Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix ?

Elite Neo-Nazis … Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix and the Imposition of Global Government?

By Anthony Wile

This is perhaps the biggest Trojan Horse-oriented story I may ever write.

I use the term “I” advisedly because much of what goes on here at The Daily Bell is a team effort. But it’s my mug that goes on these editorials. And I stand behind them.

It is THE story The Daily Bell was created to write.

There is a storm coming. It is not hyperinflation I’m speaking of. It’s not even global government.

It is the KIND of global government that is being created.

Follow along with me and you will understand EXACTLY what “they” are doing and how they intend to do it.

We arrive at these conclusions as we always do, using facts to intuit patterns.

The patterns are what we call the dominant social themes of the elite.

There are a number of recent patterns we’ve identified that we haven’t been able to put into a fully cohesive order. That’s how it is when you spend your time watching the top elites, the ones that control central banking and are worth collectively many TRILLIONS of dollars.

They are not exactly a different species. But F. Scott Fitzgerald had it right. The “rich” … the REAL rich are different than you and me.

They spend their professional lives on elaborate plots that shake the world. They think nothing of displacing or even murdering mass numbers of people.

They plan inter-generationally. They operate an “open conspiracy.” They control almost the entire world with the exception perhaps of Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Only recently have they hammered Iraq and Libya and are in the process of instituting forced Islamic conformity in Syria – all under the cloak of instituting “democracy.”

And now they are making their move. What we call the Internet Reformation has forced their hand, in my view.

They are moving quickly to create world government.

This article is about the KIND of world government they are creating.

I became aware of this while doing research on RT, rapidly emerging to join the world’s leading TV and ‘Net-based TV networks. I’ve appeared on RT but scaled back my appearances over the past year – despite very kind requests for interviews – because I was vaguely uncomfortable.

Now I know why.

What I discovered is that RT is part of a Hegelian Dialectic to implement a certain kind of world government. Top leaders of Russian-based media moguls affiliated with RT behind the scenes appear to come from the former KGB (along with Vladamir Putin). Additionally, they are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Economic Forum, Chatham House and other elite facilities. That’s a fact. Look it up.

And lately RT has begun using the language of Occupy Wall Street, apparently a George Soros-funded and controlled false-flag operation.

RT supports programs by Julian Assange, a former writer for the British Round Table (Rothschild) controlled Economist magazine, which used to award him prizes. WikiLeaks is probably another false flag, in our view.

RT, one of the fastest growing media conglomerates in the world, is a Russian Intel operation that puts libertarian faces on their channel for purposes of credibility, in my humble opinion. But it is not a free-market channel.

Yes, dear reader, I believe it is part of a pincer movement to create a certain kind of world government and simply another cog in the international media matrix – right up there with the CNNs and Fox News networks of the world. They are just playing at the margins – closest in appearance to free-market biased news reporting.

I am not going to appear on RT anymore. Libertarians and freedom-loving types in the alternative media should think hard before participating in RT programs, as well.

Leave RT appearances to the “other part” of the alternative media.

I won’t name names, but strip out the libertarian appearances and you are left with a certain kind of “alternative media” guest.

– It is a guest raging against Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and the corruption of capitalism.

– It is a guest seeking government control of money.

– It is a guest who seeks to use the genocidal power of the US penitentiary Gulag to “punish” Wall Street bankers.

– It is a guest who seeks “control” of central banking rather than its downfall.

– It is a guest who would not be opposed to neo-Pecora hearings of the sort that started the full-fledged downfall of modern capitalism in the 1930s. These hearings are apparently already being prepared in the bowels of Washington DC committees.

These hearings are of integral importance because they will fully bring capitalism under control of the public sector. Today’s Wall Street is bad enough. I have no sympathy for it. Henceforth, politicians will control all aspects of finance under the further control (at arm’s length) of the top banking elites.

The government being formed in the US is the government that will rule the world. It will be run by the power elite from the City of London, the Vatican, Washington DC and probably Jerusalem with sub-nodes in Brussels, Moscow and Beijing.

All these entities shall be powers unto themselves, enclaves separate from the nation-states in which they reside.

The government now being formed will have a certain character.

– It will be a government where legalisms outweigh natural law.

– It will be globalist but highly nationalist in its vocabulary.

– It will be free-market in its positioning but in actuality, control will reside with the government itself when it comes to money and other issues of real import.

– It will control all aspects of people’s lives including, most importantly, their consumption of energy.

