Silver Shield Report #60- Massive Decentralization of Power

No need to fear 1 world government, massive decentralization of power is coming.  No need to fear government troops knocking down your door, you biggest threat is your unprepared neighbor.  The nation state will fail and humanity will realign themselves by philosophical commonalities.  Who will you be in a foxhole with? We will explore this issue and the first 20 minutes is a recap and behind the scenes look at my trip to the Mulligan Mint in Dallas Texas.

We should be all caught up by this week with Trivium and Slave Queen and will launch Freedom Girl and the LOOOONNG awaited Special Members Only Editions 2012 Slave Queen Proof and the New Year’s Coin.

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33 comments to Silver Shield Report #60- Massive Decentralization of Power

  • Steve Canuck

    Just listened to the Report. First guess at the guest for the special Coins for the Cause coin.. Bruce Dickenson! \m/

    After hearing about the other more public efforts I’m glad that SBSS Report is making a conscious effort to work & think behind the scenes.

  • Bigdad06

    Great update! Get some rest and we hope you get better soon!

  • Looking forward to seeing those rounds, bud. Intrigued. Drink orange juice and fresh water and get some rest hyperactive fella :-)

  • vincent formoso

    Hope you feel better

  • cb

    Great report Chris – well done in spite of being sick. Hope you are feeling better today! The idea that we will experience a decentralization after the collapse, and we have the chance to create vibrant communities and be ‘left alone’ is refreshingly positive – which we have come to expect from you. But it would be a major backwards step to the Rothschilds and Co. Even if they had as you say the new Oligarchs out there buying up everything, isnt the desire of these psychopaths more than just accumulating wealth but rather controlling the masses – as they have done through the debt based society? Obviously this is not something they would want to let go of too easily but fight tooth and nail to hold and increase. How do you see them losing a lot of this power over the masses, especially as they put in more new puppets that offer a new world order – as many like to put it?
    Thanks and best wishes!

  • ShortStacker33


    Good update, feel better soon. It seems like the guys at the mint are experiencing the growing pains of the prospectors on that Discovery Channel series: Gold Rush. Those guys had problem after problem with different mechanical issues and once one thing was solved another calamity reared up immediately afterwards when I watched the first season. Anyway it looks like Rob and company are doing better than the Gold Rush guys did in Alaska.
    While I do like the one ounce bullion rounds, what about doing something a bit different than these other mints like that one ounce credit card idea you once mentioned, or the 1/10th ounce silver round (which would be huge draw for people), or silver bullet bullion like Northwest Territorial (NWT) Mint recently released (either 1 oz, 10 oz, or 25 oz) – which would be appropriate for the SILVER BULLET Silver Shield group right!?! Something to think about.

    • intothevoid

      that is definitely a bit different.

      that pic of 25 ounce 20mm in hand reminded me of high school teacher i had, who i believe was a vietnam vet and taught current affairs, that kept a few inert artillery gun shells on his desk to use as bookends.

      anytime he would kick someone out of class for whatever reason, he would pick up the shells, curl them a few times, and go on to say, in a sadistic tone, ‘ahhh… this is better than killing babies.’

      he would also pick up and slam the desk of any students that fell asleep, with them still sleeping on it. you can imagine what kind of wake up call that ending up being.

      don’t miss that class one bit to say the least, but those silver bullets are pretty cool 😀

      and with the coming .22 and 12 gauge shell, it would be a great way to introduce silver to hunters, as well as LEO and military personnel.

  • Marvin Motsenbocker

    Thank you for this last SSR. It is a pleasure to get just basic “what’s happening” dialogue (dont need guest or special topic all the time).

    Paul (WA2ZE) and I (AK4VO) will be chatting on the East Coast Tuesday (tomorrow) 9PM Eastern at 3.820 MHz (single side band) if anyone would like to listen in or participate. If the frequency is busy then search for us slightly higher in frequency, or less likely lower….. If you are on the West Coast or in Europe and would like to get involved please contact us and we will work out a more suitable frequency for you.

    Also, we are (with Mark from Buffalo) developing a suitable amateur radio DIY transmitter for group members. If you want to get involved please contact one of us (and also contact us if you want to learn more about how to get your amateur radio license).


