Silver Shield Report #58- 2013 Awakening Paradox

This Silver Shield Report I will be covering the most important trends to watch for in 2013.

    • Silver update and Limited Edition SSR Members Coins and the next launch
    • “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair
    • The Real Fiscal Cliff
    • The Anti Hegemon
    • The End of False Flags?
    • Generational Complicity/Desperation
    • End of the Debt Cycle
    • Return of Independence
    • The Awakening Paradox

Much more..

Please leave any questions you have in the comment section and I will address them in next weeks group strategy session.

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For your interest …

Here is a new Cato study on capital gains tax rates.

With rates scheduled to rise in January, the study describes the six reasons why capital gains tax rates should be kept as low as possible.

The piece also notes that the new top U.S. capital gains tax rate in January of 28% will be much higher than the 16% average in the OECD.

Here is the study:

And here is a related IBD op-ed.


Chris Edwards
Director, Tax Policy Studies
Cato Institute

While I don’t think we should have any taxes or forced redistribution of wealth or progressive taxation or a privately held central bank or the government able to issue debt…

I do think that it is ridiculous to have Capital taxed at a lower rate than Labor.

It does not really matter at this point as the system is hitting critical mass, since too much energy is needed to maintain the status quo in a ever increasingly complex and less productive paradigm.

These things end in war and collapse every time, and we will be no different.

I am aware and prepared.



Thanks for the note.

Globalization is a permanent reality Chris. That means we shoot ourselves in the foot by taxing capital as high as labor. It also means that taxes on capital actually end up landing on labor anyway.

Globalization is coming to an end, when the petro dollar comes to an end, at least for the US.

We have lived way beyond our means and we have not been good stewards of that tremendous wealth.

We create unlimited amount of debt…
to fund the world largest military…
to secure the resources and labor of the world…
for our corporations to harvest…
to create massive profits to funnel through Wall St…
to rig the game further through politics and media.

Things that cannot go on forever… won’t.

The collapse of the dollar will be the single largest event in human history and some would rather spend the last remaining resources on maintaining this paradigm. What else would we expect from a society that is so indoctrinated.

I choose to simply walk away and get ready for another way of life that will follow after humanity’s Anger Phase of War and Collapse.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair



The Real Cliff started when Nixon said we are all Keynesians now. A corrupted economic theory brought about a corrupt monetary system, that empowers the worst in our society as the corrupt seek collective power, supported by false statistics, that lead to illusionary growth, that produces illusionary intangible wealth, that misprices risk, that encourages gambling and massive malinvestment that stifles real growth, wealth and talent and the cancerous parasitical industries gorge themselves on the last remains of wealth.

We create unlimited amount of debt…
to fund the world largest military…
to secure the resources and labor of the world…
for our corporations to harvest…
to create massive profits to funnel through Wall St…
to rig the game further through politics and media.

2008 began the financial hurricane. Lehman was sacrificed to set up the big payoff to Wall Street with the Banker Bailout. Congress was threatened with everything from martial law to no economy on Monday. All this did was leverage the problem to sovereign level. There is no way out for the dollar debt based monetary system at that level as noted by Triffin’s Dilemma. This stated that the nation that has the global reserve status must continue to run deficits to fulfill that role. Just like how the sovereign nations had to absorb the institutional debts now we have the bad debts of the US and Western Hemisphere that need to be taken out to the wood shed.

The Chinese recognize this opportunity and around 2008 talked about a IMF currency to use as reserve to let the US debt be extinguished in a collapse without effecting the rest of the world economy. Like the US bailed out the bad bets of AIG without affecting the other solvent insurance companies, but if AIG failed all of the other insurance companies would have taken a hit. China was in talks with the Anglos through Kissinger but they wanted a greater share of IMF power to represent their power and that did not happen. So instead of begging at the feet of power they decided to create their own power and put more effort in to what I call the anti Hegemon. An alliance of nations that share nothing in common other than they would benefit greatly from the collapse of the US if they can extricate their wealth from there. They are doing what I am encouraging walking away and creating our own power.

