraid you’re rather naive. Knife crime is a problem, as is thug beatings. Up close and personal as opposed to someone shooting from distance with a gun, but nonetheless dangerous.

          I’m more wary of being stabbed than shot – this is true – but being stabbed is hardly pleasant now, is it? The right to be armed is not the same as a blanket right to use arms.

          I’m gonna have to try and agree to disagree with you on this topic.

          Peace and G’luck.

          • Teresa

            Agree to disagree? You sound like a Brit. 😉

            Yeah, I feel safe. Come on, if you’re a Brit you must surely see that “Brits Warn US- Don’t Give Up Your Guns” is nowhere near typical of British sentiment.

            Does it irk you that Duane – like many Americans – doesn’t know the difference between the UK/Britain and “England”? Those words aren’t interchangeable.

        • David Richardson

          Anyone who gives any credibility to Michael Moore is feckin nuts. His productions are not documentaries, they are biased and politically slanted entertainment for his followers.

          I assure you the NRA can and has shown Michael Moore to be what he is. He is a nut case. And he has little credibility among rational people.

          Only you are saying a family “without an arsenal of guns” is a sitting duck. One [or two] will do just fine. A shotgun that someone might hunt fowl with [to eat] would work fine. If it matters I am not a hunter.

          “I have lived in a big city and in the British countryside. I can walk at night through any UK city, town, village or farm and feel confident that nobody is looking at me down the barrel of a gun”.

          You have been lucky so far.

          We can do the same thing in most areas of the U.S. Inner areas of densely populated cities have increasing numbers of desperate or morally corrupt people. Yes that includes the UK also.

          • Teresa

            Lucky? I’m just normal.

            My dad has a firearms licence and a collection of 12 bore shotguns. They’re kept under lock and key in a steel gun safe. He used them to feed our family through hard times. And that’s all. To use them for any other purpose would be unthinkable. It’s never crossed his mind.

            You need guns in the States because you’ve got guns in the States.

            That’s the truth. It’s too late for you. The guns are out there.

            FFS, don’t wish that upon us.

            • David Richardson

              Your statements are so easy to pick apart because they are so full of inconsistencies, suppositions, and inaccuracies. You say your dad has a collection of shotguns that he used to feed the family during hard times. It only takes one shotgun to hunt with. If he has a collection he is or was a gun enthusiast. As he is probably not the only person in the UK with a collection of guns I guess they are “out there” too. Criminals also collect guns; even in the UK.

              “To use them for any other purpose would be unthinkable. It’s never crossed his mind”. BS. You are saying he would never even think of using them for defense of his family? I bet it has crossed his mind many times. You are not a father; I’ll bet he would give his life to protect his family. I will also bet he would use one of those guns if necessary rather than betting on a negotiation outcome with a criminal intruder.

          • Teresa

            I said Moore is biased, didn’t I? He still makes a valid point. As long as you’ve got guns, the shootings will continue.

            Here, thank God, weapons aren’t available and only lunatics want them. I hope things stay that way.

        • vernon

          Dear Teresa,
          There are several issues that are not addressed. The first is the original intent of our 2nd amendment. Our country does not have a tradition of letting our rights and liberties be stolen or nullified. Read the writings of the original intent of the founding fathers.
          Secondly you have an inalienablr right and responsibility to protect yoursel, your family and others from harm. Check the bible – it is a sin not to. There is no ‘thou shall not kill’ in the bible. There is ‘ thou shall not murder’ (check original trans).
          I have used pistols, rifles and knives for defense. I did not like or want to. It is a responsibility.
          If you check out the facts – most of the perprtrators of mass killings are on psycotropic drugs and under the care of a psychiatrist.
          One last thing. A request. Lobby for all antigun people and progun people to wear different color arm bands. I really do not want to end up in a legal battle or in jail for defending the life and liberties of someone who can not or will not defend themselves or their families.

        • Amy LaViolette

          YOU are not worth wasting air on when you site fatty liar Michael Moore. You should start using the brain the Good Lord gave you. How’s that beheaded soldier doing on the streets of London while YOU cowards walk right by. WE would have shot those vile bottom dwelling slugs before they could pull out their hatchets…

      • Teresa

        As a Brit, I’m happy and proud to live in a country where there aren’t many guns. I feel safe.