  • Eric Hartmann

    I just visited the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa and had a guided tour. The RCM has a huge competitive advantage because they do their own melting, refining and production of blanks in house. While it would be an advantage for the Mulligan Mint to make their own blanks, it’s the most difficult and capital intensive part the production process.

    Also, I was surprized to learn that all the coins are now designed digitally at the RCM. Maybe I’m old school, but I kind of like that the SBSS coins are designed in clay.

  • Mark

    Hey Chris,

    Rest is always good for aiding recovery, as you’ve been going full pelt. Get well soon and we’ll all look forward to hearing your vibrant self in full :-)


  • Adam Jurewich

    I totally understand that the dollar is doomed to end and I have prepared for it but I do not think they will allow this to happen without another smokescreen occurring at the same time. These people WILL DO ANYTHING.
    What if a coordinated bio/radio/chem attack is staged on Americans, killing many thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands in sync with the dollar collapse. A simple scenario would be a small tactical missile above many major US cities – all pulled off minutes of each other, and to really rub salt in the wound a logic bomb style virus that had already been pre-installed throughout the world markets, triggers massive chaos and ends with all nations in near martial law. The US would find it’s scapegoat quickly and I’m sure most nations would bite whoever the US says caused the financial chaos. This would get the war gears spinning again, taking peoples mind off the real cause and forcing them to support another unjust war and the promise of justice and repayment. [Americans are probably dumb enough to believe that]
    This IS possible and would not lead to decentralization of power [atleast for some very long time after], especially if there is a a large population in cities deceased and the displaced are looking for shelter and assistance. I do not put anything past the power elite because as you know the end justifies the means.
    Even though my quick scenario has major cities getting banged up, the smaller communities and actual growth would take months, I think years, to spring back healthy with a local economy, new budgets, resource acquisition, police forces. [if gun ownership still exists!] Even those in smaller communities at the shock of a horrendous attack and financial pandemonium would be awestruck for weeks/months while they scrap together what they can, working with friends just to feed each other etc. And that’s communities where family is STRONG – never mind the soccer mom, mall browsing Uggz wearing, Lexus driving, narcissistic suburbia many of us also live in. Who knows if after this period more attacks are coordinate on America to keep the fear loop in a screaming spin while actually making more people dependent on the government for answers/solutions. [ala Orwells 1984, city bombings]
    The rebuilding of a new economy with silver investors and SilverShield members using their skills would run into immediate trouble in such small numbers. The collective US population after an attack would see anyone looking to start “funding” something new as a greedy banker or an American “holding out” while others suffer and perish, so the possibility of establishing a new PM based currency could only occur once stability has been achieved to a certain degree. However if they constantly use that fear loop and trigger random acts of terror things like that will never have the ability to take off.

    I’m not supporting fear porn, the Alex Jones agenda etc. but I cannot be 100% sold on this being simply the collapse of the dollar and somehow remaining optimistic that small communities will be popping up like our forefathers envisioned. With all the factual evidence of democide this past century, the 21 Century could be multiples higher than the 20th century and I do not trust them at all.
    I’m not trying to bargain, I’m not in denial, not depressed and I’m not angry but I cannot Accept what I do not know.

    I’m thinking aloud and would like to hear opinions on if people do not feel so optimistic about such a quick spurt of liberty following the collapse.

    • Trafix

      If you haven’t seen it, the series Jericho is a little gem of insight into what a post event USA may look like. I am not smart enough to figure out a leftist hidden meaning behind it, but it was a very enjoyable show to watch. They have the entire series on Netflix.

    • Eric Hartmann

      Hi Adam,

      The collapse will will likely be unprecedented. But after the anger phase burns out there will be a renaissance. This will happen in pockets at first and it could take decades for all of humanity to enter the renaissence.

      You choose your reality. You don’t have to crash with the economy. You can ease out of fiat and into silver. You can also choose what community you want to be part of.

      In the mean time, buy silver and have faith.