So that brings us to 2013 The Election is done, Obama care is done, the fiscal cliff is pushed and the debt ceiling is coming up in March

First the Election I was right that this would be the least important election ever. I was wrong on the Neo Cons not winning and pulling a fast one in the 3 false flag scenarios. I think this takes the Foreign threat of more wars down to a dull roar as I see the collapse first then war as opposed to war to cover the collapse. The system is far to fragile for them to pull a fast one like they did in 9/11. Stock euphoria average baby boomer was only 45 now they average is 58 and been crushed for a decade stocks, housing and jobs.
2012 $16,066 $15,776 102%
2000 $5,674 $10,018 57%
Hillary Geithner want out the Republicans are a joke No Ron Paul or even Dennis Kucinich
the focus is on maintaining the status quo and tightening the screws at home Obama care end of the Bush Tax Cuts
Fiscal Cliff = Austerity = Portfolios over people = Mainting to illusion = scarcity mentality.

Domestic support of dollar make it tough for the average people to get think it has value. Maintaining the illusion. There has been no real public spending cuts in Europe or the US they want to keep the lower class dependent on the illusion they want to squeeze the wealth producers more.
Billionaires versus millionaires had millionaires that make their money in are the wealth producers and the progressive income tax it to crush any competitors from that class. With the crush on the wealth producer.

This is also a way to sopping up some inflation as more money is taken off of the streets.
And confidence to foreign investors about dollar especially china some sort of fiscal discipline.

All a show as our true unfunded liabilities are over $214 trillion dollars with a $15 trillion GDP and a 25% of that government spending and if you take out the parasitic Wall Street, Academia, Real Estate, medical and the 75% of the economy that is Consumer economy the picture is absolutely dire.

Watch men that built America or China today about a real economy that actually produces value for value. Transportation, manufacturing, harvesting wealth from the earth are the past and future of economic growth but that world as both our past and Chinas present is a very real and often harsh reality.

Maintaining the illusion. Hyper inflations never come from the populace abandoning the currency it is when foreign investors flee markets they are no longer confident in. This is happening now as the fiscal cliff can’t even make a 1% change in the real unfunded liabilities and now we have the debt ceiling debate on top of it and if you remember the last time that was a good time for gold and silver summer of 2011 may August records for both now after a year and a half manipulated markets we are at a point where we are at it again with the fiscal cliff and YOY declining economic stress interest rates been low for four years election over no faith in the government, markets or anything else.

Most evident in gun sales. I went to my local gun store this morning and I have never seen anything like it. I go to the gun shows around here and it is very packed but the retailers are usually less busy. People were streaming into the store I did not even bother going in but what I did see were a lot of men that are putting real things and issues ahead of football and BS. A re aligning of priorities that is not going to change anytime soon.





QE Infinity will start to feel to spring summer along with more baby boomers coming out of the Ponzi scheme
And that is just the US what about the Quadrillion yen deficit in Japan where they are feeling the even more dramatic debt to GDP and a country where adult diaper sales out number baby diapers now have their 10 th finance minister in 7 years. And now you got Abe pushing for inflation. As the Yen has strengthened relative to most other currencies and Japanese manufacturing has suffered. He is now on a path of weakening the Yen to strengthen export market which is most difficult when their nuclear power industry in shambles this resource poor nation suffering to keep up.

but if your total debt to GDP is over 20 to 1 any rise in market interst rates will lead any economic gain to be sucked up into interest and it is game over.


And the Euro crisis is still going on and attacking larger and larger economies ire Greece Portugal Spain Italy France. There is no coming back for Europe as the capital it stole from the world through colonialism is sent over seas to Asian as the gold and silver empty the vaults this resource poor area will continue to suffer.

