6 Days To Freedom


On the US Mint news of the Silver Eagle suspension, Rob Gray of the Mulligan Mint, who mints the Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions, has said that if all goes well this week we will be caught up enough to launch Freedom Girl Tuesday January 29th.

So I will tease the launch of Freedom Girl with a stop motion process of the sculpting from Heidi Wastweet.

I will also be giving away 1 2013 Proof Freedom Girl Medallion for every 500 ounces of silver sold at http://SilverBulletSilverShield.com for the next 7 days to one of the subscribers to my YouTube Channel or to one of the free Greatest Truth newsletter subscribers at http://TheGreatestTruthNeverTold.com

So subscribe to both and double your chances.

I will also try to win silver investors over from investing in the in the Silver Eagle and into the Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions.

I will be giving my top 7 Reason to Buy SBSS vs. ASE

6. Aftermarket-
The ASE is selling for about $40
http://www.24hgold.com/english/buy_sell_silver_coins.aspx?co_id=0 Shows

The Trivium is about $45

The Debt and Death is about $75

11 comments to 6 Days To Freedom

  • Carol O'Gwin

    Hello, can you tell me how to get them? I live on soc security so I can only get them after the 1st of each month. I have a couple bullion and stopped when I saw the big dogs manipulating the gold and silver market.We are stocking foods and canning as well as dehydrating vegies. Thank you for the email. I have been on a journey to know the truth about those that are pulling the strings and the NWO. Agenda 21, ndaa and more.Have a great week.

  • Hard to believe that with all this technology and the information age, there r only 60k subscribers to your web presence……..

    Please keep up the good work


    • Silver Shield

      Well half are YouTube which are probably a good amount of the other ones
      I realized a long time ago that there are only 1% or so that would look at the world and question it.
      I believe these people will be the meek that inherit the earth and provide answers to the rest of humanity when everything fails.

  • Mike

    I finally saw the movie far and away…. gotta say, tom cruize kinda sucked in that movie.

  • SpyderTL

    I posted this response to a question over on YouTube, but it’s hardly readable in it’s current form, and I was particularly proud of it, so I thought that I’d repost it over here, for posterity. Enjoy.

    shamgar348: If I’m buying silver for its intrinsic metal value, as a hedge against inflation and so long am as am buying it from a reputable source (APMEX)…why in the world would I want to buy overpriced silver coins? Be it Walking Liberty or Canadian Maples or Kuggerands or Slave Queens…when I can get much more silver by simply buying rounds and get more bang out of my buck? Can you explain your reasoning please?

    My response:

    I find myself struggling with this decision every time I buy silver, and I’ve bought pretty much every type of silver that is out there — ASE, CML, world coins, historic coins, proof coins, unique coins, pattern coins, and limited editions, like the SBSS coins.

    I buy them all for a different reason, but the overall reason I buy silver at all is basically as a solid vote of “no confidence” in the US fiat currency and the paper markets.

    The SBSS coins hold special meaning, as they visually depict, in vivid detail, the transition from the chapter in history that is coming to an end. They commemorate the moment in time when the citizens of the world began to stand up and push back against the power and the organizations that have controlled and robbed them for over 100 years.

    Whatever happens over the next 20 years, these coins will survive, and they will record the memory of the world that we live in today within them. One day, I will explain the images on these coins to a whole new generation who will not know of the mistakes that past generations made in their time — the promises that were made, the lies that were told, and the sins that were perpetuated through the years, from one generation to the next. They will not know how it all came to an end… Until they see, and touch these images, until they hear the stories behind them, and until they realize, one day, that the metal that they hold in their hand is real wealth, and that one day they will be offered the chance, as we were, to sign away their wealth for the opportunity to live beyond their means — to indulge in instant gratification by sacrificing themselves and their children into debt bondage. And they will know, thanks to these images, and the stories that go with them, exactly where that road ends. Just as we do.

    So, no, I don’t think that $2 over spot is unreasonable.

  • PitBull Pappa

    Until recently I wasn’t into numismatic value, but now I’m into collecting the SBSS series. I plant to acquire at least a minimum of 2-3 coins of each in the series so that I can keep one for my collection and sell into the aftermarket for increased premium value to reinvest into more SBSS coins. I’ll also continue to acquire pre-65 constitutional silver and generics to have a variety.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Gerry

    I order 5 Trivium coins on DECEMBER 8th. The coin prior to this Slave Queen. Still have not received any of these coin. Today Is JANUARY 24TH. They have not responded to any of my 4 email. I did do a web chat with some guy from the company named Trey two weeks ago. He promised to get it shipped out the next day. Still nothing! I have not received the Second coin in the series and they are already releasing the 4th. On January 29th it will be 7 weeks with no coins. How can you run a business like this??????

  • ss silver

    hi, i would like to say to carol o, gwin that posted about being on ssi and buying, i am a huge fan of all this and i think its great i have paid the ebay fee to get the debt and death 75.00 to buy those coins and 50 for the trivuim , i had sent an email to rob gray asking for info to get those coins because i was not working and the timing was short after i found out, that was on the 13th of this month and on the 14th on the utube during the silver report 1 a coversation between rob gray and chris they expressed that they got emails from people saying they were not working and they wanted to aquire the dd coins,they thot it was a joke and or a sceem to get the coins and ask people to not do that so im not sure what to think about it myself because i am a member of all the web pages and thinking about becoming a founding father for 500.00 and just placed an order for 3,000 + $ because im working, i dont want anyone to take this the wrong way but, i would be happy to have people trying so hard to get my coins, and would be affended if no one tried to get them.

  • ECP

    I have been all in to Eagles for several years, but bought these as support and thanks (in a small way) for the information provided over that time here and thank you.

    As most sources of information have the same news there are three sources with a unique approach that helps one form their own conclusions as opposed to having the same conclusions as the other sort of mainstream voices.

    Chris, Bix and Sean…thank you all.

    SO Chris how about pre-sales on the new one?

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