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  • Nathan Hartman

    Great silver coin with a striking message. Nice coin to get a conversation started.

    Can’t wait to hold one in real life, just as the Trivium I hope will ship for me soon.

  • Hile Brand

    Hi Chris

    Really interesting coins; what a pity they are not available where I live (Switzerland).
    Well, even you consider to bring them to overseas markets one day, it’s too late now for us to get a full collection of all edited silver-shield-silver-bullet medallions since the first 2 versions are out of sale already.
    But this might be the moment for you to think about the fact that there is an interested world outside the US.
    Regards, H.

    • Silver Shield

      They do ship international but you have to contact the directly since we typically burn through our credit card processing and ECheck does not work internationally.
      You have to order 20 ounces or more and they are only going to ship FedEx since too many are getting lost and the email back and forth is ridiculous.
      We are getting local dealers to support international customers.

      • Hile Brand

        (You don’t need to post this statement on the website, because this is also part of the topic “ridiculous message(email) back and forth”:
        I was inquiring with AOCS for the first Medaillon and with silverdoctors to get a purchase quote for the second edition (Trivium) of your nice coins.
        The problem is, that for an individual person buying from Switzerland, shipped by FEDEX or similar priority mail: The coins will cost us here not double the price but the shipping is in no relationship to the value of the coins. And even worse; payment cannot be done by paypal or VISA, but only by banking wire: this is just too complicated!
        If you had some contract dealers here (for Switzerland I suggest to consider: ,with bulk shipping the price could be affordable for many buyers here.
        Anyway, all the best, H.B.

        • Silver Shield

          Could not agree more.

          I would love to have an unlimited credit card merchant account.
          I would love PayPal not to ransoms us for $250,000.
          I would love cheaper and reliable shipping where orders don’t disappear.
          I would love to have many international retail partners.

          But we don’t.

          Trying our best with what we have and appreciate the effort.
          I hope these things will get better and the value of the coins far exceeds any other choices you have.

  • oilberta welder

    howdy, happy new year! i apoligize for being lazy however i think others may wish to know the info as well :-) i have some maple leafs that i am now willing to trade. where would u direct me too.

  • J.J. Kobs

    Excellent work Chris,
    I really enjoy watching and learning from the videos and information you have put together! Missed out on the debt and death offering but I went ahead and paid a premium for some on fleabay which will be arriving this week, but got in on the Trivium’s before the deadline – REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on the Slave Queen!!!!!

  • Nick

    Are the orders shipping soon for the Trivium medallion? I placed an order on the 12th of December. The money was withdrawn a few days later but still haven’t received my merchandise. I’m getting a little nervous that something is wrong. I would like to purchase the new one but would like faster shipping. Thanks!

    • Silver Shield

      They just got in 2 more presses and 3 high speed feeders that will take the production from 5 coins per minute to 75 CPM.

      The only hold up from here is proof blanks which should be here in a few days.

      Contact the mint to find out details.

  • Matthew

    I have 25- 1 oz Canadian Maples with the queen on them. They are in their original tube. Does your offer still stand to do a trade for the slave on coin?

    • Silver Shield

      Contact the mint about trading. It is not ounce for ounce but I bet the premiums the Slave Queen will fetch will make it a compelling trade as opposed to selling then buying Slave Queen.

      • Christopher

        I live in Canada and I am sick and tired of paying tax so our government can send this woman 50million dollars a year!! Where can I buy this coin??

  • Jonathan Frammingham

    The coin is looking great and I’ve shot an email off to the mint. But I’m confused, was this not meant to be a limited mintage of a set number per member or have I missed an announcement somewhere?

    • Silver Shield

      SSR Members will get to buy limited edition 2012 Bu/proof slave queen along with a limited edition New Years coin.
      These are 2013 BU Slave Queens available until March.

  • J.J. Kobs

    Would love to get a 2012 slave queen proof/bu too… perhaps I missed something but what is an SSR membership?

    • Silver Shield

      Silver Shield Report

    • J.J. Kobs

      Sorry figured out the Silver Shield Report but forogt it showed as closed… I am signed up on and on Sons of Liberty already… Any chance of getting a 2012 slave queen other then Ebay if I am not an SSR member?

