7 Days to Freedom


On the US Mint news of the Silver Eagle suspension, Rob Gray of the Mulligan Mint, who mints the Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions, has said that if all goes well this week we will be caught up enough to launch Freedom Girl Tuesday January 29th.

So I will tease the launch of Freedom Girl with a stop motion process of the sculpting from Heidi Wastweet.

I will also be giving away 1 2013 Proof Freedom Girl Medallion for every 500 ounces of silver sold at http://SilverBulletSilverShield.com for the next 7 days to one of the subscribers to my YouTube Channel or to one of the free Greatest Truth newsletter subscribers at http://TheGreatestTruthNeverTold.com

So subscribe to both and double your chances.

I will also try to win silver investors over from investing in the in the Silver Eagle and into the Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions.

I will be giving my top 7 Reason to Buy SBSS vs. ASE

7. Premiums- We originally priced the Silver bullet silver Shield medallions at the same premium as the SAE of $2.99 over spot. We were mocked for having the arrogance to price our new entry with the Cadillac of the market. We have since silenced those critics. We made a flat fair rate across the board, where as you usually needed to order 500 eagles to get the $2.99 over. Now that our premiums are half of the ASE best selling coins on the market, this is the perfect time to try our silver.

19 comments to 7 Days to Freedom

  • Joshua Stewart

    I have been cashing in my 100oz bars and Maples for SBSS coins and I could not be more happy with my product so far! buying another 300 slave queen today! wahoo!

    • Silver Shield

      I think the biggest no brainers is gold for SBSS and 100 oz bars for SBSS.

      The GSR is 1:52 and the natural ratio 1:9

      and the 100 oz bars will never have a big premium and have worse liquidity when silver becomes very expensive.

      Plus SBSS are doing quite well on the collectors market.

      • Joshua Stewart

        Im purging my stack for SBSS all year long baby! I consider this the reward of finding your information and going through the anger phase! there is no other coin out there doing what these do in the aftermarket on ebay! SBSS coins are truly a no brainer way to increase your wealth!

  • Troy

    Who is the Freedom girl…the wait, the wait

  • Nate

    Honest question here Chris. For as long as I’ve been stacking I’ve been stacking “junk silver”. I like the idea of supporting your efforts, but beyond that, is there any reason to pay the premium that doesn’t come with junk silver? It can really add up when you start talking about buying 1,000s of FRNs worth. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    • Silver Shield

      Constitutional Silver is still my number one recommendation for starter stackers.
      Most liquid, lowest premium, most divisible silver.
      But it is not as cheap as it once was and when our fractionals come on line I hope it will be a better value than CS.

      That being said yes the premium maybe higher than CS but look at what they sell for and put that in the aftermarket calculation.

      • David Richardson

        .999 silver bullion in small [like one ounce] increments, along with “junk silver”. are the most liquid forms in the US. About equal I would say from my experience. Internationally of course it is .999 hands down.

        .999 bullion in smaller than one ounce increments is still relatively rare. In time I think it will be the most liquid form.

  • PitBull Pappa

    I’m so proud of you bro… and extremely happy for your success!!!

    I’m planning on ordering a couple of slave queens this weekend and look forward to the release of freedom girl. This year I plan on continuing to acquire a set amount of constitutional silver each payday but I also plan to start picking up a couple 1 oz coins each month as well… SBSS coins from the Mulligan Nint ofcourse…;) I’m especially looking forward to when the fractionals come online…:)

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Spiritartman

    Chris,I’m very happy for you that you found a “niche” after leaving everything behind. What “fractions” will the smaller coins be? 1/10th would be nice. Again, I hope your “Mint” will be able to keep up with what you are becoming. It’s going to get very big my friend. Peace. J

    • Silver Shield

      This is the opposite of the debt I sold when I sold cars, so that is good.
      1/10th oz. 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz are possible.
      I think Rob and the staff at the Mulligan Mint will be just fine once they get caught up this week.

  • longdog

    Hi Chris,

    It has now been 22 months since your name was mentioned to me by a colleague. Its fair to say that my old life is now but a memory.

    I’ve made it through the five emotional stages and so too has my wife. But given SBSS’s timely message and what you have initiated through your global bullion and Academy (I’m a Voltaire), you have in my mind added a wondrous sixth stage… getting even! :)

    Your call of “listen to all, follow none” has always been my fathers advice which is why I originally checked out your site. Its fair to say I am now a fully committed “Duaneanite”. Thank you.

    Good luck from Oz.

    • Silver Shield

      I am so glad to have been apart of your journey but if you are truly listening to me you need to be your own leader and walk a path much farther than I can help you with.

      This is where the resonating abundance starts spinning things back to a more balanced world.

  • Nick

    I have to say. I just got my medallion proof today for trivium. Wow!! What a coin! Chris your videos and pics don’t show the beauty, clarity and the dimension. I will definitely buy every proof series! With Heidi’s talent as an artist and your ingenious imagination, the skys the limit with your business! Can’t wait for the slave queen proof! Rock on!

  • Vincent

    Great work

  • thorp13

    Reveal her to me now!!

  • ROS

    Talk about a momentum killer!

    D&D got everyone’s attention. Trillium was a great
    follow up (I have both) and then FULL STOP!

    I certainly appreciate the updates but they are
    largely style over substance.

    Why tease at all when customers still cannot order
    the latest coin anyway?

    Also if the movement is about converting FRNs to metal, where
    are the rolling mintage figures that could drive momentum?

    Normally I would be very hesitant to be negative to a “maker”,
    but this is beginning to feel less like a movement and more like
    I will be an entry on an email list that gets sold off after profits

    PS: The 3 part videos make the “Mint” look like a backroom operation in some industrial park. Perhaps you should find a new outfit. You seem to have done your part.

    • Silver Shield

      Have you ever been to an auto show or sat through the previews of movies that are coming out months from now? I hardly think a one week buzz building video series is a big sacrifice.

      We are going to get a ticker up on the site very soon. (Trey….)

      I would not be designing 30 new medallions or produce 40 hours of Sons Of Liberty Academy videos or hundreds of videos on The Greatest Truth Never Told YouTube channel or writing Congressional testimony or everything else I have done, just to ruin my reputation about building an email list to sell off one day.

      You obviously are very new to me and I suggest you look at the work that you look at the fruit of my tree before you paint me with your cynical brush.

      P.S. I agree the Mulligan Mint is not a high speed operation, but when you are bootstrapping it like Rob is sometimes you make the best of what you got. The machines and personnel are top notch and maybe one day if we provide enough value, Rob will be able to provide more value with kick ass machinery.

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