Adam Kokesh Body Slammed At Jefferson Memorial

Adam Kokesh was arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial this past week. This was done because of a court ruling that dancing was prohibited at the Jefferson Memorial. This is a great example of leaderless resistance and having fun in the face oppression.

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    nazi germany has moved to usa

  • Jeremy

    Yes Jefferson in rolling in his grave – does no-one in law enforcement see the irony here? Personally, I think officers should honor their oath to the constitution and quit or not enforce these laws.

  • Katelyn

    I am a police officer and I would have been embarrassed to have to enforce that. Who cares if they’re dancing? That’s a really silly law. But, we do have a job to do. We do not make the laws, don’t blame us when they’re ridiculous. Our job is just to enforce them. Was being body slammed too much for the “crime”? Yes, he could have easily have been placed under arrest with more hands on him rather than one officer throwing him to the ground. But if a subject doesn’t comply, yes we do have to get physical in some way. If we cannot do our job then we cannot get results. No matter what this guy says, the primary function of police work IS public safety and peace. No system is perfect all the time. Blame the law-makers for the ridiculous law, not the guys in blue paid to enforce it.

    • Silver Shield

      Have you heard of the Oathkeepers?

      This is a very important movement educating officers and soldiers about the responsibility in the face of tyranny.

  • Jennifer

    They really have nothing better to do than arrest people for dancing? I don’t know about the crime rate there, but Flint has better things to do with there time…and the taxpayers money! How would a law like that even get on the books…Another example of the joke called government!

  • Katelyn

    I have not heard of the Oathkeepers and I will definitely be looking into that right now. I doubt its common in most police agencies but my academy DID talk about the police force being used by tyrants, they used the Holocaust as the prime example… and they warned us about how our power could be used incorrectly.

  • James Woroble Jr

    Kate the Cop make a valid point.

    The ‘dancer’ has demonstrated the true revolutionary spirit, for it is one of the primary functions of every revolutionary to expose the tyrants to the masses by forcing them to ACT like tyrants, for all to observe, thus nullifying their authority of any and all bullshit claims of ‘divine’ or ‘consensus’ guardianship of the people.

    As you can see… IT WORKS!!!

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