        I’ve visited over 35 of the States. How much time has Duane spent in Britain?

        I stayed in a motel in Albuquerque once, in 1999. I was on a month long solo roadtrip. So I’m alone, checking in at 10pm. I should have felt happy to be getting some rest. Instead, I felt like crap. Why? Because I’m standing there paying for my room, and the clerk is sitting in a little cubicle behind bullet proof glass.

        There is a certain sickness about that.

        I am so glad I live in Britain.

    • James Tetreault

      Teresa, I’ve read that the violent crime rate in the U.K. is actually much higher than in the U.S. (as a whole) though not higher than in those wonderful portions of the U.S. where gun ownership is drasticaly restricted like Chicago.

      Maybe some of those mugged, assaulted and stabbed would like to have had guns for their self defense?

      • Teresa

        You’re having a laugh, aren’t you?

        Did you know that just over 1,600 British police officers have been killed in criminal acts since 1680? Yep, the year sixteen eighty. That’s over 330 years. If you contrast that with the number of killings of officers per capita in the USA, you’ll see that we have a much better record. Hell, in 1973 alone, 156 US law enforcement officers were shot dead.

        I think you’ve been reading too many fanatical conspiracy theory sites. We don’t needs guns in the UK. We don’t want them. I speak for the overwhelming majority of my fellow countrymen and women. I’m sick of Americans foisting their paranoid crap on us Brits. I’ve spent time in the States. Guns and crazies wanting to use them is their problem, not ours. Duane doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s finally gone over the edge. It’s such a shame. I used to think he was someone to listen to. Now I realise that he’s way off in the fringe. Watch an episode of “Last Of The Summer Wine”. That’s Britain.

        BTW, 76% of British people are against fox hunting. And only 18% are for it. That’s democracy in action. Do you get that impression from the video? No. Proof that Duane is producing propaganda. It’s so sad.

        • James Tetreault

          Actually, no, I’m not “having a laugh”. The official statistics for violent crimes are categorized in somewhat different ways in different nations making direct comparisons difficult but the numbers for the UK were much higher than for the U.S. for the last year where I’ve been able to find the full data, 2009. (more than 2000 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in the UK versus 466 per 100,000 in the U.S.)

          You might not like this or somehow extrapolate that your personal experiences and preferences must be the same as everyone in the UK. That seems like astonishing arrogance to me. I won’t claim to tell you what Britain is but I’m also fairly skeptical that you can neatly tell me “what” a nation of some 60 million people of varied background in every respect is with one tv episode. And I feel much more certain that you have little idea of what day to day life is like for most people in the U.S. with your cartoonish references to arsenals. You see, daily life in the U.S. doesn’t look much like a tv show. There are vast swaths of the U.S. where crime is only something you read about or see on TV. My family lived in a town that had a moderately bad reputation. It got saddled with the local welfare office. Well, when going away for vacation one year, for no particular reason, we decided that perhaps we ought to lock our house. We couldn’t find the keys. We’d never locked our house in the 16 years we’d lived there. We never felt we had to. It’s just one tiny data point in a huge nation. And its not much like any tv show you’ve probably seen. Still, it would be foolish of me to try to say what that means about 300 million other people.

          As to democracy in action, well, pure democracy in action can be lots of things, many of them quite nasty. That’s why a constitutional republic is preferable. Not everything should be up to a vote. I hope you never find that some avocation of yours meets with the disfavor of 76% of your fellow citizens. You may come to regret your delight in pure democracy. You may realize that the point of the video was not the popularity or lack of such of fox hunting.

    • Gareth

      We too have a ‘bill of rights’ that states quite clearly that we are sovereign people and as such have the right to hold weapons.

      • Teresa

        We don’t need weapons. Mortal dangers here in the UK are few and far between. A far greater risk is drowning in a slurry pit or getting crushed by a forklift. Falling asleep at the wheel – now that’s a good one. Playing on railway lines. Overdoing it on a Saturday night and choking on one’s own vomit. All these things pose more serious risk than potential evil doers. And in all of these cases, a gun will not help you.

      • Teresa

        Remember, our everyday police do not bear firearms. They negotiate long before they ever use physical force. WTF do we need guns for?

        • Silver Shield


          • Teresa

            Let’s see if you can leave my posts intact, Duane. Let’s see if you can take it on the chin.