Now that I understand RT’s involvement, the strategy is clear. Just like the increasingly controlled non-libertarian and leftist portion of the alternative media, at least some of RT’s rhetoric directly or indirectly bolsters efforts to:

– Undermine what is left of the capitalist system via Occupy Wall Street and other such movements.

– Jail the domestic banking class.

– Create a national central bank under control of the “people.”

– Put money under control of the “government.”

– Put industry under control of the government (see GM) but let it function with some day-to-day latitude.

– Elevate the status of the military and make a cult of its “heroes.”

– Further develop an invasive security apparatus to protect people from “terrorism.”

Are you getting the picture yet? All this is speculative but it fits together.

The government being formed is a totalitarian NAZI-style government. Not a communist one as people have been led to expect … and fear.

And eventually, it will devolve into mere totalitarianism and even genocide.

But the “ism” is important for now because it is going to be how we will get there.

The totalitarian state is being built as I write. Over at, Paul Rosenberg recently posted an article entitled It’s Happening Faster Than Even I Thought. It begins as follows:

2012 has been a banner year for amoral marketers and soul-dead overseers, and the situation is probably much worse than you realize. Allow me to illustrate it briefly:
•The NSA is spying on every American, and very deeply spying on us.
•A surveillance system has been installed inside of Facebook.
•AT&T has been giving all of its Internet traffic to the NSA since at least 2006.
•Union thugs have no problem intercepting emails.
•Newspapers are having no problems intercepting emails.
•Stores are now installing face recognition systems.
•The FedGuv is paying big bucks for systems to “predict crime.”
•The FBI is building a nation-wide facial recognition system.
•Biometric identification is being rolled out in grammar schools.

The power elite likes to work with opposites. Peace is war, prosperity is inflation, etc.

Nazi Germany has been pilloried in the West for 75 years. But it lives through the reflective political regime that is now being put into place in the US and eventually throughout the world.

It is the regime the power elite prefers because it maintains a pretense of capitalism within a government that is highly adaptable to the mercantilist control the power elite likes to exercise.

In other words, the elites shall run their neo-Nazi government behind the scenes. The only real difference will be that Hitler ran it out front. We’ve written about this National Socialist model here: Poison of Neo-National Socialist Public Banking. So has economist Gary North.

The current power elite was behind the rise of National Socialism in Germany. Swiss banks administered, sheltered and assisted in funding it. The US Bush family had some of its assets seized over support of Nazi Germany.

In a 2010 article entitled Cheerleader for Hitler’s Economics, Gary North persuasively laid out the modern parallels between the government fiat-money crowd and pre-World War II boosterism for National Socialist economics. He writes:

Ellen Brown is a lawyer by profession, a Greenbacker by confession, and a fan of Adolf Hitler’s economics by consistency.

She is quite open about her support for National Socialism’s economics, as I shall demonstrate. What is depressing is this: she is getting a respectful hearing in Tea Party circles. Her book, The Web of Debt (2006), is widely cited on the World Wide Web. As of early October, 2010, a Google search for “Ellen Brown” and “Web of Debt” generated close to 600,000 hits. This is huge.

Here is a tactical problem. For two generations, conservatives have been shouted down by the Left with this accusation: “Fascist!” Ellen Brown is now making this accusation plausible. Yet the great irony is this: Ellen Brown is a Leftist. There is nothing even remotely free market or conservative about The Web of Debt. It is a call for a Federally funded welfare state. She praises the New Deal. She praises John Maynard Keynes. She has only one objection to their recommended programs: governments borrowed money to fund them. She wants a welfare state that is funded entirely by paper money printed by Congress. She is about as conservative as Nancy Pelosi.

It is this movement that RT seems to be covertly supporting. Were Gary North to write another article on the subject (he wrote so many so well that Ms. Brown refuses to debate him anymore), he might focus on how the power elite of the day was behind the rise of National Socialist economics in the US.

Personally, I’m no expert on the 1930s but I believe I can see elite handprints all over this modern-day revival.

For me, it is no coincidence that George W. Bush named his most invasive, anti-freedom security apparatus “Homeland Security” with its echoes of the “Fatherland.” The Nazi model with its emphasis on eugenics and invasive state supervision of the private sector is the preferred model of the coming world government.

It will not be built upon a platform of the current regulatory democracy.

Nor will it be socialist.

Or communist.

Our overlords are planning global Nazism of the kind they first installed and then destroyed in Germany.

They are nearly there, in my view. China’s model is already a Nazi one. Russia’s, too, in many ways. The BRICs have similar models.