  • sanity

    this is insane

    • Silver Shield

      What? Calling out the bloody Anglo American empire and changing the consciousness of the people who actively or passively support the Debt and Death paradigm?

      If someone does not say the emperor has no clothes, this will go on for another thousand years.

      Stop self regulating and live in truth.

      • silverfiend

        Hi Chris, any discount for SSR members for the Slave queen medallions like they had for the first couple of days of the other releases?

  • wth?

    I have purchased both the SBSS and Trivium (71 total). The SBSS was delayed, and the Trivum was supposed to ship and arrive in time for christmas, but only well after the fact do I get an email explaining that they are delayed, but with no delivery date given.

    That problem was supposed to be eliminated because the Trivium coins were minted prior to becoming available (at least that’s what was said on the interviews).

    Now you are selling a new coin…Would you mind finishing the last sale before you jump into a new one? You are doing a good thing but I’m starting to feel jerked around here.

    • Silver Shield

      I understand and the only reason I gave the to ahead with BU queen is because they have two more presses and have high speed auto feeders making production from 5 coins per minute to 75 coins per minute.

      This should bang out the trivium BU and keep up with Slave Queen BU.

      I did delay two limited editions coins for members and the Proof Queen because there is a backlog of Trivium Proof and until the Proof blanks arrive this week we are going to wait to get them done before selling any more premium coins.

    • never again

      atleast you got an email. mine have been ignored for well over a week. order placed 12/3 and still not shipped.

  • Lance Krueger

    I bought Trivium medallions and proofs. i ordered over 30 days ago. have not received them yet. SO???
    Why are peoples shorts in a knot?? Are you going to turn around and sell them on ebay tomorrow? the proofs are already selling for $149.!! You got an excellent value, a beautiful coin, AND made by an american company paying american taxes!!!
    It has been growing pains, I appreciate the company telling me what is going on.
    I will get them when I get them.
    GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT COMPANY! I will make money if I choose to sell them.
    Only wish I had bought more.
    Thank You for your hard work.
    Spend less time appeasing customers and more time doing the job you would rather be doing, I would guess.

  • Ok

    Understood. To bad those machines can’t stamp out lower receivers eh?

    Looking forward to receving the Trivium coins. Will be ordering some of the new version as well.

  • Teresa


    You had some credibility before this. I’ve watched all your videos and agreed with a lot of what you said. But this is pathetic. The whole video is conjecture and nonsense.

    That picture of Prince Harry in Nazi costume at a fancy dress party? Below the belt, man. It was a fancy dress party! Harry apologised for the faux pas. He was just a kid. He’s now a soldier, serving in Afghanistan, on active duty, alongside thousands of British and American soldiers. He didn’t ask to be born into that family, but he volunteered for that job.

    You’ve gone too far this time. Do you know what propaganda is? You’re churning it out every week. I’ll take a silver Britannia or a 9999 Maple Leaf over your BU any day.

    And no, I’m not a Royalist.

    • Silver Shield

      Given the disgusting history of the German linage British Royal family and their connection with the creation of the Nazis it is beyond appalling behavior. While Harry probably does not know his history as well as I do it does show a certain bent towards fascism over freedom. So I will just write him off as a spoiled brat.

      You on the other hand have been presented evidence of beyond supporting Nazis but supporting probably the longest lasting empires that has sought battle with 9 out of the 10 nations on earth to spread debt and death. If you take pride in that then I cannot help your sickness.

      I am an American and was a Marine and when I saw what an twisted foreign policy my country has spreading debt and death I could no longer passively stand by and support this way of life.

      The debt and death empires are going to fall and those that most blind follow and depend on it will fall the hardest. I implore you to start taking active account of what you are really supporting with your energies and start embracing the opposite consciousness.

      • David Richardson

        I actually prefer the term or slogan “debt and war” over debt and death, as war includes death plus a lot of suffering of many types that go along with it, like the suffering of the people from government-imposed “sanctions”. Some would prefer death over starvation and ravaging disease.

        So the imperialism embraced under the banner of being the world’s protector includes spreading debt, war, and other crimes like sanctions [which have no effect on the ruling elites], but hurt the people rather than their political leaders.