            Look, man, I’m a prepper. A stacker. I have $250k Ag, plus $100k Au invested for me and my loved ones. That’s on top of what my friends have invested. I used to use your SBSS stuff to help educate my fellow countrymen. But now I can’t. When they get to see these latest videos, they’ll switch off. Really. Maybe you’re so caught up in your fight you don’t realise it, but you’re preaching hate. You’re preaching hate.

            • David S

              Teresa, how can you say he is preaching hate? No where do I see any “hate speech.” I’m surprised that you say you “prep”, yet you believe that guns are an epidemic. That’s funny…I thought all these Sandy Hook-like shootings happen where guns are not allowed. Your right- maybe we should slowly make all guns illegal. That way the criminals will finally listen to the law. Your right, we have no right to defend ourselves…hate speech…

        • David Richardson

          Talk to inner city British police officers off-the-record if you can. I would bet the majority [like 80% or higher] now want to right to carry a firearm. It beats dying in a confrontation with an armed criminal.

          You are in fantasy land if you think you or a police officer can “negotiate” with an armed criminal.

          • Teresa

            Inner city districts have their own policing policy. And there are armed response units throughout the UK. I have friends who are cops. You’re missing the point. Almost all criminals in the UK, probably 99.9% of them (if you can guess your statistics, so can I), are not armed with firearms. Spray, tasers, batons are adequate defences for most situations. Water cannon and baton rounds are available in extreme circumstances, but they are frowned on.

            Hey, look at that. We live in a country where the police are unlikely to use crowd control methods that are ‘frowned on’. It feels good, I can tell you.

            • David Richardson

              “Almost all criminals in the UK, probably 99.9% of them (if you can guess your statistics, so can I), are not armed with firearms”.

              I’m willing to bet law enforcement statistics do not back this ludicrous idea you have that 99.9% of criminals in the UK are no armed. If you really believe that is sad.

            • Teresa,
              I have been to the UK twice once as an official guest to Jimmi Heseldons Funeral in Leeds but I stayed in London with my family I can tell you every police officer I saw was armed. I can also state that no we did not feel safe and I am in the military trained in unarmed combat we were staying at the thistle at Marble Archand the Bobbi walking the block point blank warned me not to walk around any part of London after dark especially with my family. I can at least be relatively safe walking around the Mall of Washington DC after dark although you wouldn’t catch me dead walking around any other part of that city. Oh and ys The UK does have a much higher violent and non violent crime rate than the U.S. the information is on the home offices website also in fact you have 125% more rape victims per 100,000 than the U.S. as far as walking in the dark
              Showing latest available data. Rank Countries Amount
              # 1 Sweden: 85%
              Crime in Sweden

              = 2 Canada: 82%
              Crime in Canada

              = 2 United States: 82%
              Crime in United States

              = 4 Denmark: 81%
              Crime in Denmark

              = 4 Finland: 81%
              Crime in Finland

              = 4 Netherlands: 81%
              Crime in Netherlands

              = 7 Japan: 78%
              Crime in Japan

              = 7 Austria: 78%
              Crime in Austria

              = 9 Switzerland: 77%
              Crime in Switzerland

              = 9 France: 77%
              Crime in France

              = 9 Belgium: 77%
              Crime in Belgium

              # 12 United Kingdom: 70%
              Crime in United Kingdom

              # 13 Italy: 65%
              Crime in Italy

              # 14 Australia: 64%
              Crime in Australia

              # 15 New Zealand: 62%
              you will notce that th US ranks 10% safer than the UK
              British Crime stats American Crime stats

              Assault victims UK 2.8% US 1.2%
              DEFINITION: People victimized by assault (as a % of the total population). Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevelence.
              SOURCE: UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute). 2002. Correspondence on data on crime victims. March. Turin
              Ranked 2nd. 133% more than United States Ranked 11th.
              You are 133% more likely to be attacked in the UK than the US

              Believe in police efficiency UK 72% US 89%
              DEFINITION: Proportion of people in international Crime Victims Survey 2000 who say police do a good job in controlling crime in their area.
              SOURCE: UN International Crime Victims’ Survey
              Ranked 6th. Ranked 1st. 24% more than United Kingdom
              The UK’s police are not as trusted

