Handy Guide to the Philosophy Behind Financial Websites

Here is an article that has an interesting take on all of the Financial Websites out there. The chart shows on the Y axis how the site disseminates news. It goes from a news aggregator that publishes the latest news all the way down to community. The aggregator is a top down centralized site and communities offer the most decentralized power. In between the two worlds are analysis of the news that digs beyond the headlines and the degree of reader comments develops a sense of community.

I have tried to cover the whole spectrum of information so that you get the best perspective. The Dont-Tread-On.Me provides my analysis of the news with reader comments. I have also been doing more news aggregation as things move much quicker. The Community aspect is found in the Sons of Liberty Academy. I created the Academy to act as the intellectual boot camp for us to be on the same page. The Academy seeks to provide the historical and intellectual perspective to the current news. Sometimes the latest headlines cannot be fully appreciated until you  know the back story.

Another mission of the Academy is not as much an indoctrination but more as a way for the individual to question everything. I have always erred towards freedom and decentralized power. It is the only program that truly empowers the individual to question the system we live in. All other systems or programs more or less only empowers the individual only to the extent the individual becomes indoctrinated into the dogma. The more they buy into the collective power of the organization, the more power they get. The Academy teaches decentralized, leaderless resistance and provides a high level training usually only reserved for the Elite. Given the fact that the Academy is free, adds to this “power to the people” philosophy. Finally, the new Sons of Liberty Academy forum this is the final level of community for people who joined the Academy to further their education and connect with others that “get it.”

All of this effort is supported by the generous donations of members who want to see this succeed and grow. If you would like to support this effort please consider a donation, Click Here. The Main Stream Media has billions of dollars supporting their propaganda machine, we are running on a shoe string budget that is mostly being self financed.

The X axis basically shows where the support is for the Dollar Paradigm. It ranges from the MSM Bull and Bear that the machine will keep carrying on with the dollar to the dollar is going to die and that we need to prepare. Some sites are deflationary depression of the dollar and others are a hyper inflationary death of the dollar. I am of the opinion that ultimately we will have a hyperinflation, because it is the quickest way for the Elite to enact a paradigm shift. A deflationary depression usually drags on and would embolden political opposition to the banking interests. The Elite would risk more exposure and also losing control of the paradigm. A hyper inflation can and will be blamed on outside forces diverting the masses eyes on some outside enemy that the Elite then can rally the country to fight against.

Look at what happened in Iceland the bankers tried to get the public to pay for the bankers losses which would have resulted in a deflationary depression as more money would used to keep the loan portfolio performing and less money would be in the REAL economy. Then there is Belarus that just devalued it’s currency overnight by 56%. People are shocked into survival mode and not looking for political solutions like in Iceland. The Elite also love hyper inflations because they can then go into the infected country and buy REAL assets at pennies on the dollar. During the Rothschild rape of Russia in the early 90’s oil, gas, steel, lumber and a whole host of REAL assets were bought up by the oligarchs and a new class of billionaires was created overnight. It was not until years later that any formal political opposition came into place to put an end to the power. By the time it does come it was too late and the majority of the wealth was stolen.

Well I got a little off track, but check out the article and see where some of your other sites line up.



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