Bunker Hunt vs The Elite

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  • ewkeane

    could millions of independant silver owners corner the silver market?
    once we pry the blocks out of the bank hoards, and control the supply of mined silver, we will.
    how many of their blocks of Ag would we have to get in order to put them in a weaker buyer position?
    where are all of the 4FRN and 20FRN silver stacks? do they still exist?
    what is the common value of all the stacks?
    groups ought to consider warehouse blocks and old sealed bank sacks of pre 1964 coins, stored in warehouses or in retail stocks.
    could americans be induced to buy silver with this slogan?
    ‘Be a sure winner. Stop buying lottery tickets and buy silver instead’

  • Twisted Titan

    I never knew that Trading Places was a hat tip to the Bunkers.

    You learn some thing new everyday


  • Paul Prichard

    Margin will kill you, stay away from margin.

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