It’s Official: Malicious Hackers Attacked DTOM

hackedDont-Tread-On.Me has been knocked off line at least 7 times over the past year or two.  I have always brushed this off as tech problems and not attacks.  The first major one was May 1st 2011 which was the same day the Silver was taken down $6 in 15 minutes and Osama bin Laden officially died. The timing was very coincidental but I figured since the blog was only a few months old, who would bother with me?

Since then the site has been knocked off line multiple times, but nothing really bad has happened other than a major pain in the ass getting the sites back up.  The end of December they successfully knocked the site down 5 out of 8 days in a row until I switched hosting companies.

Now I have a new hosting company that actually cares what is going on and they have told me that,

“So it looks like on January 4th someone was trying to brute force their way into wordpress:
This ip ( and a few others made thousands upon thousands of requests to the server trying to guess passwords.”

These thousands of requests overloaded the server and simply shut down the site.  This is probably what has happened in the past, but I did not have the technical skills to figure it out.  Special thanks to Mike and  for all of their help.

What does it mean to me? First, we must be doing something right to have someone even bother with us.  I also think that ideas and relationships are more important than websites.  I have gone into this knowing that I would have very little impact ahead of the collapse because only a small percentage of people will even consider that the world is not as it seems.  I also knew that at some point all of this information will either be too late or too dangerous to tell.  It is at that point when we enter the Anger Phase of Humanity that I will take my work down by myself.  I don’t want to be the guy to say I told you so while people suffer with the consequences of ignorance.

We have taken further precautions but I am sure this will not be the last time the site gets knocked out.  If my work resonates with you, I suggest you get on my email list and subscribe to YouTube.  Also the next time there is an opening to the Silver Shield Report, join there too.  When the Anger Phase kicks off I will be working on the real relationships we are developing inside the group to create solutions as everything falls apart.



4 comments to It’s Official: Malicious Hackers Attacked DTOM

  • Ant

    This has happened to me too. This should serve as a good lesson to all, make sure you have very difficult long passwords. Honestly this site could use a secondary backup web server that does not use a domain name, just an IP address so that if our right to free speach is impeaded we would at least have a backup plan. I also worry about email being shut down. The only real realiable things are physical, just like silver.

  • MPB

    Chris, your clearity, calmness and overall steadfast attitude, NEVER wavering, through all this and more is truly inspirational. I found your original DTOM site and the SOLA about two years or so ago now. (after having been already out of the denial stage and doing my own research and preparing for some two years or so at that point). I followed your work, all of it and it really helped me to see clearly too and gain confidence. Still, as of late, despite having long past traversed the five stages of awaking, etc., etc., I still find myself occasionally being overly concerned at times of things well out of my control. I realize it but, it is mighty hard to override at times. Almost like it is part of a persons DNA so to speak. Your recent interview with SGT Report (Snap the Funk) grabbed me and shook me back in line. Thank you again and to everyone in our Silver Shield Group.

    Peace, MPB

  • Rainmaker

    FYI, Yahoo was attacked and hundreds of thousands of email accounts were compromised (mine included). None of us should be using Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any of the mainstream email accounts. We should all be using secure and international (not US) servers to process our email accounts.

  • Ian Molendyk

    Hey Rainmaker, I agree, it’s time to move away from the IT giants. Can you recommend any good alternatives?

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