SBSS Silver Update

So I am in Dallas and I thought we should do a full update on where we are with silver production at the mint so I grabbed Rob and went over everything and even toured the production.

There is a new rim we introduced midstream of the Trivium we have produced.  And since we are about half way through production, my estimate is that about 1/4 of the total production or just over 10,000 oz of Trivium will have the classic small spaced rim.  The new rim differentiates our silver and will be on all future issues.


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  • David Richardson

    The update is appreciated, and seeing a bit of the process is interesting.

  • Adam Hill

    This is awesome to see!! I design and manufacture custom electronics, but I can totally relate. I despise telling customers when things will ship, because Murphy always shows his face. “That’s never happened before,” like your cracked dies is “to be expected.”

    Keep it up, Rob and Chris. There are two types of people in manufacturing. Those that want it right, and those that want it right now. I am a “right” person and will wait for quality. I trust your judgement.

  • speedspirit

    Very nice new edge on the coin designs.

  • Johnny

    Chris & Rob,
    Thanks for the update. Totally understandable circumstances, remember persistance prevails. Please accept my apologies as I was one who got a little impatient about the delays. I really think that most people would be OK with delays if the communication was top notch. I don’t mean a minute by minute play call but, timely and complete responses to inquiries. Additionally a weekly email blast to all waiting customers with a short explination and likely ETA. No news can be concerning to people.

  • MPB

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the update videos. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. Most everthing has gone fairly well for me and all my SSSB Silver medallions / rounds to date. (waiting on the Slave Queens of course like everyone else). But I am confused on one thing or I am simply misunderstanding? Specifically, if you are only now minting Trivium Proofs to ship, and an earlier run of them last month was sub-par and are currently locked up in a safe waiting to be melted down, how is it I have one and have had it for at least two weeks? Actually, more like three weeks. I believe I received it Christmas Eve. Trivium Proof, capsulated and cased with COA #308 and the accompanying receipt from AOCS / SBSS. I even cross checked ebay and there are sellers listing them as “PRESALE” with anticipated ship dates starting next week. Meaning, they do NOT, indeed, yet have them to ship.

    Do I have a rare one that I can now pay off my home mortgage with?!!! Or at least help my daughter with her college education! Please tell me this is worth a fortune like a 1933 Double Eagle! Well maybe not? This could produce problems if so. I hope I am not gong to have a visit from the AOCS Secret Security Service. I don’t mean to cause any further issues but I am a bit confused. Maybe I need to watch the videos one more time, again?

    Best to everyone both on the manufacturing and purchasing ends of these and I hope all the technical manufacturing issues get ironed out soon with as few headaches as possible.

    Peace everyone,


    • Silver Shield

      :) no a few hundred oz went out on time then the series of event. There are only 3,000ish Trivium proof.

      • MPB

        Well, I almost hit the Silver Lotto! :-) Still, 3000 is not a whole lot of Proof Triviums. Wish I’d had the fiat $ to have purchased a couple more. I did order mine within a few hours of the window opening to order them. Guess that is why I have one. Thanks Chris.

        Peace, MPB

      • MPB

        PS; Please give Rob a hard time for picking up that Trivium “Proof” off the press (Third video at about 4:08) with his bare hand – not properly white gloved like the press operator was. :-)

        Peace, Mike.

    • Steve

      Early birds got the worms here. I ordered a Trivium Proof (#365) along with the BU’s within the first 48 hours of sales and got mine right around the same time. I will say I’m satisfied with the mail orders so far (knock on wood). They’ve arrived in good condition with no bash-ups or anything. Might be different if I was ordering more than a couple pounds at a time 😛 but for my location USPS is the only option.

  • Steve Canuck

    Great update guys. Keep the creative design, quality & communication all top notch and you will have an ongoing ever expanding base of buyers.

    Slave Queen seems to be the first to have a 60 day window for order (was it just 90 days then recently changed ?). I would suggest keeping a 60 day window of future orders, to allow some of us a bit more time to ensure we can sort out $$ to secure our orders.


    • Steve Canuck

      I just noticed the Slave Queen project end date has changes again.. Chris can you explain why there have been changes? I’m needing to wait to order my Slave Queens and would really be upset if the date got shortened.

      this project ends March 31, 2013
      2 months 13 days 15:18:15

      • Silver Shield

        I don’t think we changed the date? It was purposely put out a lot longer than the past releases because we need to get past the single offering business model.

        I hope to have 8 coins available by April.

        • Steve Canuck

          I’ve seen it change recently.. I’ve been checking the retail site often looking for updates. I’ll take screen snapshots next time. maybe just a back end database error ? Anyway it would be great to have 60 days for each medallion design. Ordering from Canada I will be doubling up orders.. right now I’d like to order Slave Queens BU & Proof, SBSS group coins & Slave Girl all in a single order.. Some overlap if good, since I have faith in the delivery.

