The Bradbury Pound

I’m about to encourage you to read an e:book, a free e:book I might add, but before I do I’d like to bat-away any nonsense about gold and silver being ‘honest’ money and state categorically that gold and silver are pieces of metal that have been used for both ‘honesty’ and ‘dishonesty’.  In other words, gold and silver are indifferent and have been used for both ‘good’ and ‘evil’ for many centuries.

Surely ‘honest’ money is a commodity that works for the benefit of the overall economy, is created without any debt attached to the general population, and is not a creation of malevolent psychopaths and sociopaths that deem themselves the worthy rulers of the planet known as earth?  Surely we should ‘put to bed’ this fallacious argument that only a return to gold and silver as money is the solution to preventing further dominion and enslavement perpetrated by the vicious and arrogant in-bred ‘rulers’ of the western world?

Just to be clear:  I stack silver and all excess £sterling I acquire is converted into this metal.  Furthermore, I encourage those I care about to do the same as silver is an excellent means for preserving one’s wealth and also an prudent and effective decentralised method to attack the bankster filth……..some might even call it a ‘silver bullet‘.  However, I decided a long time ago that the problem isn’t fiat money, but debt-based privately-issued currency controlled by a select few, to benefit a select few, to the detriment of the many.  Please always consider that the Rothschild’s commenced their empire though loaning-out gold, yes that’s correct – gold, and not some made-up fiat.

I hope you read this free ebook and consider the merits of the theories enclosed with an open mind.

From one silver stacker to another…..


The Bradbury Pound


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