              Bribe payers index UK 7.2 US 6.2
              DEFINITION: The index ranks the leading exporting countries in terms of the degree to which their companies are perceived to be paying bribes. The scale is from 0 to 10, where 10 represents negligible bribery and 0 a very high level of bribery. Based on a survey of nearly 800 business executives conducted in 14 emerging-market countries.
              SOURCE: Transparency International
              Ranked 7th. 16% more than United States Ranked 9th.
              So the UK is more Corrupt

              Car thefts UK 348,169 US 1,246,096
              DEFINITION: Total recorded automobile thefts. Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence.
              SOURCE: The Eighth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (2002) (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)
              Ranked 2nd. Ranked 1st. 3 times more than United Kingdom

              Drug offences UK 183,419 per 100,000 people US 560.1 per 100,000 people
              DEFINITION: Drug offence cases per 100,000 population (2000).
              SOURCE: The Eighth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (2002) (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)
              Ranked 2nd. 326 times more than United States Ranked 4th.
              Murders committed by youths 139 8,226
              DEFINITION: Homicide rates among youths aged 10–29 years by country or area: most recent year available (variable 1990–1999).
              SOURCE: World Health Organization: World report on violence and health, 2002
              the UK has a lot more drug problems than even the US
              with all due respect Ma’am it appears from your countries own numbrs that your the one with there head in the clouds in addition if you Go to the US’s FBI website and pull te crime statistics you will find that just six states and one city out of 50 states make up 58% of the total US crime and 47% of the fire arms related violent crimes those states and 1 City Illinios, New York, New Jersey, California, Massachusetts, Maryland and the City Washington DC. the only 2 things thing all of these have in common is they are all left leaning and have very strict firearms laws and limits. and the numbers do not lie they are straight from the FBI and you can look for yourself just go to their website and look up Crime Statistics you can also do the same with your Home Office like I did and see for youself. So with all due respect you are either believing propoganda or are clueless and decieving yourself like I Said the factual numbers do not lie. So yes I will be keeping mine.

      • Teresa

        I am well aware of the constitution of the USA, and the requirement that the people have the right to bear arms (very useful should their militia call them up to active service). The USA used to be a very frightening place to live, I’m sure. The Second Amendment is a little dated now that we live in the age of modern warfare. Nowadays, when Uncle Sam requires the public to bear arms, he drafts them, issues them with a weapon and trains them in its use.

        • Gareth

          The bill of rights 1689 states quite clearly that I have the right to be armed if I so wish.

          Shame the average Brit is completely unaware that we have a constitution made up from the Magna Carta 1215, bill of rights 1689, and the right to petition…….although the latter is taking hold of late.

          • Gareth

            “”Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defense”

            Bill of rights, 1689, ENGLAND!!!

            • Teresa


              If you carry a baseball bat in your boot, remember to tell the cops it’s for baseball, won’t you? That way, you’ll be able to walk. In Britain, the law is innocent until proven guilty. Look what happened to Marty Armstrong and Bernard von NotHaus. If they have a fight on their hands, I understand completely. The USA has lost its way.

              Speaking of law, Gareth, are you aware that British Law is based on Case Law? This means that the law and its interpretation are constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the public. Each successive judgement adds guidance for future judgements. It could well be that with the various Offensive Weapon Acts, that Bill of Rights 1689 was legislated away. 😉

              • Gareth

                So you believe statute laws can supersede constitutional laws, Teresa? I suggest you examine the work of the BCG.

                Have you never heard of the European Arrest Warrant? A blatant attempt of the bogus judiciary trying to usurp habeus corpus.

                But hey ho, i’ll leave you to believe whatever you want lol

              • Rabid Cat

                You are a dangerous bolshie loon.

        • Amy LaViolette

          Ah Teresa ole buddy ole pal, you obvious DON’T know anything about the American Constitutions since the 2nd Amendment was put in place by men FAR superior to you to thwart a tyrannical GOVERNMENT…not so the government could draft people and issue them weapons. Again, you’re a waste of air.

  • Farmer

    As a 12 year old I would buy 22 bullets from the local hardware store for my 22 rifle. Walk through my neighborhood in SW Virgina with friends holding the rifles over our shoulders on the way to shoot coke bottles and tin cans. This was late 60’s early 70’s. Today we would be swat teamed and placed on pharma drugs for such behavior. We had arguements and fights but no one would ever even consider using a gun.