Things that cannot go on forever won’t. When money is debt every dollar yen and euro that comes into existence has debt and interest attached to it since the principle only enters into circulation the only way to keep the system going is to produce more debt in the system. When the public cannot increase the debt as we saw in the 2008 crisis all that is left is the lender of last resort the privately owned Fed and the spender of last resort the Government. That is why we have trillion dollar deficits and why there is no turning back. Nations that print their own currencies default in hyper inflation as they continue to print and nations like Greece who do not default on their debts with deflation. Another way to look at it is probably more realistic. Investors that invest with nations that print their own debt loses faith in the markets and currencies and exit the markets causing selling of assets and currencies to drop since all currencies share this fundemental flaw of a debt based currency the hyper inflation is going to to be relative to gold and silver. That is why Germany went through their hyper as they continued their QE foreign investors fled an ever worsening investment environment and sold everything that they could not take like shares and real estate and foreign currency for gold and silver. More and more fiat chases after less and less metal and real assets.

This will lead to economic collapse and war over real resources in the Anger Phase of humanity. Like I have said many times before the collapse of the dollar is going to be the single largest event in human history it is better to be years early than 1 day too late.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

So now that we have had a look at the financial reality of our world and the ramifications of that world ending the inevitable question is why hasn’t it happened yet? This is the Awakening Paradox when individuals wake up to this reality they immediately believe that the world is going to collapse because they see the lie. This is not a financial or a military struggle it is one of consciousness and when you become conscious of it that does not mean that everyone else is. In fact the majority of humanity is consciously supporting this paradigm. The elite benefit off of it and they spend a lot of energy in maintaining it. The upper class is personally vested in it and fear losing everything they have consciously worked for and more importantly believed. There are also upper class people that know the lie but profit off of it and will not offer change. The middle class is paying for all of this and are struggling at the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid fearing slipping into the lower class. So much of their fear is maintaining an illusionary life the 2008 housing crash wiped most of that off the map but it was not totally wiped like this next one will. The lower class been benefiting off of this and studies have shown that many purposefully stay poor because they would need to make $50,000 a year just to break even from the benefits they receive.

Knowing that this can go on with sheer momentum leads us to just know the truth and plan for the end of this story and forget the plot twists between here and there. People are amazed at how long things can take and then how quickly things happen. History happens in fits and starts much like how a volcano lies dormant for years and then suddenly changes the landscape.


Leave your questions for next weeks Q&A as I answer all of your questions before I do Strategy Sessions again.

38 comments to Silver Shield Report #58- 2013 Awakening Paradox

  • Francisco Ortiz

    Hey Chris, here it is my question: Could you help us to get in contact with other Silver Shield Members that live around the place each of us leaves, in order to create small communities and support each other? This being applied for members in and out the US. Thanks in advance.

    • Moira

      Hi Francisco,
      I’m not sure where you’re located but we had a pretty good network of people here in the northeast (I’m in Rhode Island). I’ve seen a few comments from some of the new members about how to get in touch with others in the group they may live in close proximity too. There was a map going around, I want to say Barbara was in charge of it, that had those of us who were willing to share our contact information mapped out across the US. I haven’t seen this map around recently but I think it would be worth re-posting for the benefit of the new members. We had about 6-8 individual members in the northeast and we put together a small emailing list for just us NE Regional SBSS members. Sadly, communications have been rather infrequent since the fall. I’m hoping we can pick back up on the networking side of things as it is most important to develop our network now as opposed to later.

    • Dino

      Any Euro members? We should start a map/forum/skype.

  • Interesting report, bud, hope you’re right about the false flag being a strategy they’ll hesitate to use.

    I’d be better off on 100% benefits than working since the little man came along. It is tempting to get myself deliberately sacked :-)


  • john barker

    Hey Chris: How much time between stock mrkt.collapse and dollar demise?

    • Silver Shield

      In real terms they will probably happen at the same time.
      A dollar collapse will make all dollar denominated assets look like they are going up in nominal terms as the currency is destroyed. The real value of those stocks will be nothing as the economy collapses on itself.

      Prepare for the end of the story and not the plot twists.

  • Rex Bowe

    Hey Chris,

    Like Francisco, I think we need to foster more member interaction. Jack Spirko’s prepper group is using Zello, a smartphone app that acts like a old nextel or 2way radio where you can jump into a specific channel and start talking. Maybe we can get a SBSS channel started.