      • Adam Jurewich

        Hey Eric,
        My wife and I are 90%+ invested in silver, I stack monthly/biweekly too, months of food and plenty of ammo. I’m not worried about crashing with the collapse since we’re prepared, I’m worried about the promise of the “pockets” you speak of. I’d love to disappear to a Galt’s Gulch during, but it can’t happen, at least not this year so if stuff does go south and all of us liberty minded folk try to put things back together it would take years/decades and a Renaissance cannot happen for the millions wanting what we would have, they’ve been too entitled. There would be attacks, sabotage and destablement of “prospering” people. I’m no fan of that Idaho community or other Wacos that could pop up – How can we as individuals really create the new renaissance when there is no central house we can generate ideas from, collectively invest our metals, promote new schooling and education. If Chris is still a strong proponent his once “ultimate exit strategy” plan then it’s logistics should already be in the works, being discussed, backup plans, communication plans. Members should know each one personally, phone numbers, emails etc – we cannot allow something to happen and expect that we can conveniently log into a web site after a collapse to ask “whats next?”, “Where do we meet?”, “How’d everyone handle that?” – I think update videos to silver medallions and the latest takes on silver ups/downs is wasting time for a real plan as we continue to have “faith” that holding silver and the guaranteed renaissance to come is all we must do.

        • Barbara


          Please reply to this comment.

        • Silver Shield

          It is so tempting to pull a Glenn Beck and plant a flag and start building something but my gut tells me that the best way to survive massive decentralization is to stay decentralized. This way we can go through this with friends and family we know and trust. There would be too much counter party risk personally with new members, financing, political… To do something now.

          I also think that silver at $30 is a freaking huge gift that very little would be a better investment. If a squeeze should happen and we have $1,000 silver and the economy is still functioning, then yes let’s move.

          After the collapse if it is a grid down collapse local friends and family will be most important.
          A USsR collapse we will be able to follow the ultimate exit strategy.

          • Adam Jurewich

            No need to plant the flag right now, but as you stated in a video you are giving up trying to convince people and working towards a solution. Then how does your message spread and what’s the real solution for us that have joined SBSSReport? I spread your messages and videos by word of mouth but you’re at the wheel and have the whole internet and an unknown number of Americans just dying for that final push [like I needed 2 years ago] to pull their 401ks, stack PMs, ammo, food, educate themselves – and DO something with their free time that they truly enjoy.
            I feel like [after lengthy lurking] there really isn’t a plan at hand. You’ve mentioned you have tough skin and I am not bashing but I feel like your time as been too devoted to a new minting business, t-shirts, merchandise etc. and that totally goes against your charitable donation of the SOLA to the public and working towards a solution.
            You are now perfecting a product [business] rather than an idea.

            Your message of walking away definitely makes sense but without the work you’ve done getting out to the masses, how can we build a stronger think tank of silver hoarding, liberty demanding, new renaissance building Americans when you’ve given up convincing them of a great idea but instead convince folks how SBSS medallions will be cherished in the future. We already know silver will be!

            I stress again that we should all know each other, at least on semi-personal level. A site [possibly this one or a new one] with a profile of existing members, their thoughts, pictures, ideas, skills, location, membership length, posts and most importantly the ability to communicate to each other outside of SBSSReport posts. If I knew Barbara lives in NH and I’m in MA we already have a better chance of working together than you in OH and me in MA during a shtf scenario [of any magnitude]. I can hopefully gain trust in that person and build a relationship with other members rather than coming here and commenting on weekly updates about medallions and a stagnant idea that really doesn’t get the attention as was intended.

            As always, open to thoughts and opinions of other members as well.

            • Silver Shield

              Bravo! I love stuff like this.

              How does the message spread?
              I am still very active with free material on my YouTube Channel.
              I am doing 3 or 4 interviews a week reaching new audiences.
              I believe the SBSS medallions are going to be even more effective than any video or article I write.

              As far as SSR members? I am using this time to build an intellectual foundation for a new opposite consciousness society. This is not that easy as 1 fatal flaw can bring down the best of intentions. Just like the founding fathers not forbidding the government to take on debt.

              This is also an opportunity to network and filter the best that we can those inside this group. We have people slowly working together and exchanging value for value. I hope this will expand dramatically when all of the cards are dealt in this collapse.

