Silver Shield Report- The Shields Have Landed

For the patiently waiting Silver Shield Report members, the day has finally come.

ONLY 400 of each left.  I will open it up to unlimited orders this weekend for SSG members soon.

Silver Shield Members can login here.

The Limited Edition coins are available.  We also have one of our own Will Lehr at the helm of the sales department down in Dallas.  Any questions about the coins please contact him at


SSG International Member Specialty Coins
We have ceased all international shipments and are soliciting international dealers to accommodate our international customers.  However, with the launch of the two limited edition SBSS coins available only to SSG members we are making a unique exception.  We are going to have to manually process each individual order via telephone.  We will only be accepting credit card as form of payment.  In addition we are only shipping via USPS Express at an estimated cost of $40 per shipment, to be billed to the customer. We are shipping in this manner as a security precaution as many non-express shipments have disappeared in the past. We want to make sure you receive these very rare medallions. We are not able to combine these specialty medallion with other orders. Please direct those to our international dealers. We are compiling a list and need the following information:

First and Last name

Email Address


Contact number and best time to call

Desired products (limit of three each)

Thank you so much for your business and understanding that these precautions are to protect us all.


Silver Willy


2012 Proof Slave Queen



2013 Proof New Year



32 comments to Silver Shield Report- The Shields Have Landed

  • disneydollars

    Awesome!!! Thanks for this opportunity to own a bit of history!

  • traderspartan


  • Mark Mackey

    Awe Inspiring!!!!!! I may need sunglasses to keep from hurting my eyes with the slave queen.

  • Golden Ratio

    Thank you, Chris.

  • Robert Gest IV

    Another convert to the cause and she’s cute too but I digress.

  • Sam Tomkins

    How do we international members order these when the mint says “We no longer fulfill orders to addresses outside of the U.S. To order our product from a location outside of the United States, please visit our dealers page to see our list of authorized dealers.” Im in Australia.

  • Steve Canuck

    I could not complete my order for my SBSS Member medallions online from Canada. Fails at Shipping Method.

    I sent Will an email with the details, Chris had mentioned before there would be a way to accommodate Canadian orders for these special medallions.

    I’ll post again once I get an answer. They look great !

    • Steve Canuck

      I just called Will @ Coins for the Cause and completed my International Order to Canada for my Silver Shield Report member medallions. x3 2012 Proof Slave Queen and x3 2013 Proof New Year. Very quick & painless. Can’t wait to see & hold them in my hands.

      FYI, they would not append any other coins to the order. I wanted to add some 2013 Proof Slave Queens which can now be ordered. I’m contacting the affiliate which Will said would also have the new Proofs for order.

  • PitBull Pappa

    Come on payday… I’m locking in three of the double reverse!! Definately worthy investment coins that I’m sure will end up yeilding huge premiums in the future…:) I’m thinking about selling one of my debt and death coins on ebay to reinvest in more sbss coins limited member coins.

    I missed out on the trivium coins but I’m also picking up a couple regular slave queens this weekend too.

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity Chris…:)

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Steve

    Saved a couple fiat bits by having to wait a few hours to get hold of the check book as the price took a slight dip. Can’t wait for Freedom Girl.

  • christian Stewart

    Also need to know how to get these beauties to Australia ? Can you post these to Bullion bourse the Australian dealer and they will post to me ?

  • Paul Taylor

    Is there an actual silver shield report here that I can’t see for some reason?

  • Nathan

    Chris, maybe it is better to explain in here how International customers (like me) can order those, instead of all mailing to Will ?!

  • Jahfree

    Hey Chris, so excited to grab 3 of each!! WHAT’S THE MEMBER DISCOUNT CODE? Thanks so much. I plan to use one medallion on my next glass art series!! Keep Stacking!!!

    • Silver Shield

      You want a discount code too? :)
      Not enough to nave two coins not available to the public and the first to have limited mintage? :)

      • Jahfree

        I was ordering the 2013 slave queen proof aswell in the same order, is there a discount code on the regular 2013 slave queen?….. Ya know… for us Paying silver shield group members 😉 Thanks!

        • PitBull Pappa

          I’m cool with the asking price for the limited edition members only proof coins. After seeing what the regular 50,000+ available to the public SBSS coins have been going for on ebay… the limited editions are going to have HUGE premiums for the public to own them. In my opinion this has investment opportunity written all over it.

          I’m more interested in the double reverse because they are one of a kind coins available in proof only…. to members only. I find it to be privilege to be able to acquire them and have that members only advantage…:)

          Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


  • Will Lehr

    To my international fellow members:
    We are working through the logistics now on Intl orders for these medallions. We will likely have to manually handle each Intl transaction. We may have CC as only form of payment and we are working on shipping logistics now. If you are Intl and have not emailed me yet please drop me a note letting me know where you are and that you are in fact interested:
    Silver Willy

  • Eric Hartmann

    2012 is the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I can’t think of a better coin to finnish off ones Diamond Jubilee collection :)

  • thorp13

    Hey Chris or Will, Since there is a limited mintage of these coins, will members be given the opportunity to buy more than 3 if some members are not buying the max permitted? Pretty please, with sugar on top?

  • vincent formoso

    I think that members should have the option to buy over a longer period of time, and email you if they don’t want their coins. I ordered mine already but there might be some out there saving up money to purchase them. Just my thoughts. Thanks Chris for hooking us members up and feeling like we are important :)

  • Trafix

    6 more oz… I really appreciate you giving an opportunity like this to your members.

    Thanks Chris!

  • imAGine


    I ordered mine immediately. Can’t wait. On an aside, and for all the silver lovers, did you see the Silver Bullet Bullion, David Morgan tweeted this morning? .45 ACP, .50 BMP, and 20MM silver.

  • vincent formoso

    Those are some cool looking bullets. I want some :)

  • Heidi W

    Cool, just notice now. Didn’t realize they are out last Wednesday.Can’t wait to order them.

  • Joshua Stewart

    When can we buy unlimited? I have my FRNs ready to cash in !!!

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