The Only Answer Is Revolution- Father of Reaganomics

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  • ********" TAX SLAVE "********

    Real change come from the barrel of a gun, Mao Se Tung.

  • RobertH

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  • James Woroble Jr

    >>>’Real change come from the barrel of a gun, Mao Se Tung.’

    This has always been a highly misleading statement. The REAL power actually comes from the financiers who fund the supply of guns… and the ammunition, and the uniforms, and the food rations, and the monthly pay, etc.

    From the time of Sun Tzu, to Alexander the Great, to Mao, military forces have always been THE most resource intensive endeavor of civilization. Without the funding to supply it, all the political and social beliefs, and all the suffering and repression are but phantoms when it comes to fruition of organized military action.

    It has been stated that an army runs on it stomach. The question that must always be asked an answered is, who’s paying for the food? And what’s the deal for the generous ‘support'(loan)?

    Perhaps now the following quote will be much more profound.

    “If my sons did not want war, there would be none”
    –Gutle Schnapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    • Silver Shield

      James you graduate with honors from the Academy.

      The Elite always seek to push sock puppets out there to either fight against or rally behind.

      The fact is that the Elite are the real problem.

      If we took away the ability of debt based money they could not perpetuate the Trillion dollar a year Military Industrial Complex.

      That is why I believe that the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar the Elite are going to want to flip the game table and want World War.

  • James Woroble Jr

    During the Vietnam era of the late ’60’s there was a poster in wide circulation stating “Suppose They Gave a War and No One Came”. I always thought a more pertinent and profound question to be asked was “Suppose They Gave a War and No One Would Pay For It”.

    There will indeed be a revolution in America. And it will necessarily be a very bloody and violent one in that the only civil recourses left for peaceful change have been perverted and co-opted by the tyrants. They have know this for some time, ergo the gradual implementation of a domestic police state concocted under cover of a foreign Arab ‘War on Terror’. This military security was never about protecting American’s from Arabs, but to protect the elitist globalist jews and their useful idiots from the citizenry of this nation once the SHTF!

    The revolution will start by individual actions and expand to a myriad of cells and groups, culminating into larger organizations within regions. As the resistance grows and necessitates organization and the logistics to control and dominated a population of some 300 million and a territory of some 4 million square miles, the real danger will arise. Not from superior military forces, but from the same old bankster [K]rowd offering the required and necessary financial resources to conclude a victory. Revolutionary defeat, should it come, will not be by forcible conquest of the masses, but by treasonous concession and fiendish co-option of the leadership.


  • Joe

    Thanks for the insight guys. I’m only a SOLA freshman and i look forward to more. My comment/question is this: James, why is there a need to call out the elitist globalist’s race/ethnicity? Do I need to learn something more? Please understand that censorship is not my intent, reading that sentence did not hurt me. I’m curious though… does that strengthen your good point? Also understand that I am a Japanese-Irish veteran, patriot and protester but not a Jew (so no misplaced defensiveness). Lastly’ I’m not blind to the war crimes currently engaged in by the Israelis against the Palestinians (thanks to Chris’s YouTube video about Rachel Corrie which made me cry sad and angry tears). So please just explain what I’m missing.

    • Silver Shield

      There is no need for calling out ethnicity because it means nothing to the Elite. Nor does religion or political affiliation or any other line. They only care about fooling and controlling you. They want any form of collectivist system. They want the Constitution stripped. They want control of the banking system which gives them power over all.

      Using Jews Or Arabs or Chinese or whatever is not intellectually honest. That would be like blaming all Americans for the war crimes in Iraq.

      I believe that we should attack ideas and the men that support them. The most common one is Zionism. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. Yet it more accurately describes those that are running the police state in Israel and subverting the peace process. Their Neo Con brethren are war mongerers who want war and profit off of the profits and power of war.

      I know and work with a few Jews that are in the Academy that don’t like what their country is doing and see the writing on the wall. They should not be painted with the broad brush. Judge a man by his actions.

      I judge the Elite that infect our world with war and debt. They will be exposed and this will end.

  • Joe

    Thank you wholeheartedly, Chris, for keeping the lanes open on the road to intellectual honesty.

  • James Woroble Jr

    @ ‘Joe’

    James, why is there a need to call out the elitist globalist’s race/ethnicity? Do I need to learn something more?

    You tell me, Joe. ‘Pick-a-Pain’ from the listings.

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