  • speedspirit

    I will give up my Guns GLADLY when the police and Government give up theirs!!!
    Guns are a very non productive tool of communication that society will learn to do without in the future. Just like we have learned to do without spanking our children and fist fights. But they must also give up the weapons.

    • Teresa

      Seconded. Well said, speedspirit.

    • trafix

      Ok, so lets say that the police, government and law abiding citizens have given up all their guns. Great! But you have left out one important component of the population. Do you think all of the sociopath criminals will give up theirs? You would give the power to control people to those with guns and would have no means to stop them.

      Living in fantasy land is only good as long as reality does not intervene.

      • Silver Shield

        And what if the government is run by psychopaths and you have psychopaths on the streets?

        No thanks!

        • speedspirit

          After the Anger phase they will all be wiped out. They will kill each other. Their numbers will be very few.

      • intothevoid

        haha… i’m in favor of psychopath/sociopath control.

        who do i need to lobby to get that legislation passed? 😀

        • intothevoid

          by the way, before anyone reads too much into my prior comment…

          i’m being sarcastic and making light of the gun control fanatics.

  • Silver Shield


    One simple fact free men own guns…
    slaves cannot.

    Keep calm and slave on.

    • Teresa

      My dad must be a free man, then, because we’ve got half a dozen fully legal 12 bore double-barreled shotguns downstairs in the gunsafe. Does that surprise you?

      Where did you get your info on Britain, Duane? The Alex Jones channel on YouTube? It’s Britain or the UK, not “England”, okay? And the people you should be targeting if you want to stir up insurrection are the politicians, not the monarchy.

      I’m keeping calm and stacking, actually. $250k Ag and $100k Au so far. Do you think that will buy me my hobbit house in the mountains when all is said and done? I hope so. Maybe if the Queen is passing, I’ll invite her in for tea.

      Look, I’ve got nothing against your SBSS series, okay? Or you as a person. You have some sound ideas. But you’re preaching hate now, and I can’t stand by without saying anything.

      • Silver Shield

        What is hateful about reposting and British News coverage about a peaceful and sad protest?

        • Teresa

          I’m referring to your “Slave Queen” video and any others you’ve done of that nature. This video about our gun legislation is just… barmy. Where is your balance. Did you include any footage of the families of the victims of Dunblaine? Did you include interviews with anti-hunt supporters? No.

          I have a cat just like this one. What they did to this cat, they do to foxes and cubs.

          If you can’t see it, Duane, you can’t see it. I’m just going to switch off now.

          You had a great idea. A sound message. But you’ve gone too far.

      • David Richardson

        “My dad must be a free man, then, because we’ve got half a dozen fully legal 12 bore double-barreled shotguns downstairs in the gunsafe”.

        When your father passes from this earth, be sure to rapidly dispose of all of those guns because you don’t hunt, and you have stated 99.9% of criminals in the UK do not have guns. So negligible a percentage there is no need for you to own them.

  • JonL

    First Australia then England, now America is under attack!

    • Will


      YES, you’re right.
      Australian’s have been forced to relinquish their firearms.
      Australia is a very large place where firearms are a practical defense against criminals but also has or had a very large and productive hunting,fishing and game industry.
      Now, not only is the industry suffering to the point of total claspe but the whole population of that once great country is now defenseless against any Country, Dictator, Criminals, Tyrany

  • Rainmaker

    I no longer post as often to DTOM, I am busy preparing for the future. I have not much time to debate the “memes” that the elite put in front of us to keep us believing that such debate actually represents freedom and liberty when that debate is a masquerade, much like sheep in the butchers line arguing who has the best fleece. The sheep are going to get fleeced, but that will happen first and just prior to the slaughter. Personally, I am tired of being fleeced and have no intention of going willfully to slaughter because a mind controlled populace has accepted NWO programming that relegates us to slavery.

