Silver Shield Report- #59 Going Galt

Why you need to go Galt. Move out and move on.

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Going Galt

The ultimate failure of any collectivized power is that it is not productive and must steal more wealth to maintain the ever increasing complexity required to keep control. For the past decade or so our criminal Elite plundered other nations of their wealth like Iraq or Libya. Now that it appears they cannot pull off an Iranian war they may be forced to find that wealth to steal from home.
Over the past year or two I have been waiting for them to pop Iran to support the Petro Dollar but perhaps the Anti hegemon is walking away and making it very difficult t for the the US to swagger like it once did or maybe from push back from Military leaders from an attack or maybe they are too concerned with the home base of another economic shock but things have definitely changed.

Obama isn’t even sworn in again and you can just feel the eye shift from overseas to back home and they are going to be more effective in blue state areas but the whole country is going to feel it.

Obama care, taxes, regulations on guns and now grumblings of precious metals and trillion dollar coins debt ceilings, multi decade low money velocity, amke the shift from overseas to home.

This can happen by stealing wealth through inflating the money supply, but what I see coming is a nationalization of retirement accounts, cutting of mortgage interest deductions, further regulations on small businesses.

What to do about Precious Metal Purchasing Act

“The ability to tax is to destroy.” -John Marshall

Prior to any action the government likes to get an idea on how to best control, regulate, tax and destroy it.

Illinois is sponsoring a bill called SB3341 Precious Metal Purchasing Act which states.

Creates the Precious Metal Purchasing Act. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall obtain a proof of ownership, create a record of the sale, and verify the identity of the seller. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall not pay for the precious metal in cash and shall record the method of payment. Requires the purchaser to keep a record of the sale for one year or, if the purchase amount is over $500, for 5 years. Provides that a person who violates the Act is guilty of a petty offense and subject to a fine not exceeding $500. Provides that the Attorney General may inspect records, investigate an alleged violation, and take action to collect civil penalties

This will be a quick step towards taxing and more importantly tracking who has Precious metals.

This is on the heels of the Obama administration trying to regulate our right to keep and bear arms.

Like the insane financial hole these guys has created, this will not stop here.

Here is what I see happening with PM and Guns in general Urban areas or the blue state dominated area will continue to clamp down on those that cannot move. Precious metals and arms are protectors of wealth and life. As with any government regulations PM’s and guns will become more expensive and harder to get. The ability of people to defend themselves will be limited not from the people’s level but from the business level. The reason is because business owners have something to lose. Look at Bank of America freezing the account of American Spirit Arms and allegedly of their belief that they should not be selling guns. When you have something to lose and they have control over you they have you. Look at the doctors. It was not to long ago there was direct payment for service from patient to doctor now look at the ridiculous levels there are now. If you are in a business that is coming under more scrutiny you have a choice a slow burn towards an inevitable end or you move out and move on to something new.

The move to the police state will just be a natural progression of indoctrinated slaves wanting protection and psychopath wanting control. When it is a symbiotic relationship it would be natural and maybe sustainable but there is a third party in that equation and that is the problem solvers, logical thinkers or wealth creators. These are the ones that create wealth against all odds just to eak out a living. I know many business owners who are making less than their employees and stay because of what, debt or ego?

Besides the declining financial Return on investment staying there is the psychological toll.

I’ve e-mailed you two times before and I’ll try very hard to make this quick because I know you are a popular guy.  I drove myself to the hospital last night for something I never had before; massive panic attacks and minor chest discomfort.  To pass the time sitting for three hours in the waiting room, I whipped out my iphone and SGT’s site was already up…and your interview was just so reverent to what I was going through that it made me break down several times while listening to it on my ear-buds.

1) I’ve complained to you about wanting to leave my job because it is getting the best of me.  I work for a utility in southern Ohio and over the last 9 months there has been a sudden increase in State and Federal money and top down pressure going into high performance proprietary fiber-optics interconnecting municipalities and cell towers.  The same has been true for or SmartGrid and SmartMetering initiative. I’ve been working there for 11 years and can’t remember the last time the Feds have been so involved with our infrastructure.

Even though, I find out, upper management knew about this months in advance, my cohorts and I find ourselves understaffed, being berried with impossible deadlines and to mopping up the many problems created by the frenzy caused by all this government cash. I am a design engineer and not far removed from knowing exactly what is going on, a control grid.  I finding it very hard to deal with the volume of work, the moral dilemma of being an accessory to the installation of a control grid,  and that I will not be able to support my family if I leave for something more enriching.

Massive attacks like that are your body screaming something has to change in your life.  

The sooner you listen to it the better.

The more you listen to it the farther you will go in your life.

Your health and soul are not worth any price that paycheck pays.