      • Teresa

        I’m not a royalist. I’m just a level headed Brit with a reasonable understanding of history. And I know bullshit when I smell it. The Royal family’s German connections are well documented. As is their Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, French and Italian heritage. For centuries, it was normal for European royalty to marry amongst themselves. Does Duane even know this? There have been times when German connections were cool. There have been times where German connections have been uncool. Things change.

        If the fact that some Germans were Nazis for a while is bothering Duane, maybe he should consider that, for all his evildoing, Hitler was smart enough to know what caused the Weimar hyperinflation, and how to put an end to it. He just chose the wrong methods. Very wrong.

        All of Britain knows that the Duke of Edinburgh “Phil the Greek” NOT “Phil the German” is a twit who walks around with his foot permanently lodged in his mouth. But that’s not the point. Duane is going to lose a lot of support from the Brits if he carries on. He doesn’t seem to grasp that the Queen has virtually no political clout.

        A lot of Brits want to keep the Royal family. And even those who aren’t fans have to admit that for 68p per year per person they are a bargain. A national treasure.

        Having a Royal Family used to annoy me, but now I’m older I really don’t mind them. For one thing, the Queen has very little influence in government. She’s really just a figurehead. Another plus is that tourists come from all round the world to see the Queen and Buckingham Palace and the cool guards. The amount of income this generates for our economy is far, far, far greater than the amount it costs to keep the Royal Family. They’re an asset, not a liability. If you saw the crowds of Americans outside Buckingham Palace getting all excited and trying to get a glimpse of the Queen, you’d understand.

        BTW, for a long time now, the Queen and other Royals have been paying income tax, just like the rest of us. And our Princes both serve in the armed forces. Prince Harry has been serving in Afghanistan. He isn’t getting special privileges. My mate (also serving in Afghanistan) outranks him.

        One final thing to consider is, these guys don’t have any choice. They were born into the family. So they’re expected to perform their duty. Traveling round the world, meeting people, shaking hands, watching parades, tribal dances, opening public buildings… it’s endless. Their whole lives they do this. It’s actually work. They can’t even retire. The Queen is 86 and she’s still working. She’s got to work until she DIES.

        So who’s the slave, Duane?

        Prince Charles has been working all his life too. He’s near retirement age. And he hasn’t even started his job of being king yet!

        I don’t hate the royal family, I feel sorry for them. And I feel kind of proud that the UK is different from most other countries.

        As for the monarchy in Canada, well, I guess it’s the same. It’s all about tradition, not power. The Queen doesn’t interfere in government. Incidentally, one of the most important responsibilities the Queen has is to “ensure that a democratically elected government is always in place.” In Britain. In Canada too. Many Canadians don’t realise that Canada only got a decent government in the first place because of the monarchy.

        • John Kimble

          Theresa wrote:

          “Another plus is that tourists come from all round the world to see the Queen and Buckingham Palace and the cool guards.

          BTW, for a long time now, the Queen and other Royals have been paying income tax, just like the rest of us. And our Princes both serve in the armed forces.”

          LMAO, what series of propaganda BS.

          We’ll let you live in ignorance.

          Queen and the rest of the criminals are finally going down.

          PS – Chris has very gentle and not violent on this coin. As one guy suggested, the slogan on the coin could be:

          “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last banker.”


        • intothevoid

          for those royal apologists like teresa, who think the royal family are just figureheads and have no political clout:

          The extent of the Queen and Prince Charles’ secretive power of veto over new laws has been exposed after Downing Street lost its battle to keep information about its application secret.

          Whitehall papers prepared by Cabinet Office lawyers show that overall at least 39 bills have been subject to the most senior royals’ little-known power to consent to or block new laws. They also reveal the power has been used to torpedo proposed legislation relating to decisions about the country going to war.

          The internal Whitehall pamphlet was only released following a court order and shows ministers and civil servants are obliged to consult the Queen and Prince Charles in greater detail and over more areas of legislation than was previously understood.

          The new laws that were required to receive the seal of approval from the Queen or Prince Charles cover issues from higher education and paternity pay to identity cards and child maintenance.


    • Gareth

      Ginger nut Harry isn’t Charles’ boy anyway, LOL

      Naughty Diana

    • Gareth

      Excellent blog about the demented ‘Royal’ family, Teresa.