    What does our membership look like now? How many new members did you bring in? Are you maintaining the 600+ level? I know you vetted the new members and asked member’s to complete a survey, so do you “know” and trust everyone in the group?

    I’m asking because I did the survey, but we have never spoken. Do you recommend a personal session for everyone in the group?

  • Moira

    Hi Chris, I have kind of a personal question.

    I’m due to deliver my second child in May. Due to complications from the first I have to deliver by c-section in a hospital. I’m nervous that something will happen between now and then that would prevent me from getting the necessary medical services I will need. I know you feel for sure that something will happen in 2013. So, I guess what I’m asking is do you think we are going to make it past May 2013 without a major disruption of services? I understand that no one can say for sure, I’m just curious of your thoughts because I don’t really know what else to do besides wait and see at this point.

    Thank you

    • Silver Shield



      Once you have the ability to see the world as it truly is and embrace the Trivium, it should give you the confidence to logically deal with what ever will come your way.

      I am not saying that you are going to be flying easy in a collapse scenario but you will do far better than most all other people totally unprepared.

      Also know that doctors are notoriously bad with their money and totally indoctrinated into the debt and death paradigm. If the collapse happens you will have a lot of doctors that will be desperate to offer their services for real money after everything that they had in the paper paradigm collapses.

      I am sure you have a good group of support that will also all of the sudden view your child’s birth as far more important in their lives than the daily distractions that now govern their lives.

      That being said, now that the crisis window of last fall has passed, I don’t have another view when “it” is going to happen but when it does it should be hard and fast. I would find a doula and become friends with her in case things get really bad.

      • Moira

        Thanks Chris, I actually do have a doula and she is amazing. She was there for the birth of my first child and we have stayed friends since then. I hadn’t really though about paying a doctor in silver/ barter post-collapse. All these years of stacking I almost forget about using any of it. Not that I would part w/ my silver for much else then the health and safety of my family. I know that we will do much better then all the other totally unprepared moms and dads out there. Mainly because we have our eyes open and can consider things now before they happen as opposed to being blindsided like so many will be. Thanks again Chris, my best to you and yours.

        • Daisy Botros

          Hi Moira,

          I’m a new member to the group. Congratulations on your second child! As one mother to another I know the blessing it is to carry a child in your belly. There is so much dreaming, joy, and hope that takes place. At the same time there can be uncertainty and fear that gets mixed in with all our emotions. You seem well prepared. Keep your hope during this time. Hope is powerful and that mixed with all the extra strength that comes from a deep love for our children will help you overcome anything that comes your way.

          Not sure what kind of complications you had with your first but it is possible to have a natural birth after a c-section. I’m sure your doula has gone over this with you. My first child was born by c-section but my doctor had no problem with me delivering my second child naturally. Recovery from natural childbirth is so much quicker than recovering from a c-section. If all seems well with your second child, its definitely worth considering.

          I hope you have a happy and safe delivery! Good Luck!

          • Moira

            Hi Daisy,

            Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It’s good to have some other moms in the group! I’ve been a little nervous about things in the world in general but I’m confident everything will turn out well for us. Welcome to the group!

  • Mark Mackey

    Chris, It was easier to walk away from everything toxic than to flee the daily toxic thoughts. That is the area I struggle. Even though I have walked way, I still exist in a world characterized by selfish, agenda driven, sleeping, and self absorbed individuals. I no longer waste time with anything that does not help me reach towards the goal of abundance (mental, spiritual and physical), unfortunately, my profession places me in the midst of people trapped by the hegemons’ social engineering of sick, depressed and uneducated people. I do my best to be a source of light in the midst of the darkness(so to speak). I think creating a means to share in a more meaningful way communication with other members in the same situation would be encouraging and educational. What are some practical ways to keep the negative thoughts from rising from the ashes other than surrounding yourself with like-minded people?