    I am not even going to get into the UK vs. US debate, its old and tired and just another meme. At the same time, I value Teresas opinion. However, I cannot and will not accept that because Teresa and others of similar opinions should have the right to impose those opinions on me. I am a free man and I intend to protect my property and my family from evil and tyranny and will use the best means possible. It is my god given right and no persons nor any government can better decide for me how to protect my own. Teresa, we wish you the best (even though it is possible that you are a plant to infiltrate sites such as these).
    And while things are hunky dory in the UK and you are happy with your gun control laws, please be open to the suggestion that because your population has been recently disarmed does not mean that tyrrany will try at some time to take advantage of that situation. It is inevitable that those with power will exploit those without. And please don’t recall any of Michael Moores work. He is a collectivist shill afterall.

    I will point out a few facts regarding what has happened with gun control in the past:

    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. That does not count the 5 million Ukranians that were starved and could not leave the country. The amount of pain and suffering inflicted upon that nation after gun control still lingers today.
    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million
    Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
    up and exterminated. That does not include another half a million Kurds
    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of
    13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were
    rounded up and exterminated. May more were exterminated than that.
    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20-60 million
    political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and
    exterminated. No one knows for sure, that Government has directed history
    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000
    Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000
    Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million
    “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and
    exterminated. Pot Pol exterminated anyone wearing glasses.

    We could do this all day. We could debate Sandy Hook and Aurora all day. Only thing is, none of us know what really happened. We don’t even know if those events even actually occured. No one knows what truly happened at Dunblane (except perhaps Tony Blair) What we do know is that those events and the mems surrounding them are directed history. Its a Problem, Reaction, Solution con. And THEY beleive that if we allow it, we deserve it. Perhaps we do.

    Me,I wish you all the best, but I got to get back to taking care of business.

  • thorp13

    Hey Chris. Can I buy Teresa’s 3 allocated 2012 limited edition Slave Queen medallions? I have a feeling she will not be ordering :)I’d love to buy 6 if possible for myself.

    • Teresa

      thorpe13, if I was going to place a silver ‘coin’ in the bottom of my water tank to purify the water, the Slave Queen Medallion would be the one I’d want to see there.

      I wouldn’t use it, though, because I couldn’t guarantee the purity. I’d use a 9999 Canadian Maple instead. 😉

      You are welcome to my allocation. Duane, set him up, will you?

      • David Richardson

        What is wrong with the Silver English Britannia? Oh I forgot, they are only .999 fine, like Chris Duane’s creations.

        • Gareth

          Only the 2013 are .999 fine, bud. All the previous additions of the Britannia are made of ‘Britannia silver’ at .958 pure – they’re basically a bit heavier than a .999.

          It’s a mute point of course :-)

          I buy a lot of .500 coz I can get them without the 20%VAT and they do hold their value well over time.

          I’m not sure why Teresa has written what she has, but I can inform all reading this that she doesn’t represent the views of all Brits. I know many that cannot stand the troll queen and her paedophile husband and son.

  • Will


    I’m from the USA and have not been fortunate enough to visit the UK or England.

    However, I did spent over 20 years living in NZ up until late 2006 when NZ became independent from the UK making NZ a Sovereign State.

    During my time in NZ the Police were not allowed to carry weapons or firearms.
    However, I believe they are now allowed to do so in certain circumstances.

    Anyway, upon returning to the USA after being away for over 20 years, I noticed a big change in this country.


    The US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment states that the American people are allowed to carry firearms for self defense. The US Constitution states that the population is allowed and WILL ALWAYS be allowed to carry firearms for self defense.

    When the Constitution was written, it was not written with FOX hunting in mind nor was it written with Criminal defense in mind.

    The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution was written for the sole purpose of preventing and defending ourselves against TYRANY!!!

    Teresa, do you understand this? Do you know what Tyranny is?

    It is very much a fact that the US is a dangerous place and it is a good idea to own firearms to protect yourselves and family against life threatening actions brought about by criminals, sociopaths, psychopaths, crack fiends, etc.

    BUT, that is NOT what the CONSTITUTION STATES nor what it was written and intended for.

    THE US CONSTITUTION STATES very clearly, that every US citizen is allowed to possess firearms for the reason of TRYANNY!!!

    Teresa, again, do you know what Tyranny means?
    It has nothing to do with Fox hunting.

    Our Forefathers were aware and had enough foresight to predict that there is always a possibility of Tyranny taking place in any Country and at any time.


    The reason that our Forefathers thought enough of this country and it’s growing settlement of people to even think of this RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is a hindsight on the Genius that our Forefathers possessed and implemented into our US CONSTITUTION.