      Do yourself a favour a read a bit :-)

      • FlyingCloud

        Gareth, I once read somewhere, that Diana was a Stuart, and the guy she had an affair with was also a Stuart, so Harry is pure Stuart, no Windsor. That’s why some people would prefer to see him on the throne, finally. Didn’t Fulford mention it once in a while that there are powerful circles, who claim that the Queen, Charles and William should resingn, in Harry’s favour? Maybe all rumours, maybe not.

        btw, is there ANY pro-Stuart movement in the UK? against these Windsor throne thieves, or do they and their City of London friends have everything under control?

        • Gareth

          So, you’re stating that Harry is an inbred? LOL, maybe.

          Look at this pic and tell me he isn’t James Hewitt’s boy though:

          I’m unaware of any movements to replace the Windsor line with the Stuarts, but I obviously don’t know everything that goes on here. I’m well aware of the campaigns – plural – to expose the kiddy-fiddling Windsor scum, though.

          • FlyingCloud

            yeah, it is said that this James Hewitt has Stuart genes, like Diana. But I doubt that they were close enough related to call it “inbreeding”.

            And that’s what I think, too. Most British people accept the fact that the Windsors are where they are and don’t question, how they came there. So the Windsors are still in control of their “story”. Ok, they have the Rothschild media behind them, that helps a lot. They love to be seen as harmless, powerless yellow press figures, that doesn’t harm them, it only helps hiding their real power.

            But some growing Stuart murmur would alarm them, believe me.

      • Teresa

        Oh, every family’s got scandal if you look back far enough, Gareth. LOL! It’s all documented, all public knowledge, all standard fare for dinner party banter.

        I just want Duane to realise that if he bashes the Royal family, he bashes Britain.

        It’s our politicians we should be bashing. I truly believe that the last man to enter the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions was in 1605. 😉

        Duane has probably never been to Britain and, like Many Americans, he has only a sketchy idea of how our country works. He doesn’t even know the difference between Britain and “England”. He thinks it’s all about the Queen.

        The worst thing about all of this is that he’s crossed the line and he’s now preaching hate. It’s propaganda. I happen to be extremely knowledgeable on the subject of the last time an American tried to incite the British people to rise up against their government. Colonel William Tate. His notion of how to reach the British people was as baffling as what I see above in “Slave Queen” but at least he knew his target should be the government, and not the monarchy. 😉

        • Silver Shield

          Get over yourself. I am attacking one of the oldest dealers of debt and death in the world.
          That “royal” family has invaded 9/10 of of the world spreading debt and death.
          They supported the Nazis.
          They decimated China with the opium wars.
          They invaded the US… Twice.
          The are at the heart of the global criminal banking system.
          They launder drug money.

          The criminal elite of Britian is NOT Britian anymore that the criminal elite in this country represent the average joe.

          Think about what you are defending?
          Stunning ignorance on your part.

          • Teresa

            You’re making progress, Duane. It’s not Britian, Duane, it’s Britain. B.R.I.T.A.I.N. And if that’s too hard to spell, just say the UK.

            It doesn’t matter what the British Empire did, any more than it matters what the Roman Empire did. It’s all in the past. History. Archaeology. We learn our lessons and we move on.

            If we carried your reasoning to its logical conclusion, we would have to kick all the caucasians from North America and restore the lands to the Innuit and the American Indians.

            Of far greater concern to me is the over-reaching, world policing, authoritarian empire that calls itself the United States of America.

            I live in the here and now. I can’t change what was, I can only strive to change what IS. The governments and the financial systems. I am not wasting my energy. I am stacking and teaching and leading.

            I am not preaching hate.

            Maybe it’s time you took a vacation, a sabbatical. “I am attacking one of the oldest dealers of debt and death in the world.” speaks volumes for your mindset. You’ve lost your way, Duane. Slavery is not the answer, but neither is the hate and mindless anarchy you are preaching now. It’s people doing what you’re doing now that spread hate and incite violence. Quit it, please.

            • 0ld-shekel

              Personally , I can tell you its not an history and not in the past .
              The conflict which UK created in my country is still on fire and getting worse every day .

              That’s the problem when you sit calm in UK and think everything is Ok and we have to move on like nothing happend .