Both your questions have the same answer, walk your path in peace and people will follow.  It is not for the wife to protect the family, that is your job.  The more that I am right the more my wife let’s me do what i want.  The cognitive dissonance you are experiencing of knowing the truth and enabling the collective is not one that many can balance.  Some like the many in the military simply quit unable to do their job knowing what they know now. Others are able to contain it and live two lives. Wage slave at work are evolutionary at home.

I got to imagine what you do is a specialized job that has a bunch of high paid consultants, why not become one?  Instead of being a wage slave work for yourself and you set the terms of your engagement.  Start it on the side part time and see where it goes.   I built my websites between family and a job and now I can do this full time. 

Having this even as a small back up will take the pressure you put on yourself.  You are the one responding to their ridiculous demands.  Stop jumping and you will see them wonder why you are not jumping. When they ask, logically tell them that the goals are not practical and their lack of planning does not constitute an emergency in my world.

It is always the debt that keeps us in our cage.

Soon that debt will not exist and we will wonder why we wasted so much time in that cage.

These wealth creators can literally go anywhere and create wealth. It is insane to stay in a place that does not value or support that talent. If you are in the vortex of the Northern East Coast , Chicagoland or California it is time to get serious about moving out and on. Moving out of a toxic area and on with your life.

This week I would like to talk about what we should be doing if tyranny comes home faster than than a dollar collapse.

If you are not comfortable with the life that you are living right now I want to see if I can push you over the edge to make some radical changes in your life.

First I want to tell you that this radical change is coming one way or the other either on your terms or their terms.

There will be NO economic turn around or return to normal. The debts need to be rolled over the wealth must be extracted from the value producers at a greater pace. The only question you have is how much are you going to put up with.

I saw in March of 2008 that things were going to take turn for the worst. I left everything while things still had worth in my case I left millions of assets so I did not get stuck with millions of debt.

But even if you are not in the position to leave I would like to give a couple reason why you should consider making a bigger change in your life and how to do it.

The biggest thing that made change easier was knowing that there was not much more to get or hold on to.
The first shock was 9/11 I was watching the Twin TOwers falling to the ground and I was wondering how things were going to be the same again
and yet we sold 3 cars that day because of the normalcy bias that was ingrained in society. The deficit was only 5 trillion back then and baby boomers were in their prime so taking more debt was an easy solution.

In 2008 !started to imagine how bad things would get if the collapse of what I thought and I saw the world for what it was and knew that this time we would not recover like last time.

I did think that 2008 was going to be the one to end it all but any study of any collapse always has that bounce up after the final bounce down this is because those that are hit with the collapse and have too much to loose use all of their energy in maintaining the status quo. All this does is delay the inevitable and the green shoots and manipulated recovery has not produced any real wealth or solutions. The next hiccup in the economy like the year over year impact on the economy with obama care and the tax cliff and the increasingly tyrannical government at home hurting consumer confidence will lead to the very slippery slope of collapse as the safety nets we once had are gone.

They only solution is to star living your life to the highest and best self. So that regardless what happens in your world you will find happiness and resonating energy to carry you through rough times. First you need to realize what you are holding on to is nothing which makes starting over easier. These points may not be for everyone as some are wage slaves and others are owners. Both are in the same boat as I see it since if you business is in business today, it is most likely dependent upon the debt and death paradigm.

When the anger phase kicks off there will be officially NO MIDDLE CLASS. There will only be with or without. So it is imperative that you put your wealth in the the with category and divest of all paper assets with haste if you have not already. This capital will be necessary to save your wealth but needed to restart the system. When the need is there I believe we will be able to create a private banking system among our members to conduct business.

There will be no return to normal and most jobs and skills will be as useless buggy whip manufacturing. The worst part is that most of the skills are not going to be very transferable as we need real people to do real things and that will stand in stark contrast to the fake people doing fake things. This is a shame for all those kids that have fake degrees to boot.

My grandfather said back in the early 90’s that all we need is a good depression to snap people out of their rut. Well 20 years later we are going to get it.

We have been fortunate to wake up to see the party is going to end and not have to wait until the cops come to bust up the party. The rest of humanity will have to spend some time in the slammer before they change.

Massive decentralization of power will destroy the nation state and most of the corporations. What will rise is individuals and local communities that get their act together. How are you prepared now to respond to that way of life. I think the biggest problem facing the unemployed is lack of problem solving or logical skills along with a massive narcissism of the Facebook generation.

Another reason to move on is the money you are working for does not bring you happiness. If you get your life into perspective about what you really need in life versus what the perception of need is and get a smaller nut you will find that you need less and then you can get rid of your scarcity mentality. I have said the only happiness you will find in your life is the day you get rid of the scarcity mentality and the only other happiness is when you help someone else to get to that same level.