              I do have a very thick skin and appreciate the honesty. I am devoting a lot of time towards supporting the marketing of these coins because I believe that nations and royalty have used coins to unify people under an idea. This a very powerful idea. I thought what if we created coins that challenged collectivist ideas and empower the individual? These coins will be come historically significant and be seen 300 years from now. That is something that resonates with me. Besides the fact that it is putting more physical in the hands of the members and generating them a tremendous value of bulk pricing for semi numismatic coins.

              The business of this is simple. Rob Has taken on at least $3 million of investor money to produce these medallions at the Mulligan Mint. He has a lot on the line to support the production of these medallions. I never claimed to be a communist. I understand free market capitalism and if I provide value, I will be rewarded with more capital to provide more value. To date January 22nd, I have not taken a single ounce of profit for all of this work. In fact I am the single largest buyer of these medallions and I have made it so that I do not get my metal before all of you guys are caught up.

              I believe that this mint, coin thing can lead into a commodity banking system that can have the capital and means to fund and create our society AFTER the Anger Phase. Then throw on top of the hundreds of problems solvers we have in energy, food, technology, etc. and with in a very short period we will have the intellectual foundation, capital and network to do what ever we want.

              If you are looking for a group to join that is going to collectively do something right now, checkout Glenn Beck or the Citadel. We only have one shot at the single largest event in human history, and I am playing my cards the best that I can until they are all dealt.

              I do recommend people get to know each other hear and work independently. Meet for coffee. Work on Projects like Marvin and his radio guys. Partner up like I am doing with Rob. I tried to do something grander a few months ago but soon saw that those that wanted to network the most had very little value to offer and those that had tremendous value were playing their cards like I was and would rather wait to move forward after we know what we are dealing with.

              I also think that while silver is so cheap, why bother doing much else than prepare for the winter…

              I know you are ready to go out and do “something” but sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Especially when the world is doing everything it can to maintain the unsustainable.

              I don’t know if this is what you wanted to hear, but that is where I am right now. Maybe things change and we get $1,000 silver and the markets are still functioning, but until then I will concentrate on spreading publicly the message before it is too late or too dangerous and privately the intellectual foundation and network while we stack capital.

              • Adam Jurewich

                The interviews are always great, but everyone I watch is already towards a seemingly awakened audience with a host we’re already familiar with. It was good to hear you on Coast to Coast way back since it was outside the norm – are there possibilities to expand to a financial forecasting arena? Can you request interviews or are they invite only? [I have no idea]. You have a clear voice and an easy way to explain current situations without getting heated and your great ability to recall stats. Even if you can get quick air/tv time and finish with a website plug I’m sure people sitting on the fence might get that push after watching more of your material.
                How about advertising? With the Founding Fathers contributions, SBSSReport membership and Support the Effort capability there must be some profit beyond the cost of hosting the site or maybe not. How about small advertisements on PM forums for those without a solid understanding of physical or those that still dabble in paper markets, prepper boards for those that think 1777 is about being mad max and not working with others in rebuilding a post 1776 world. Many of these people could be great additions but just don’t have the right material as they search for an answer. There are plenty of others out there just waiting for the assurance there are like minded people but just don’t know where to find it.
                Does anyone else have suggestions on how the SBSS message can be spread? Any clever marketing folks?

                I still think waiting until the cards are dealt to find like-minded individuals with the same post collapse plans in my area is dangerous. Is there a way to expand this site, utilize it as a community forum? There is no way for me to identify which member lives near me so getting coffee or doing something simple like a crop share this summer isn’t possible.

                The only thing I’m ready to get out and do is network with members, no use convincing friends/family neighbors that show no interest. At least members here already have the same mindset as a starting point. I agree I’m not planting a flag, investing silver etc. but don’t believe that doing nothing is best during the calm before the storm.

        • Marvin Motsenbocker

          Adam and Barbara Re:

          “Members should know each one personally, phone numbers, emails etc – we cannot allow something to happen and expect that we can conveniently log into a web site after a collapse to ask “whats next?”, “Where do we meet?”, “How’d everyone handle that?” – I think update videos to silver medallions and the latest takes on silver ups/downs is wasting time for a real plan …..”

