BrotherJohnF- The Coming Silver Super Spike

We discuss

(1) How the Fiscal Cliff was a joke. The real fiscal cliff will be higher interest rates + higher inflation.

(2) Who is in worse shape: Japan or the U.S.

(3) How silver prices may suddenly spike in a few years.

1 comment to BrotherJohnF- The Coming Silver Super Spike

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    some independent sources say that Japan is the richest #1 creditor nation in the world partly because the citizens there: a. saved and lent all of that debt to their own government by themselves, b. 2nd biggest lender to OUR government as well, c. own many “US” companies and businesses that most are not even aware of, such as 7-11 etc. d. are NOT in debt like we are over our heads for mortgages etc. (although there are exceptions). Their country/companies are mostly owned by them. Japan is (recently) the 3rd biggest economy, a little behind China but their population is less than half of ours, getting smaller, and much smaller than China, and their production of wealth is not measured in $ worth of lawsuits, $ worth of insurance policies, and $ of “service” but rather more in technology such as advanced cars, heat pump components, chip manufacturing, ceramics, etc. When the US $ is no longer backed by oil, perhaps there is not much left over to back it since most of the fungible companies here (Chrysler, Anheiser-Busch, 7-11, etc) have already been sold off to foreigners to pay for the otherwise free stuff we have been importing…..

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