I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery- Thomas Jefferson

If you are not responsible for yourself you are at the mercy of others. My experience is that the average person does not consciously live their lives and are oblivious to the coming dangers. You can probably subcontract in the same field and have equal footing with and employer. In fact I think if you are a problem solver you should be a subcontractor since you are probably worth far more than many salaried employees that offer nothing. Problem solvers are also opportunity creators. I can’t tell you how many opportunities that came out of problems. This is where innovation and growth comes from. If you can combine this with the abundance mentality you will see how these highly successful people own multiple businesses.

So what are the excuses?

You have to take the steps.

I went over the 4 steps to walk away on YouTube which was probably wasted to a certain extent on that audience as fear and negativity is what spreads on YouTube and positive information is best left for people that are ready to move on.

The four steps are Change you thoughts, relationships, assets and paths

Once you get to this stage we should be able to start building the team of truly independent people exchanging value for value.

22 comments to Silver Shield Report- #59 Going Galt

  • Janet Podojil

    Funny how your article “Galt” came today. Due to mounting pressures of my husbands dementia, i tried to resign from a capital improvement committee at my mothers condo that basically went into “Yes we’re a luxury high rise, but Do we really need this mode” but continually was asking our committee to look into projects they had no intention of doing. I dont need the stress. Funny how all of a sudden people were volunteering to take some of the burden (I was also the secretary and did a lot of the actual footwork) and tried even to guilt me into staying by rejecting my resignation! The building manager is my John Galt- they’re always wanting him to produce miracles, but dont spend anything. he wrote in support of my quitting; I wrote back we should both go Galt! I’ve now experienced the Galt for myself, and the need to get away from the bloodsuckers, any way possible, even with bay steps. Just away.

  • William Sutton


    Re: confiscation – It’ll be hard to claim stupidity if the law shows up at the door with your filed fingerprints and gun registration in hand. At least PMs are still available without similar constraints. For now.



    • Justin DeArmond

      what if you do not own “registered” firearms….gun shows here in Kansas (and many other states as well i presume)you can sell a gun to anyone you want to, no bg check or anything! (which is how it should be) sure the liscensed firearms dealers have to do that but private individual to private individual is totally legal here (not a “loophole” btw)no fingerprints, regrestration or anything like that, just exchange of money or trade. if the govt comes for my weapons playing dumb is exaxtlly what i will do….what are the gonna do when you simply tell them that you sold it to joe blow up the road for cash…no paperwork (etc..) neeed. Hell most of my firearms are purchased that way…i have a felony conviction for growning flowers in my yard (yeah it was cannabis but that dosent change the fact that i got in trouble for flowers) so i cannot “legall” purchase a weapon from a FFL dealer. I think its fucked up to keep someone from owning a weapon to defend his home and family because he likes to use a flower to relax (or cure cancer or heart disease or dimentia…every disease/disorder that cannabis oil has come up against it has cured…CURED!!! not remission or it comes back wehn you stop using the oil but cured FOREVER!!! hopefully the ssg members will see this and take heed of its curative powers). People say the gun laws are not strict enough or we dont have enought of em…well i had a hell of a time trying to get a weapon “legally”…i gave up on that (buying from a ffl dealer) and just went to buy from private sellers..nothing wrong with that! Im no violent felon just someone who likes to relax without booze or cigarettes or women or whatever..i like cannabis..why is that a crime in this fucked up country(rhetorical question i know the real reason..control of people and profits on both sides of drug war)and as far as confiscation/registration, just lie to the “authorities” they lie to us every time they speak so why do them any favors. ill end with what Charlton Heston said…From my Cold Dead Hands!!!

  • MPB

    Thanks again Chris for another great report and AWAYS holding the course and never wavering from your beliefs and insights. As we continue to move closer to the collapse and the “Pieces of a desperate collective government” come together, your insights are becoming easier to understand and see first hand.

    Best wishes at the AOCS mint. While I have received everything that I ordered to date, Debt & Death, Triviums (Excepting the Slave Queens – of course) the Trivium orders (I placed three separate ones) were all supposed to be piggy backed together and shipped at one time. Short of this, I received the proof first – very timely, then the last of the uncirculated ones I ordered a week later BUT, the very first, single uncirculated I ordered just “hung there” – unfilled or shipped. Finally, I emailed them and even did an online chat to no avail. I then followed up with phone calls to find out why. A couple days later I did receive a call back basically stating it had some sort of clerical error – for lack of a better term. It was shipped immediately that same day and I have really no complaints except that I couldn’t understand why the three separate shipments, especially since I paid once for shipping and they were supposed to be shipped all at once together. (It didn’t cost me any more but the mint racked up 3x shipping costs.). Look, every time I talked with someone there they were EXTREMELY nice and courteous and helpful and I have all my SBSS Rounds except the Slave queens under current production. This is probably a matter of a SUCCESS HAPPENING FASTER THAN THEY WERE ABLE TO ADJUST TO IT. I am sure they are certainly trying and it is probably just details with the overwhelming success that need to be ironed out. … streamlined. Though I can certainly understand the frustrations of those that do not yet have their Silver ordered a while back. Best wishes to all! Hope the details get all ironed out. I will order more as I am able and am currently holding my limited funds for the two special SS group issues.