          I think we all agree that there is no formula or collective guarantee (only Obama or another collective liberty destroyer can do that by providing a plan or proscription) and thus your suggestion “members should know each one personally……” is right on.

          We are talking about nothing less than evolution itself, which is unpredictable and wonderful. Yes, as you say, the only “plan” is to meet and spontaneously work with each other for A. locavore food, B. local production of energy, C. independent communications, D. local production of wealth to export from the community. Even the later denouement phase after the fires burn out when we get together in final communities, will be spontaneous and not directed by any “man with a plan” (correct me if I am wrong Chris) but instead will be spontaneous and grow out of the above-mentioned individual relationships on a volitional and creative level starting with your observed get to “know each one personally.”

          We have wonderful excited and talented people/experts/students in A. food, B. energy, C. communications and we all should run like hell to meet and work with each other in these 3 areas immediately, in my opinion. The community will develop from disparate individuals freely associating and not from a top down dictate. I am excited and already trust a few people that are working with me on communications and in fact feel that I am already on the path to community development based on the wonderful interaction face-to-face with others NOW. Do it now! (where have I heard that before……..)
          Marvin AK4VO

  • Justin DeArmond

    Chris the commidity banking system that you talk of is very similar to the way us poorer folk work around the system. I was raised on the black market barter system. growing up with family members that used and sold drugs gave me much insight into that type of banking/bartering. drugs were used as commodities to barter/bank with. it really was an amazing thing to witness, and to see it used so efficently and virtually uchanged for 30+ years. I think i mentioned this in my ssg survey a while back, the darker side of life and the collapse comming hasd given people like myself a view of how to live outisde the system. Im not sure if im explaining this very well but believe me this way of barter/banking is very present today, just in the shadows and the black market. by growing up the way i did i feel that ive been preparing for something in my future. hell i used to have dreams as a child of the collapse, ww3 and post dollar world, it has been literally in my dreams for decades. its funny how you thinkg that certain experiences were for naught or just coincidence but later in life you realise that if it were not for those experiences you wouldnt know how to get out of problems later. I think that this topic would be a great one for a silver shield report sometime in the future. I truly feel that my youth has prepared me for how to survie and prosper in the post dollar world that is upon us.

  • Mark Mackey

    Praying for you…Get feelin better….Get some rest and Thanks for all you do…I am amazed at the amount of work you produce and the quality.


  • Nathan

    Nice report Chris, hope you feel better soon.

    Also I agree with Adam with the exit strategy. We all got our individual SHTF plan, but where is the collective one?

    Also I want to share that I am very delighted as an International (Europe) customer of the great bullions you create. Today I saw a retailer in The Netherlands sells your Slave Queen too. Saves me so much in S&H and additional things like the minimal order of 1000 dollar. So thnx for that!(for the dutchies here:

    Chris, is it an idea to get on the sbss website a list of all international dealers? So people from outside the US can find there “local” dealer quickly?!

    Again, thnx for the update and report. Stay Strong and Rock On!


  • Nathan

    Oh darn.. forgot to mention that I’m delighted too because I got a mail from AOCS yesterday that my proof Trivium + BU ones are underway! (ordered @12 dec 2012)

    There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!

  • intothevoid

    @Adam Jurewich

    here is a comment and map in regards to SSR member location from SSR #58:

    January 10, 2013 at 3:27 am

  • PdBallerina

    Great update as always Chris. I hope you feel better soon. I wondered if you saw these…kinda fun :)

    • Silver Shield

      I had approached Rob about that months ago and it is just something that is out of their skill set. Cool idea though.

  • Jeff Stein

    You mentioned Anarchism and Stefan Molyneux, I’ve just started to read and listen to his work and much of philosophy I feel is a step in the right direction. Do you think a youtube conversation/intervew between you two Is foreseeable in the near future?

    • Silver Shield

      My gut tells me that another Hegelian Dialectic is state vs anti state.
      I will tackle this issue in time.

      • Jeff Stein

        Im starting to wonder what isn’t a Hegelian Dialectic! hehe, would you consider Individualism vs Collectivism one?

        • Silver Shield

          No Hegelian Dialectics are between two false choices and I believe choosing to empower the individual to take personal responsibility is a true choice.

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