Remember This…

There is a huge gap in what we are sold on here at home and what the rest of the world gets. This is par for the course for the Elite that own and control our paradigm. They always say one thing and do another, it is called lip service. It is done to keep you from asking questions you don’t want to know the answers to. So you are fed well crafted talking points. They are drummed into your head, so that you an self regulate the need to seek answers. Blind patriotism is very dangerous. Real patriots question everything, especially what is done in their name. Here are a few things are done in our names while we are sold on fighting for freedom.

The Most Patriotic Picture Ever

Trophy Killing

Iraqi Civilian Destruction

Civilian Deaths Make Up 90% of War Casualities


Depleted Uranium Pollution


American Torture

Death Glorification

And the scars they leave behind...

Systematic and Legalized Torture

The Truth of the Petro Dollar


We Support Dictators NOT Democracies


Remember WMDs, Yellow Cake, Mushroom Clouds...


War Profiteers


Tax Free and High Paid Mercenaries With Our Troops


Patriots Fight For Truth


The Taliban Shut Production, We Protect It.


The Corporate Media Sells The Lie

The Bought and Paid For Politcians Make the Lie Reality

Our troops pay the most for this lie.

Our Corporations Go Overseas for More Profits


As We Leave The Boarders Wide Open

The Inevitable Result of the Two


All Of This To Run Up The Debt.

Everything is Going According to Plan.

11 comments to Remember This…

  • DW-in-the tahoe-forest

    Thanks Chris,

    I just sent this to my family and friends.
    I hope it makes some sense to them. I am not going to hold my breath
    waiting for an engagement that has failed for the past 5 years but
    we will see…


  • Scout

    Outstanding reminder, SS. We are all, and especially those serving, subject to the propaganda, lies and deceit of our so-called leaders. When you say “Wake Some People Up!” that includes everyone, including those in uniform, military and civilian. That is also the mission of the Oath Keepers. Won’t you readers join us?

  • confederate miner

    some one should explai to fofoa the reason us silverbugs hold the views we do. To me other than an end of the price suppresion freegold does not change anything. Of course we will never agree with freegold since we would like to put an end to the central banks who are planning freegold! Most of us just want an end to the central banks monopoly. The free market should decide what money for me i do not want to be paid in frns iwant paid in gold or silver. i might accept a privately issued currency depending on who is issuing them . anyway maybe you could convey to fofoa what i am getting. you have a better way with words than I

  • James Woroble Jr

    SHIT! And here I was made to believe that they hated us for our freedoms! I’m now thinking that I’ve been lied to. What’s next? No Santa Claus! No Tooth Fairy?

  • Best reminder of Memorial Day that I’ve seen on the net! Thanks for your support to end the wars in the Middle East.

  • chow

    So SS the WTC was GW’s doing? Is there any war worth fighting in your opinion?

    • Silver Shield

      I don’t think it was him specifically but the Project for a New American Century Neo Con definitely wanted it.

      As far as a war fighting for…

      Any one that would infringe on our liberties and from those that seek to enslave us.

      We will never be invaded, too difficult.

      We will collapse from inside.

  • CabotAR

    Unbelievable photographs for all Americans to see and know what is really happening.

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