    Making it the 2nd issue of the Constitution speaks for itself.

    Our Forefathers had no idea of the criminal population and type of criminals we have today. The Constitution was not written with this in mind.

    The intention of the 2nd Amendment is that the people of the United States will have the ability to defend themselves against the GOVERNMENT!!!

    Just like NAZI Germany, what was the first thing Hitler did? He made German Citizens relinquish all their firearms.
    Then what did Hitler do?

    The reason for our Forefathers to write into the Constitution as a 2nd Amendment was NOT against Fox Hunting or hunting anything for that matter.
    The reason for our 2nd Amendment is to guarantee our RIGHTS as US Citizens to defend ourselves against TRYANY!!!

    ***Please do me a favor and READ the US Constitution. It explicitly states that the reason to allow US Citizens the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS is to defend ourselves against TRYANY!

    BTW: That is just what is happening in the USA today! It’s a good thing you don’t live here. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ignorant, gullible sheep just like you that do live here and will no doubt contribute to the demise of the USA.

  • Jerry

    With respect, Teresa, going back to your earlier posts; I am British (English)and I don’t agree with the majority of your comments regarding guns (or foxhunting, for that matter). I don’t own a gun, but the way things are going, I would certainly consider buying one if I could. I HAVE been robbed at gunpoint in the UK, as has a foreign friend of mine at another time. She comes from Rio, a very violent and crime-ridden city, yet was robbed for the first time in Manchester. The problem with mixing with a group of like-minded people makes us tend to consider that if most of our friends think a certain way, then the majority of people must. This is patently false, as it is not logical.
    After reading the posts on Wednesday, I took the trouble to ask the opinions of 37 people, male and female, whom I work with. More than half of them, 26, said that they would personally own a gun if they were allowed to. More men than women would own a gun; however, of the women, the majority of them would like their man to have a gun, even though they wouldn’t want one themselves. I suppose that comes down a woman’s desire to have a man who would protect her; however, that is just an opinion. Many people in Britain do own guns for hunting and other sports, and I would imagine very few of them would not use such a gun to protect their families if needed.
    On foxhunting, I have never hunted foxes with dogs, but I have had plenty of experience of seeing the results of the other methods of fox control, and my opinion is that fox hunting is less cruel. Yes, the fox may get chased, and may end up being ripped apart IF caught, but if not caught, it is away free. Compare that with the foxes that die slowly through poisoning, through being wounded, or being dug out of their homes and then beaten to death with a spade. I have seen the results of a night dig of a fox’s earth more than once, and it is not pretty. In my opinion, the whole foxhunting thing was more a political/class issue. I remember once, many years ago, asking a local ‘hunt saboteur’ if he could help me prevent a fox’s earth being dug by some local men… thinking that it would be of interest to him as he obviously liked foxes. I was wrong, he pointed out that the men were working class, and it was completely different to ‘rich’ people riding around on horses chasing foxes. That has coloured my view of these people, and I can’t take them seriously any more.

  • mikesg

    Nice post, will. I have been reading down to your post and was going to make the exact same point. People, however, that are against gun owners and gun ownership are not going to be persuaded otherwise. It is a pointless argument with people like Teresa, however I respect her opinion, I will not argue that what is best for her is not best for me or anyone for that matter. I will add, that teresa has conflicting statements by saying guns are not needed but repeatedly boasts of the the collection of guns her family possesses. Why not destroy that collection, like a civil person would – since you are against hunting and have stated you feel safe without them? Some people enjoy shooting for fun…not everyone purchases guns for self defense. Our right to do these things has no bearing on what other countries choose to do. There will ALWAYS be people in Britain and the u.k who wish they could own guns for hunting and/or self defense. Obviously, if one single person over there feels like they are in need of self defense, then it is not all a land of rainbows and gumdrops for everyone that lives there.

  • Barry

    We too easily get caught up in debating the finer points. The real issues at hand here are:

    Many people feel strongly it’s a right that needs to be retained, so strongly it was built into the US Constitution 200 years ago. Those rationale are still relevant today.

    This action in Brittain demonstrates the process by which this freedom can be (and is being) revoked. If can happen anywhere if citizens allow it.

    Crime in general goes up when the criminal feels safe.