          • Silver Shield

            The next few will have longer windows in order to build up the product line including one that will be around all year.
            The last half if the year I should be able to make them shorter.
            And next year we should be able to do very many for only two weeks.

  • vincent formoso

    Awesome update. Thanks for the communication. Whenever I’m late for my customers, I find that that a little communication goes a long way. Most people just want to be reasured that you are doing your best and can forgive unforeseen circumstances. It’s just the nature of doing business. Anyway I just wanna say thanks for making these coins close to spot price with quality and making them in limited editions. It shows that you want us to make money on these. And it proves that you like to serve the masses. And the more people you serve, the richer you become. Awesome job.

  • Brad

    I work in a machine shop and I sure know what unforeseen things can do to an operation. Thank you for the updates =)

  • marz

    Maybe you guys should get someone to document all the stories (and some photos) for a book. For instance, the Murphy´s Law things that are a headache now will be funny an interesting to know about in the future. A well told chronicle of the process might become an important part of it.

  • GoldSaver

    Seems the main issue is communications with the customers. Have you considered tweeter? provide a special hash tag just for customers in the comment field and then tweet delays, production info or anything that might be interesting to customers. The second benefit is that with a single text like entry you also get to advertize to past customers since they are still subscribed. No time consuming blog post or perfectly composed email blast needed.

  • Joshua Stewart

    I would love to see a sneak peek at Liberty Girl!!! :-) Just got my first round of trivium yesterday they are bad ass! buying Slave queen today!!!

  • erace

    To be honest I am glad you are lagging behind the schedule. I really want to get the complete set and if you are really going to share with us more than one a month I could have problems getting them. I plan to keep ordering 23 of each i.e. 3 for friends that will appreciate and 20 well… ;-). God bless you.

  • David Richardson


    I got a shipping confirmation today for a proof order submitted 12/6.

  • PdBallerina

    Great update! I love all these Adventures in Minting videos… You really got give poor Rob a week off though…he looks whipped :)

  • Justin

    I ordered my 5 queens on 1/09/2013 and I have yet to receive them. My only question is what will the next design be so I can order another 5? Thanks for all you do and appreciate the updates.

  • Justin

    nevermind…I just reached the 3rd video and cannot wait to see Freedom Girl.

  • Alan

    The “.999 Fine Silver AOCS Approved” text on the backside of my Trivium coins look faded, almost as if that portion of the coin didn’t get enough pressure. All 5 of them were like that. Please let AOCS know so that problem doesn’t get into the BU Slave Queen coin. Other than that, they are beautiful coins.

    Who is doing the artwork for these anyways? I know Heidi sculpts them, but who makes the original artwork? Are you doing it Chris? I am amazed at whoever is doing it.

    • Silver Shield

      I usually come up with the idea and elements of a coin.
      We either have a graphic artist do a mock up or like on freedom girl just let Heidi free hand it.
      Then when Heidi sculpts she adds her own flair to make the metal flow right.

  • Joseph GallowsJudge

    I have all my coins except the slave queen. It’s much better to get it right than to rush. I love all of the coins. SS you are a BIG tease on the freedom girl! I take it I can trade in other silver ounces for the slave queen like in the past? Cheers!

  • Roger

    I like the new rim design you came up with… Seems to give the medallion a solid look… Another note to mention is the fact that I became an instant fan of your medallions… I haven’t been all that excited about rounds until your product line came out… Have you given fractional medallions any thought…??? Roger

  • Silverseeker123

    You echo a general sentiment regarding these medallions!
    Just received my Trivium BU and proof order. The BU coins feature the new rim design, and it looks fantastic. I must admit I wish I had ordered more of these Triviums, and I am impressed enough with the quality to place another Slave Queen order while eagerly awaiting the Liberty Girl release. The Proof Trivium looks like liquid silver… mesmerizing!
    Damn you, Chris!!! Lol. I am still convinced you are going to see a million medallion edition as this series gains exposure. Thanks for the update and get some rest man!

    • Silver Shield

      I was looking at the 1st 4 releases and this is turning out to be something really cool.

      We will see how far we can go, but there are good things coming.

  • Lmo Mutton

    I want to see you succeed also.

  • Les

    I just went to the AOCS web-site to check on an order that I have with them and the site says that they are no longer in business, thank you very much! There is no explanation except to say that they are moving on to bigger and better things and will no longer be selling coins themselves but will do that now through other dealers. Is there anything that you can add to this. I’m going to call them myself of course on Tuesday, but the news is making me wonder about my order with “them”. I guess working just with you is the bigger and better thing. But I still have a little problem.

  • StackingFool

    Just saw a guy in a you tube comment offer 3 ASE for one death and debt! Keep it coming Chris – I am not rich but trying to get 3 of each… Be sure to let your customers know when they come out as I only found out about the slave queen by digging around a little.

  • I am having trouble getting info your issuing of double reverse sbss coin and the slave queen proofs and bu proofs. Please let me know when I can order these.(and how). Thanks, looking forward to it.

  • kip caven

    how many coins are in the set to date?

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