The EU has been compared to the USSR but Nazi Germany might be a better model.

We write a lot about the Internet Reformation here at The Daily Bell. My hope is that the free-flow of information will create a pushback that will disallow the creation of a global Nazi regime.

I’m doing my part by writing this article.

Sure, maybe it will go down the memory hole. But one day people will remember.

Make no mistake. It was the power elite that helped fund Hitler, just as the Internet has revealed to us that the West funded what became the Soviet Union.

The intergenerational power elite always has preparatory runs. But I think the future world government will be based on the Nazi model – if it gets that far. I hope it won’t.

The same great families are now re-erecting what they first built in Europe 75 years ago. Oh, and please do not bother writing feedback asking us to list names. We do not do that here at The Daily Bell. However, feel free to search “who is the power elite” and you will undoubtedly find many suggestive answers.

Let me add that it is truly difficult to write this editorial, as I enjoyed the people I met working with RT, especially their international news producer with whom I had regular contact. I have no doubt there are many genuinely well-meaning individuals working for RT. As with any big media organization, only the few at the top know the real agenda. But I cannot sit by silently and not share my opinion.

The Daily Bell is where I will continue to publish and share my thoughts.

Come hell or high water we will continue to spell out what we see as gross violations against individualism and humanity as a result of power elite manipulations.

Help spread the word about The Daily Bell. Let people know we know. Let THEM know.

They are deathly afraid of the Internet Reformation – or should be.

It is our hope. And yours, too.

10 comments to Is Russia Today (RT) Part of the Controlled Media Matrix ?

  • James Woroble Jr

    Of course it is. Were it not so, it would be given the same mass media play as a pro-Hitler documentary.

    Lenin – “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    Know that when they poison you, its not with a tall glass of 100% cyanide, its with 99% refreshment and 1% toxin.

  • James Woroble Jr

    >>> ‘Make no mistake. It was the power elite that helped fund Hitler…”

    Half true. They did initially, BUT HE TOOK THEIR MONEY, THEN TURNED ON THE RAT(Z)!

    Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude
    — Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel

  • Obviously it is, bud, it wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ on British TV if it wasn’t.

    Best to turn off your TV set.

  • James Woroble Jr


    “Do precisely what the enemy doesn’t want you to do, if only for the reason that he doesn’t want you to do it!” — Napoleon Bonaparte

    ‘NDAA bans Iran’s Press TV from U.S. airwaves’

    RT will have credibility the day it is banned by the commissars at NDAA. Until then, it will be found to serve their agenda.

  • James Woroble Jr

    ‘The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition’

  • johan

    No duh, Putin is an Elitist along with the rest of them, but to say he’s part of the monolithic psychos that control the western powers completely with lesser influence in Russia and former Soviet states is perhaps join a bit too far. I hate the lesser of two evils concept, it’s part of the dialectics, but no one’s really loyal to RT, they just need a breather from total lies like CNN or FOXNEWS. We want info, and RT can give us a not so corrupted view of things… In the end though we’re the ones who need to be smart on what we believe… Max Keiser for example quashed the Occupy movement on Keiser Report… Goes to show that even if the Network is questionable at least, the reporters are still quite independent…

  • Steve


    I find it very interesting that, the day after you published this on DTOM, RT canceled their show Capital Account. They had two killer guests on that day, one who basically deconstructed the whole metals manipulation myth…WITHOUT being pro-Fed/central bank. Certainly that wasn’t the direct cause (Lauren Lister signed off with the bad news), but what is your take on this particular incident? Further evidence of your argument?

  • Rainmaker

    Lyster has gone to the dark side, Yahoo Finance’s program Daily Ticker. Not an upward move in prestige, but presumably she is being paid more. In doubt she will have the variety in guests and topics, but Yahoo is part of the Hegemon propaganda arm while RT is part of the Anti-Hegemon propaganda arm. The difference between RT and Yahoo is that RT is truth sprinkled with little bits of lies on top and Yahoo is Lies sprinkled with little bits of truth. Arguably, Capital Account is/was the best show in RTs lineup. Certainly, one of the best programs in the alternative media. All that being said, she now can claim parts of both sides of Hegelian Dialectic. meaning that I doubt the Yahoo will allow her the versatility to bring on the same types of guests and cover the same topics in the future.

    Check out this video:

  • When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a
    comment is added I receive 4 emails with
    the same comment. Perhaps there is a means you can remove me from that service?

    Thanks a lot!

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