    The government routinely makes empty promises to protect citizens, and there are many unnecessary victims who naively believe these false promises.

    Marching and petitions, even legal action, have no real power against a hell-bent government. Governor Jesse Ventura cannot even get his law suit versus US Constitutional Rights trampling tried in a US court:

    Self defense is a many-faceted idea, encompassing aspects like knowledge, awareness, discipline, planning/preparedness/versatility, practice, skills and materials. Martial minded experts will tell you in any confrontation to run, hide, and fight in that order. Your home may be the best or only place to make a stand in a crisis. You may not be able to get out safely, or it may be much more dangerous outside. If you have to fight, it will be any combination of unarmed, melee, and range. Having only a subset of choices can compromise your survival and that of your family.

    These small bones you fight over, ideals and pet peeves and theories, have their value but they are not of *practical* value. I keep a saying near and dear: Hope for the best, plan for the worst. A thug in my house or on the street is serious, but it is small-time compared to a corrupt government or any criminal army laying siege to my community, life, and liberty. Don’t say it won’t happen. It has throughout history, more times than you can shake a stick at it. It may happen in degrees or in a decisive action, and when it does do you want to find yourself without a means to resist other than to throw yourself on the tracks?

    Can you rely on your government? You may wish it were so, but the answer is plain: hell no.

    And never downplay the importance of guns as “deterrent force”. This goes back to thugs, corrupt government, and even armies feeling safe to commit aggression. I remember something Chris said, about the Japanese army in WWII deciding not to attack USA on its home soil because it envisioned “an armed citizen behind every blade of grass”. That’s a powerful statement!

  • mikesg

    Question: why is it that people who are absolutely NOT affected one way or another, insistent upon inserting an opposition or sharing their demand for gun control? If you do not own a gun and do not want to ever own one, why would it bother you if someone else does? Everyone is aware that criminals will ALWAYS have means to get a gun…that’s never going to change…ever. We can throw around statistics forever but the fact remains…someone somewhere will be a victim of a gun related crime where said victim was unable to protect the self due to a law and BECAUSE they obeyed that law.

    My job forbids me to carry a gun at work but I ignore that because I go into some pretty bad neighborhoods in my line of work. I have been mugged and robbed a time or two and my life has been threatened on numerous occasions. I started carrying my handgun to work for this reason. You would never know I have it on my person at ALL times. Of COURSE, if I ever use it at work to defend myself, I will lose my job….but I will go home and hug my wife and children at the end of the day….unemployed…but alive…if the stars and planets are all in perfect alignment allowing me to be successful in my defense. I have shot someone before in self defense, and I would not be here had I not…no question about it. I might not be so lucky next time, but my chances are better than average if I am able to defend myself than they would be if I didn’t even lawfully have the right to do so.

  • David Richardson

    “Question: why is it that people who are absolutely NOT affected one way or another, insistent upon inserting an opposition or sharing their demand for gun control? If you do not own a gun and do not want to ever own one, why would it bother you if someone else does?”

    In a similar vein, those that choose to have the ridiculous number of recommended vaccinations for their child [what is recommended only in the US — and by the way the scientific research backing the clinical effectiveness is minimal for some, while the potential detrimental effects for some are more than anecdotal] should be satisfied their child is now immune to the diseases they have been vaccinated for. So if they believe they work why do they try to force vaccinations on children whose parents have chosen not to have all or any of them? Power, control, and profit are the reasons.

  • mikesg

    David, thanks for that response. On that topic, albeit a whole different discussion and like yourself, Iam not changing the topic, but neither of my 4 children have never had a needle stuck in them….just saying… I totally agree. My wife is a doctor and has studied (extensively) vaccinations… she would not hear of having our children subjected to any vaccine…you would literally have to kill her to get her to agree to have our child vaccinated. They have tried everything they can just short of threatening our lives if we refused…and we did.

  • Professor Z

    The bottom line is simple. The United States is NOT The United KIngdom. The Founding Fathers ensured the people of the United States are born with the right to keep arms, it is an inalienable right guarenteed by the Constitution, THe Law of The Land,in fact, the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to that document. The reason this is also simple. We, the people, are never to be at the mercy of a government no longer interested in operating for the people it was designed to serve.PERIOD.

  • I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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