              The british empire did so many bad things to the world like using and conquering all resources , exchanging weapons for food , selling drugs to get a cup of tea , helping tha banking system , holding slaves etc etc .
              Some people are living with the consequences TODAY .

              I’m glad that my grandfather was a resistance soldier against the UK and helped to kick the english people out of our lands in about 3 years (its a remarkable achievement compare to others parts of the world who fought the UK) .

          • FlyingCloud

            Chris, The Windsors in person of King Edward supported the Nazis for 5 minutes, until the real rulers, the City of London (as a synonym for Rothschild, Bank of England) took King Edward out, like you said correctly. Because the City of London prepared a war against Germany, worked on demonizing the Germans – so they didn’t need a King with sympathies for Germany.

            Many of the evil actions you attribute to the Windsors were in fact actions of the Rothschilds & Co. behind them. That doesn’t excuse the Britsh royals, as the royals and the bankers always cooperated very well.

            Don’t let this upset you, Chris, Teresa’s posts are a perfect picture of the harmless British Royal image in public. Most of the people don’t have any idea of their real actions.

            • Silver Shield

              I know who the true masters of the Anglo American Empire is and who is the figure head.

              Teresa will be like many that will be initially repulsed by the cognitive dissonance it produces and will ignore or seek bias confirming sources or over time they will seek to end the cognitive dissonance by accepting the reality and going through the 5 Stages of Awakening.

              This is not a battle of militaries or finances, it is a battle of consciousness and what we actively or passively support in our lives. This coin will be a powerful weapon.

              • Teresa

                Cognitive dissonance, my @rse. I am fully awake, Duane. I’m a trained scientist and, much like Chris Martenson, I can read a graph. I understand the exponential nature of debt and where we are in the debt cycle. It’s just math.

                I can ride a horse, build a shelter and make fire. I understand solar power, hydroelectricity and wind turbines. I have contacts. I’m not stupid. I’m scouting for a small farm right now. Up in the mountains. And not just in my country. I’ve got bugout bags and boltholes, a fully serviced 4×4. What part of TSHTF do you think I’m not ready for?

                When it happens, I’m gone. Out of here. They won’t see me for dust, Duane. I’m going to live peacefully, and worry free. The only thing that repulses me is your bellicose preaching of hatred.

                Our Queen is the slave, Duane. She and all who succeed her to the throne. She’s 86 and still in our service. Her successor will have reached the age of retirement before he even assumes his biggest official duty. He’s spent his entire life in our service. You show your ignorance by not realising that. The cognitive dissonance is yours. You’ve watched too many movies, Duane. And I don’t think you’ve ever been to the UK, have you? You dodged that question every time.

                If you want to change things, go after government and the banks, not monarchy. And stop preaching hate. It doesn’t become you.

  • Sandor Bors

    You are doing a good thing. I received my Triviums as promised. I showed them to my wife and she loved them and wanted to present them as awards for academic/civic success at a local Jesuit high school where she teaches! Their motto is “Men for others” and it would seem fitting to present such a coin! Keep it up and never look back.


  • 0ld-shekel

    Thank you Chris for another great coin & video .

    I just learned how the “royal” family was well connected to the nazis and that explains how they divided in order to conqure .
    I’m now sure that “they” created the Israeli-palestinian conflict …

    Thank’s again !

  • Gareth

    F’in excellent :-)

    Glad it’s on for three months, not just one. If a tube of twenty is the minimum purchase to Ol’ blighty, then twenty it is.

    Keep goin’


    • Teresa

      Gareth, there’s no Capital Gains Tax on silver Britannias when you sell them, because they’re legal tender. I buy them for £23.75 delivered. I get my Eagles for £23 delivered. 😉

      • David Richardson

        “there’s no Capital Gains Tax on silver Britannias when you sell them, because they’re legal tender”. As a citizen of the UK you would know, but expect that to change. Increasingly insolvent governments want taxes, and when silver rises significantly priced in pounds government will try to get “their fair share”.

  • FlyingCloud

    The interaction of German and British history is more complicated than to be shown in a small clip.

    -It is a fact, that the British Royals are from German “Black Nobility” origin. It is worth while to look into the “Black Nobility” in general, as all those evil and influential dynasties belong to the top Elite until today. It is true, that the British Royals cover their German roots under the “Windsor” pseudonym.