    Peace, MPB.

  • Justin DeArmond

    oh btw Chris i was supposed to recieve (for xmas present) 2 trivium coins that my gf ordered around mid BU and one Proof..havent recieved them yet, just wondering if they were all sent out yet. thanks.

    • Justin DeArmond

      nevermind..i should have listened to the report first before commenting…Thanks Chris for your hard work!

    • Silver Shield

      I am on a flight down to Dallas right now to see what is up.
      Beside a the production delays like the new trivium proof blanks.
      I think there also could be a huge improvement in customer service and communication.

  • I’m defo the ‘working poor’ aka a wage slave, but I do like my job in some ways. I basically sweep-up the psychological mess created by the criminal elite but I would prefer to be a small rural area without being pestered for taxes. I’ll keep looking for suitable locations and practicing to grow my own food crops. Very few places to head to though on an overcrowded island. Perhaps i should ‘flip’ sbss rounds this side of the pond :-)

    Interesting report yet again.

    Cheers Chris,

  • Paul Taylor

    A bit off subject here in a way. Can anyone provide tech support? Is anyone able to download the silver shield reports to be played later via an mp3 player? I’ve followed the download link but it just takes me to another page with am embedded quicktime player, but I can’tsee of any way to actually save the file locally…

  • Joshua Stewart

    Looking forward to hearing an update on the mint.

  • Silver42

    My guess is that the fear of the “Precious Metal Purchasing Act” will lead to a run on Gold and Silver sales. Just like the fear of a ban on specific guns leads to a huge increase in gun sales.

  • Forman Andrews

    Great stuff, yet again. I’m still in the process of listening to the archived reports and getting caught up, but so far they’ve all been made with the same skill and insight I’ve come to appreciate of your work Chris. The Silver Shield Report is an invaluable asset to any intellectual arsenal, I’ve learned more from you in a matter of months, then I had in the sum of my entire public and private education.

    Keep on keepin on

  • Henry Hollenberg

    Hey Gang,

    I ran across some weird stuff this week reviewing OKC and reading some Sandy Hook stuff.

    What is the scoop on:

    Gordon Duff (Veterans Today)
    Stew Webb (something about S&L crisis and aliens?)
    Benjamin Fulford (White Dragon Society)

    Are they misinformation artists or legit?

    They seem to be anti-globalist BUT I wonder if they are just trying to suck folks in with, drop what you are doing a gun grab is eminent or we might as well give up the aliens are coming or finally some ancient asian society pulling a high-oh-silver and coming to the rescue.

    Duff has Susan Lindauer on the last big false flag and seems to get the USS Liberty right…so just not sure.

    That internet sure is a big place….

  • Henry Hollenberg

    Now this is more like it, I wonder what this guys views are on PM’s?:

    Kentucky Sheriff Peyman says no guns will be pulled from his county.

  • Mark

    Hi All!

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents (or rather 2/100 oz) to Chris’s comments. I’ve recently finally made a big move and uprooted the family from our urban community life to a smaller community much farther away from the high risk urban centers.

    Of course there was uncertainty but all I can say is that once I committed and knew and felt I was making the right choice, I quickly started to see things come together. I’m still in the process but wow, how quickly stability is coming back to our lives. After only 6 months of transition, my wife and are I both employed in new jobs and looking forward to the future.

    Oddly enough, I’ve also started to realize ‘little things’ happening that reaffirmed my choices. For example, I’ve begun to meet new people locally that think similarly and have similar values. After years people still looked at me sideways in my old town for my values and interests. What a great feeling.

    Just do it. Follow your gut, it knows more that you may realize. Believe and focus on what you want and you can manifest the reality you want.

  • l1b3r7y1776

    Hey folks – I live in Illinois and was pissed off when I heard about SB3341 Precious Metal Purchasing Act. I did some research on it and even spoke to my State Senator’s office. The Bill did not pass and become law. It passed the State Senate 56 to 0. It then went to the House where is died in a lame duck session of the 97th assembly. Bottom line, it is dead for now. That is good!

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