SGT Interview- Snap The Funk

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  • Farmer

    Thanks for your perspective.
    Keep fighting the good fight. Love and positivity has far more power than fear and evil.
    Steven Pressfield has a term called “the resistance” Being human we all battle it daily. Check out The Warrior Ethos and The War of Art. Good stuff to keep you in the light and not in the darkness.

  • Jolene


    I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to not only myself but to all. I cannot express how such a great deal of your words and thoughts resonates with me. This defiantly helped in my circumstances, as I try my hardest not to worry and fear….I caught myself doing just so today, as both my children have been sick for several days from the flu. I couldn’t help myself when I read the news this morning about the 18 deaths in regards to this flu spreading. “Walking away,” as you stated is doing far more for “us” as individuals. Not to buy into the fear and worrying, as this is more toxic than the “flu.”

    “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” ~ Buddha

  • David Richardson

    As the host says in this [a lot of] family really doesn’t want to hear about much of this. They are in denial; the idea the world and USA isn’t on smooth cruise control, where everything will be alright in time, isn’t something they can handle. It can and has caused some family estrangement. However I can’t not prepare to some degree.

  • John

    These people use the principals of napolean hill in think in grow rich.Great book.A real winner. If I slap you will you react or at least they hope 9/11. Off to the buggie man house we go and the sheeple cheer them on. If I make you sick you will buy my drugs, that i say make you better. Think about it, a dr. is not paid the most for what will make you better but rather what the street is selling. Maybe we are now reaching the point of cannibalizing where the rich eat the poor or maybe we have always been there. Monitor your emotions the key to success the secret to sucess is not Imagination it is the laws of NATURE the creation of the god i know and hopefully will not change amen.The elite mind control!!!!

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