    -It is an interesting piece of history how these German aristocrats took over the British throne from the Stuarts with a lot of tricks and with massive help from the founders of the Bank of England. I wonder if there is any kind of pro-Stuart movement today in the UK? There should be.

    -But the Queen isn’t the regent of the exterritorial “City of London”. She needs the banksters’ permission to even enter that square mile.

    -It is also true that Great Britain together with the City of London bankers started both World Wars to keep their Empire up against the ambitious Germans (and as the victors, they wrote the history we know today).

    -Were Hitler and the German Nazis really these monsters, or how much of this is victors’ history? Check vho .org to explore a different version of World War history.

    – It’s even an interesting discussion, how much the Nazis were “collectivists”.

    -It’s an interesting fact, that the German economy rose after 1933 not because of the US money like many sources suggest, but because in 1933, Germany changed their money system from private central banking to a real, state owned central bank. Strange one doesn’t hear about this? well, “they” don’t want any other country to follow that successful concept. read more:

    About the coin… I hated to see the Queen on the Kookaburra coins I once bought, so this is a good joke. But all these symbols, skull, all seeing eye etc…. is it sensible to circulate them once more…? I know, it’s for waking people up. Hope it works.

    • marz

      Careful there…or you might be called neonazi holocaust denier. It is often conveniently forgotten that there is something called “victor´s history”. The reductio ad hitlerum becomes too predictable after a while. Adolf: bad guy. Josef: first bad, later not so. Winston&FDR: good guys. Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki…well, let´s call it retaliation.
      Good post.

      • FlyingCloud

        “neonazi holocuast denier”, that’s the slogans, they hide their version of history behind, and that’s how they want to stop people asking questions. But we’re here to question everything, so…

        Yes, they call it retaliation. But if one imagines just for a short time that the Germans didn’t do ANY monstrosities (no sixmillions, no cianyde – check vho .org for more info), with this imagination in mind, one gets a glimpse of what really happened in Germany, it was the same pattern like everytime, like in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Libya, everywhere:

        An ambitious leader cooperated with the Rothschild bankers, took money and whatever support. But then, in power, Hitler stopped to do what they wanted. He founded a non-Rothschild central bank, deposed the WWI sanctions etc. So it happened what always happens, until today. A lot of defamation, “bad dictator” chatter, under cover “rebel” infiltration, false flag events and war preparations. Like in Vietnam, Iraq and evereywhere – the brutal Rothschild hordes (the “allies”) brought death and debt. And called it humanitarian.

        As Germany had a strong military, the Rothschild bankers had to thrive the entire world against them. The Germans did no monstrosities, but defended themselves, quite effectively but without unproper brutality. And the Germans got a lot, a big lot of “retaliation”:

        The bomb war destroyed every bigger German city and killed far over a million civilians. In US Army led death camps, over a million disarmed German soldiers were starved intentionally. German industry was totally dismanteled. A policy of starvation causing the deaths of many millions of German civilians. German patents worth trillions of dollars were robbed. Large parts of Germany into Poland and the USSR were annexed. These territories were not disputed borderlands but consisted of 20% of the entire German territory. The twelve million Germans living in these regions were robbed of their property and brutally expelled. More than two millions perished during this most heinous ethnic cleansing of world history. And not to forget the billions after billions of redemption payments to Israel and Zionist organizations. And, on top, the fairy tale of world’s worst Nazi monster Hitler and the “good war of good allies”, to hide behind – until today.

        Of course we don’t learn these things at school. But who is in control of what we learn at school.

  • Silverseeker123

    Looks like the Slave Queen is going to live up to her advance billing! A simultaneously evocative and provocative design; a perfect continuation of the series. At the outset, I hoped you might see a million ounce edition as at least one of your designs would either set or catch fire in the heart or minds of the general public… The sooner the better! Teresa’s discomfort personifies the essence of a global quandry; a notion that today’s quaint Monarchy is simply good tourist business and earns its keep, lol! Sadly, she may simultaneously be accurate: That the family may well have long since lost control and be slaves of their own fate. This irony only strengthens reason for a Silver Bullet and Silver Shield Silver Medallion with the Slave Queen featured!

