Four Steps to Walk Away

Walking away is not easy but it can and must be done.  The process as I see it is…

Get rid of toxic thoughts.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

Negative thoughts of lack, scarcity or fear are the start of all of the problems we have.  This is not your fault as we have a society that produces this on a industrial scale.  This is where 90% of the battle is and how the Elite use our thoughts to self regulate our behavior.  I produced the Sons of Liberty Academy to show the behind the scenes process of controlling humanity and much like a magician reveling a trick, once you see it you will never be fooled again.

Every negative thought like, I am poor or have nothing can have the opposite, positive thought that is still true like. I have nothing to lose or hold me back.  Getting control of your mind is the most important step in really changing your world.  By being grateful for what you have and not focusing on the narcissistic, consumer driven scarcity mentality of lack will start to channel your energies into the people skills and things that empower you as a person and stop channeling your energy into wage slave jobs only to spend whatever gains you sacrifice for into consumer debt driven binges.

Once you purge yourself of toxic thoughts you naturally will notice that there are a lot of people that are in your life that are spewing toxicity into your life.  For the most part they are unaware of the toxic idea they spill as misery loves company but there are a few psychopaths that use these toxic thoughts to control you and others out of fear.  You need to then cut all of these toxic influences out of your life as if your life depends on it.  If this mean that you have to lose best friends, leave you family like I did, leave your boss this must be done.  You can start slowly and transition to these changes over time and when you are awake it also allows you to be an observer of the process as opposed to emotionally involved.  This gives you great power as the number one tool toxic people use is irrational fear.

The benefit of doing these two first steps is that one you gain a sense of peace through logic.  You will fear happier and in control of your life.  You will not only cut out the toxic bullies, you weaken them by no longer serving their wild demands.  There is another huge benefit by being a better person you will attract others of this mindset.  You will be able to feel the power of the abundance mentality where you can give all of your energy away to grateful people who deserve it and they in return will give you far more than you will ever have received through the old mindset of lack and scarcity.  This is where opportunities to work with good people or do great things start to happen.

Even if you only do these two first steps which are totally achievable in any situation, you have won 95% of the battle in life.  You can have and do very little and have a truly blessed life helping and loving those that you care for and not empower those that would seek to abuse you.  But people want to learn how to get out of their toxic job and still be able to support their family.

I have said that there are only two happiness you will ever find in this life and it is 1. the day that you get rid of the scarcity mentality and that you can provide for yourself and your family without fear.  2. The only other happiness you will find in this world is helping others to achieve this same level of abundance.

The third step on this path is perhaps the simplest. Get rid of toxic assets. All paper assets have counter party risk and their value depends on the debt based paradigm.  Stocks, bonds, pensions, insurance, and even cash in your hand are only worth something so long as this economic paradigm exists.  When you logically see the forces of exponential growth of debt, declining demographics, depleting energy resources, systemic corruption, and wealth disparity it does not take a brain surgeon to see that things that cannot go on forever… won’t.

We are in the winter of this debt and death cycle. It will end in war and economic crisis.  Every time we go through this cycle assets with no counter party risk that have real tangible value become very sought after by humanity.  Food and Fuel will be the things that humanity cannot live without and will sacrifice the most for.  I recommend that you create a buffer for the day that the dollar dies and our just in time manufacturing system seizes up.  Think of your digital wealth as merely a future claim on real goods and not real wealth itself.  Actually money is anti wealth since it only becomes valuable when you spend it on real things. Then think about how much money they can create out of thin air to buy those assets and you start to see the insanity of thinking digits on the computer screed as real wealth.

Slave-Queen-Side-Bar-AdMost food and fuel have storage and degradation issues and that is why people go to precious metals.  I chose silver over gold simply because the gold to silver mining ratio is 1 oz of gold to every 9 oz of silver and yet to buy gold or silver the ratio is 1 oz of gold to 50 oz of silver. It is my belief that regardless what the the dollar value of gold does, silver will out perform gold 5 to 1 and I believe a strong case can be made that since silver has been used and abused as a cheap disposable industrial metal we will go far beyond the 1 to 9 gold to silver ratio.

This is not a battle of politics, finances or military strength it is a battle of human consciousness. What do we actively or passively support with our energy in our lives.  Like I said before, if you just do the first two steps you will have won 95% of the battle in life and it is much more important.  By doing the third  step of getting rid of toxic assets you start deleveraging the power that the elite use to control us, the dollar.  People’s loyalty is bought with dollars.  The whole thesis of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield is that we can empower our self with real wealth and collapse their paper ponzi CONfidence game. I believe that when you get rid of toxic assets it will give you the capital and confidence to either prepare for the day the dollar dies  and your job ceases to exist or provide the buffer for you to take the final step of getting rid of you toxic path in life.

The final step is getting rid of  your toxic path in life.  Everyone want know how to get rid of their job and skip all of the rest. It cannot be done successfully in my opinion and would be reckless to try any other way.

We cannot change the outside world to be happy or free.

We must change ourselves to make the world happy and free.

By walking away from your toxic job you unshackle the final chain that you put on yourself.  We are indoctrinated to sacrifice what is good about us to some uncaring collective.  We are told to obey authority and not listen to the small voice of your consciousness.  We all have special talents or passions that the collective drive out.  I suggest that after you do the first three steps that you start a hobby or skill that you would work all hours doing because you love it. Hopefully it has real tangible value that will become far more important after the dollar collapse and do it on the side of your current career.  You will find simply because you are interested and talented in it that people will want to reward and encourage you to continue with this path.  This way you can build a business that one day you can leave your job or have a skill that when the dollar collapses you will have a mean of supporting yourself when you fiat world collapses.

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