    Several co-workers have commented on a change in my persona, saying things such as: you seem calm, unrushed or really focused or quietly confident despite our situation. Our hospital was just purchased and there are numerous unpleasant changes and a pervasive air of uncertainty. I have asked one of them to go to lunch this week, where I plan to introduce them to SOLA and ask them what they think about our country’s current condition. This is encouraging, but I truly believe that being able to connect with like-minded people will help all of us be examples of a new paradigm where self-fulfillment through doing what is best for others is the goal, rather than, running over someone to reach MY goal reigns. I believe as others that connecting with other SBSS members is essential, if we all are to progenerate the ideas of SOLA and an SBSS type society. How can we help make this possible? What can we do to make this a reality?
    You are amazingly gifted, but you are still “one person”. We(SBSS members) need to come forward and work with you towards your vision. I am willing to step up and do what I can. I know that all the members joined because thay seek a new and more fulfilling life. I know we all would do what is necessary to make your vision reality. new email

  • disneydollars


    Now that I deleted FaceBook, my home page is now (Yes, In know, but it has the local weather and local events). Regardless, its a major BUMMER to wake up to.

    Does anyone support the idea of a NEW HOME PAGE that people can see that has a positive affirmation or Chris Duane quote? Something simple along the lines that says “You can choose if you want to have a good day or a bad day”. Maybe some links to HAPPIER or soothing non-news events.

    I choose to have a GOOD day, and want a home page that starts and ends my day with the ABUNDANCE mentality.

    • Silver Shield

      I think if you are at this level you are a bit of an Apocaloptimist- everything is going to end but turn out alright.

      As far as your home page I have DTOM, but I have TGTNT on You Tube, Drudge, ZeroHedge, Sgt Report and Silver doctors as sites I hit every day.

      As far as your daily vision, start out your day with what you are grateful for and that usually does the trick for the day.

      • Rex Bowe

        I second! is another good one.

        YouTube channels: Ben Swann, jsnip4

      • disneydollars

        Many thanks! I actually hit all those sites, and youtube sites as well (awesome to watch on Google TV BTW).

        Your last few reports have been so amazing and today when I woke up and didn’t want to get out of bed I kept repeating “I am choosing to have a good day” and it was in fact good. Tomorrow I will add what I’m grateful for.

        It seems like people really want (and respect) your input in regards to moving from scarcity to abundance mentality. It resonates with me (us) and feels like a REAL solution. And because of that, I think you are going to get a lot of people opening up to you because you’re on to something BIG here. It feels like the right solution logically and to me is more precious than silver.

        So the more positive messages you keep putting out via interviews, SSG, or youtube videos like you have been the past month will indeed have a magnified personal impact on us that know (or feel / sense) things are not right, and we need the guidance to truly assimilate to the abundance mentality. Who better to hep us get there than the person who let us know about it in the first place.

        I know you tend to spend a month or so on specific areas, then move to the next topic (at least with the SSG I’ve noticed) but I do hope you find the time to keep the momentum going with keeping us mentally fit.

  • Anthony Scola

    great blog buddy. I love how you put into words what we are all thinking. keep up the good work.

  • Golden

    Hi Chris
    What do you see happening to countries like Australia and New Zealand when the collaspe happens.

  • Johnny

    Hi Chris, Just finished listening to your interview with SGT and it was great on so many levels. I am not really sure what questions that I need answered but, I think I just need some directional help. Maybe a personal strategy session, not really sure. I find myself adrift sometimes, not knowing exactly what to do next and I find it diffecult to extrapolate personal direction from some esoteric ideals but, found that your discussing some ideas and debating them with SGT was helpful. I am like many others that would like to improve intergroup communications, I personally feel like an island as I know noone personally who is fully awake and I often feel down because of this alone. I am strong but no man can live in solitede and stay mentally well. I hope this doesn’t come across as rambling and you get some direction from it.

  • vincent formoso

    I feel really blesssed because i am surrounded by people who are actually awake. And i mean like 10 people. Close friends and some family. I feel bad for those of you who feel alone. :(

    • Sebastian Castelli

      Vincent, I noticed on an older post that you mentioned you live in Deltona or somewhere near Orlando and Daytona. I am in Jacksonville. I was wondering if you would be willing to discuss things as far as establishing some local community support? I can be reached at or 561-676-1442.

  • Nathan

    What you do for yourself will die with you. What you do for others will live on forever.