  • Silver Shield


    I did not dodge the question, I did not see it as important. The people are not well represented by their criminal elite much like the US. The problem is what we passively put up with in our lives.

    I have travelled to London twice and besides the awful food and weather I hated the fact that there was so many cameras in your Orwellian nightmare, but the think I find most distasteful was the how people fawned over their masters in a Brave New World enmbracing slavery.

    Royal family serving you?! What a joke? The richest people serving you? Yeah like Lloyd Blankfein does Gods work.

    You maybe prepped but you are so blind. I started the video saying the Rothschilds were the heat and she is the figure head but man will not be free until we throw off these parasites and start embracing the freedom in our hands.

    Now for the question you avoid…
    Where is the hate? I gave facts and you embrace your slavery.

  • intothevoid

    i didn’t know facts and truth could be misconstrued as hate.

    sounds to me like a spoonful of ‘stockholm syndrome’ is the order of the day for people like teresa.

    if you ascribe to being a sovereign individual, then you should have no need for a ruling class, let alone a monarchy.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I agree with intothevoid as I was reading all the comments I kept feeling like Teresa was suffering from stockholm syndrome as well. I have been to the UK several times and Mr. Duane is correct the food is awful and the intrusive cameras are creepy! I did enjoy walking by the palace it was beautiful but the slaves seem to be the guards in front protecting it what programed tools, waste of life in my view LOL I prefer Amsterdam when traveling to Europe.

  • illuminoughtu

    So Teresa,

    In effect, your assertion is that the Royals are slaves to the bankers? Hmmm. More like they are just the clients, but one hand washes the other, no? They are quick to run every Jedi mind trick on the ‘subjects’ to make them believe that they (the subjects) are the clients, but that is a gross deception. Your bank account in the hundreds of billions, like theirs, is it? Wise up.

  • illuminoughtu

    Sorry, my error, …trillions.

  • vincenzo

    lol, this coin is going to make serious waves. better than jerry springer i tell you

  • MO

    To: Silver Shield
    I ordered a few of the Trivium: they are great coins, but one of them did come with a few defects. Do I simply eat this, or is there a process to make this right? I appreciate what you guys are doing.

    • Silver Shield

      You can contact them and I am sure they will make this right but I would think twice about this as this maybe a highly valued collectors piece in the future. Most mints put out millions of perfect pieces with no distinction from any of them. Because of the lack of perfection at this new mint there are many inconsistencies that are making into circulation that may make for collectors interest in the future. I know in my Star Wars collection discolorations or larger heads make for vastly higher valuation as they are far more rare than the run of the mill.

      The debt and death have probably the most inconsistencies I have some that look golden because they did not clean the dies properly. I was originally upset at the imperfection but realized that this is not like all of the other ones and now I display that one with the different ones I own.

      It might be a fun project to start cataloging these imperfections. What is the Trivium imperfection you have?

  • Silvercollector

    Just check shipping prices from mint in USA – £89 for shipping.
    Is there anywhere nearer / cheaper to buy these coins?

    • Silver Shield

      We are lining up international partners for foreign customers.
      Cheap shipping has too many problems and it is not worth the headache.
      Secure shipping is more expensive.
      They will ship mint direct for orders of 20 or more with secure shipping.

  • dippydan

    Being from Canada, I was especially interested in the news that SilverGoldBull would been offering these coins for sale.
    Funny thing is though that the link at the top of the order page(stating SGB as the goto place) wasn’t a link to them at all. It is a link to the Silver Doctors website, based in Ohio.
    Any clarification available? And what of the Trivium T-shirts, will you ship clothes to Canada?

    • Silver Shield

      The mint will ship to Canada but they are only going to do FedEx which is not cheap but it shows up on time and does not get lost. We would prefer to have partners do international to save on shipping but if they do not handle it call the mint.

  • Donald

    Just a thought about doing international business and money handling between USA and France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK using Quite simple really but why don’t they include Switzerland? I have asked, yet no reply but maybe some day? Otherwise, why not try it? You may be pleasantly surprised. Have fun with it too. I have had great success between USA and UK already, very quick and reliable.

  • Lmo Mutton

    Just got my Slave Queens and the T Shirt.
    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

    And the coins are nice too./sarc

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