  • Daisy Botros

    Hi all!

    I’m a new member to the group. I’m excited to have joined. The SOLA was incredible.  Chris put so much thought into how to present the message.   The message had substance and a great deal of information that is not commonly known. I had bits and pieces of the puzzle but not the whole picture.  The academy filled in all the holes.  Now my husband and I are trying to catch up on all the SSSB reports.

    The last two reports on embracing and releasing abundance was an incredible topic to talk about. It can be difficult to stay positive in light of all that is going on. But for us who are aware and prepared then our next step is to realize that we can embrace all the good that is still around us. My husband and I have every intention to still have some fun especially with our children. They are still so little and deserve parents that remember to have fun and fill them with love. Then when it all falls apart at least we can have some good memories to think about and remember (especially in the anger phase) that will make the tough times just a little bit easier.

    One thing that my husband and I do every night before bed with our children is what we call “10 good things.” We all take turns and every one has to say one good thing about their day or their life. We keep going until we have 10 good things. Our 4 year old is very creative and always comes up with something that either makes us laugh really hard or just melts our hearts. If one of us was feeling a bit down, it instantly helps us feel better. We all go to bed much happier and grateful.

    Chris, thanks for the constant reminder to keep embracing the abundance that does (and it does) come our way.

  • Anthony Scola

    I saw Alex Jones on CNN last night and it was funny at first to see Him up there like a WWF wrestler yelling at screaming.I agree with you Chris and have walked away from everything to walk my own path. So my point is looking from the outside in, I can’t help but wonder if the Elite are now trying to slow down the amount of people waking up. The sheeple that are still asleep will just look at Alex Jones and say he is crazy. Nothing will change in there perception of reality. I talk to more and more people every week that are waking up to reality and seeing the bigger picture at a faster pace then just a few years ago.
    It like they are trying to put the Genuine back in the bottle.

    – Nothing can stop and Idea who’s time has come.

  • thorp13

    Have you made any progress on the silver bank idea similar to Lakota bank? I’ve been depositing a little with them but would be more interested in bank that you were more involved with.

    • Silver Shield

      We cannot move on until the mint get’s it’s act together.

      Once we have a channel to provide cash liquidation of silver in the bank we can move on but we are still going through the growing troubles.

      It is on the radar.

      • Jos

        As I think the banking thing could be core important to all the world, do you think it is a good idea, Chris, you explain us the pricipal steps of the whole idea behind it so we can give you back our understanding about weak points, improvements, etc… so the system is built-up as robust as possible from the begining? Brainstorming, computer Simulations, … I am not a banking expert, but I have work in a smaller company and am working in a bigger one now… and I have learned that once you release a system to work with, the bigger (people working on it, interfaces…) it is, the more difficult to change/update/improve… it is, when it is already being used. So, if we want a robust, fair, long-lasting one,I think it should be as honest, customer-able-to-check, transparent, easy to use, easy to understand… banking system. That way the experts you think should be working of this could notice some differnt point of view of something, or our SSG could be used as a dry run…Related to it, e.g., MAx Keier and Hugo Salinas proposed this introduction of silver working in paralel to drachma (quit Euro) in Greece…

  • ShortStacker33


    Are you still working the 1/10th ounce silver coins? I remember you talking about those a while back and I would be a big fan of getting my hands on something like that. The pre-1965 junk silver is okay, but I’d rather have brand new shiny 1/10th ounce rounds from SBSS!

    I also second the ability to contact other SBSS members in some sort of community forum. Perhaps a listing of all members by screen name and state they live in to allow them to get together or correspond as they so choose. While I don’t live there now, I plan on living in WI in the future! Cheers.

  • disneydollars


    How do you get away from TOXIC people when you are legally bound to remain near them; specifically, I have joint legal & physical custody of my toddler and need to see the mother 3 to 4 times a week during exchanges. Exacerbated by the fact I am constantly taken to family court services every 6 months in an attempt to have my toddler taken from me (which never works, but keeps me in the toxic playground).

    I don’t expect you to have the answer, but perhaps something said to your brother in law will suffice?

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